Nodal goes from bad to worse. goes from party to party with women and excesses

Though Christian NodalThe 23-year-old is one of the most famous singers of Mexican regional music, her personal life is not going well, because two months after the thunderstorm with Belinda she found refuge in K. party, friends, defects և women; His employee even told us that Christian often turns to escorts because he is addicted to sex.

– How is Christian?

“Well, it goes from scandal to scandal.”

-Recently it became known that you had several legal problems, you look bad at your concerts …
“That’s right. In addition to suing his former record company, he unfortunately leads an unrestrained lifestyle that has already spiraled out of control, as he has already reached the point where he is not fulfilling his obligations, he is late. for his concerts or not appearing at all And he lies to justify himself.

– What are you talking about?

“He spends his time on parties, he has some defects. Besides, she is very feminine.

– Is that why you failed in your obligations?

“Just like that. He was late for a concert in Chihuahua in mid-March, and fans did not forgive him for waiting four hours for him to whistle. The delay was due to the fact that he was with friends who were actually escorts, he often uses this type of service.

– Really?

“Yes. Even days after the presentation, which he arrived late for, he went to Cancun with his friend, rapper Gera MX, և they spent a few days on the yacht, having fun with many women, most of whom were escorts. “Well, when he’s having a party, he’s heavy on alcohol.”

– Two weeks ago he was going to appear in Colombia, he did not come, why did he leave?

“Yes, on March 26, he stood up to more than 10,000 fans at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium in Medellin. They were so angry that they even hurt him. Christian has uploaded a video saying that he could not arrive due to the complications of his trip, but they are pure lies, because in fact he is very comfortable with a woman in Los Angeles.

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– Was he caught?

“Just like that. I do not know much about that girl or how they got acquainted, only her name is Andrea Flores, she is Mexican, she is 24 years old. Then they saw him again, as he had accompanied him to the palace in Irapuato a few days later. When they started linking him with him, Andrea deleted his Instagram account.

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– Do you know he is serious with this girl?

“No, she is not his girlfriend, I only know that they go out and raise a wave, but right now Christian is nobody, he enjoys life, he goes out with many women.”

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– He was connected with a woman named Mariana Rios, they even said that she was the one who was photographed in the pictures circulating on social networks …
“No, it’s another thing, apparently some media outlets are confused. “Mariana is from Colombia. She met him in Cancun at a yacht party. They kept in touch.”

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– You say that there were escorts at that party, is he dedicated to it?
“I am not aware that it is said that she is an escort. She has her own page on the OnlyFans style platform (Unlok Match), where she charges about 200 pesos a month to see her sexy photos.

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– What else do you know about escorts?

“That Christian hires them, because he has been dependent on the ram for several years. “Because of his fame, of course, many would like to be by his side, but hiring women to satisfy him makes him feel powerful, it makes him happy.”

– What case …

“I know he even rented an apartment in Los Angeles to take his achievements, it’s a pleasure where he invests a lot.”

– And how much is it about?

“There are women who charge 10,000 pesos an hour, they do not stay with them for just one hour. Some people go for directions, where the exchange rate can be from 50 to 100 thousand pesos per day or more, but they are very different. He earns a lot of money, and maybe those expenses do not mean anything to him. ”

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– When he was with Belinda, he went out with escorts.
“Yes, he was supposedly in love with her a lot, but he cheated on her several times with her escorts. Although it seemed that they were always together, it was not like that և when he was not by his side, he took the opportunity to have fun. “There have been cases when she has disappeared, she has not even answered Belinda’s phone.”

Did Belinda know about this?

“He never knew about the adultery with his escorts, but fortunately he noticed negative things, for example, when he betrayed himself with his ex Maria Fernanda. “Nothing that betrayed him.”

Nodal goes from party to party with women and excesses

– But right now he is already far from all these Christian scandals …

“Yes, they have already ended their relationship, և fortunately he has already turned the page և he is still at peace with his life. He went to Spain to advertise his “Welcome to Eden” TV series, returned to Mexico for a few days, but will return to Spain in six months to record a second season later.

– What do Christian’s parents say about all this?
“They (Christy Nodal և James Gonzalez) know this very well, but they piss it off, they do not consider it bad, because they think it is temporary because of their youth, that they will stop doing it later.

– I hope Christian will return to his path …

“We hope so. To be honest, anyone can do whatever they want, but fame has made him very ugly, dizzy, he can not be imperfect, he can fail his fans. “It’s time to put an end to all this,” he concluded.

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