North Korea moves to the ground to understand the coronavirus case, “the main convulsion from the bottom of the pavilion”

Kim Jong-un

Fountain of the image, Getty Images

Photo pie,

Kim Jong-un has been airlifted.

Those who believe that the pandemic has paralyzed the world, the covid virus has been linked to North Korea, when more than a million people are being nursed but defined as a “fiber” in the medium of communication.

The Norwegian leader Kim Jong-un was ordered to fly to distribute medicines to cover cases that extend from place to place, with little to no critical care for the health of Salud. One person died this morning. clear quantities of these susceptible cases have a positive effect on the virus, as the capacity for analysis and test of the Asian nation is limited.

The pa ans anunció la semana pasada their first cases confirmed de covid, after the experts created that it is probable that the virus has been circulating for a long time.

Upon 2021, the international community offered to supply North Korea millions of AstraZeneca vaccine doses and other vaccines made in China, and it is widely acknowledged that the virus has controlled the front lines of its 2020 energy principles.

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