Norway, EE.UU. and Africa: European alternatives to replace Russian gas

  • Cristina J. Orgaz @cjorgaz
  • BBC News Mundo

Methane boats

Fountain of the image, Getty Images

The gas pipeline flowing from Poland to Bulgaria from Russia has caused all the alarms in Europe, which are constantly searching for alternative energy sources with those that supplement Moscow gas.

The Kremlin has announced that since April 1, its currency has been devalued in rubles, the local currency, or the international community.

The decision of Russia is a strategic repression against the EU, They claim to be the main providers of natural gas in Europe, with members of the Ukrainian government comprising about 40% of the gas in the Russian station Gazprom.

Experts believe that geopolitical inertia is due to interest is disproportionately accurate and straightforward from which the gas smelter interrupts other parts of the EU.

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