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A little bit about how to survive the Texas massacre;  mientras, EU Congress prepares regulation of weapons in decades.
One counts at the United States Congress on how to survive the massacre in Texas. Photo: AFP

An 11-year-old United States lawmaker is being chased by an Assassin’s Creed and his brother-in-law for trying to get his territory across to a Texas school, which has motivated Congress to prepare a regulation of weapons.

Miah Cerrilloalumna de quarto grado de la Escuela Primaria Robb en Uvalde, Texasrelating to landing detail with 19 of its compilers and two master ballads burning on May 24 by a young 18 year old.

Record that a stranger is taking a cell and that the sniper rifle protrudes from the esophagus Maestre y de sus mochilas.

Él le dijo a mi maestra ‘buenas noches’ y luego le disparó en la cabeza. And the game is scattered all over my class pizzeria computers ”dijo Miah in a pregrabada video intervention.

“Cuando fui hacia las mochilas, le disparim a mi amiga que estaba a mi lado y pense iba a volver a entrar en el aula, ase tomme a pok de sangre y me la untë por todo el kuperpo”.

Miah Cerrillo

Miah relates that it is muted in complete silence, antes to agarra the cell phone of its master dead apenas and mark the emergence number 911.

“They know that we should not listen to the police and the police in our country.”

Miah Cerrillo

Uvalde Police is criticized

La police in Uvalde, TexasHowever, most critics argue that more than one docile of esperaban official afuera and no hicieron nada miseras los nios nos yacían muertos or moribundos.

When the question arises as to whether or not they have passed away, Miah respond: “Tener seguridad”, and confirm that the topic that other pistols hit your school.

“I do not know what I want to do,” he said to himself massacrewhich dejó a algunos legislatores llorando.

Miah Cerrillo tiene pesadillas y todavía se recá recuperando de fragments of bala en la espalda y lidiando con el trauma, dijo su padre, Miguel Cerrillo.

“It’s not the mismatch with the southern solo,” the committee said.

Pressure in the EU for regular armed violence

Your testimony produces when Congress brings in a lot of pressure on the mayor to respond to the created violent violence in all the country, especially in the form of massive thyrotos (incidents with all four men or women, including the attacker).

Las massacres in the school of Miah y, 10 d antas antes, en un supermercado en Buffaloat the stage of New Yorkreavivaron los lamados urgent para los politicen tomen medidas.

al Committee of Supervision and Reform of the Chamber of Representatives también escuchó a la madre de Lexi Rubioa fourth grade student primary school Robb que fue asesinada.

“We do not care about Lexi as a number. Era intelligent, compassive and athletic ”, dijo Kimberly Rubio per videconferencia, secándose las lágrimas junto a su esposo Félix.

“Era callada, tímida, a menos que tuviera algo que decir. When only razon, as ocurría and menudo, se mantenía firme. Era firme, direct, con una voz inquebrantable. “As soon as we defend Lexi and how we fly, we take action.”

Kimberly Rubio

Roy Guerreroa pediatrician who suffers from varicose veins victims in Uvalde, Texasrelató que vio

Prepare arm regulation

A group of senators Democrats and Republicans prepara una norms which, to a limited extent, can be converted into the primary intent to reform la regulation of weapons in decades.

The package includes the financing of the atención de la salud mental y la seguridad escolaramplifying one of the verifications antecedents of weapon comparators and incentivizing the stages to institute “flagpoles” sheets, which are authorized by the authorities confiscate weapons of persons considered an amenaza.

Without embargo, does not include the prohibition of asphalt weapons or certificates of universal precedencebecause it does not comply with the expectations of the president Joe Bidenthe progressive democrats and the activists against armed violence.

Involve yourself in an agreement, take the initiative to regulate weapons in front of a Divided Senate in equal parts between Democrats and Republicans and ten or so 10 Republicans, retired to one arms regulatory reform significant.

Por otra parte, los democrats that the control of Cámara Baja approves the passing of a package of much larger amplitudes, which is included increase the lifespan of semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21 years.

With only a handful of the 60 votes needed to advance to the Senate, the Democratic leadership wants to get rid of this series. recurrent massive thyroid glands.

Garnell Whitfield Jrhijo de la víctima de la masacre de Buffalo Ruth Whitfieldde 86 años, testificó el pasado martes en el Senate Judicial Committee about the violencia de los white supremacists.

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