Ó How do you support OTAN in Finland and Sweden?

(CNN) – Finland is at the point of entry into the OTAN center Sweden for example.

This is what the sabers need to know about how the war in Ukraine is attempted at the Nordic states and escalated into the alliance split by the United States, and which continues.

Finland Why do Finland and Sweden not join the OTAN?

Other parts of the Nordic countries such as Norway, Denmark and Iceland have their original members in the alliance, Sweden and Finland, but are not united by historical and geopolitical reasons.

Tanto Finland, which declared independence from Russia in 1917 following the Bolshevik revolution, as Sweden adopts neutral foreign policy positions in Guerra Fría, aligns itself with the Soviet Union or the United States.

For Finland, this result is very different, which shares a huge front with an authoritative superpower. To make ends meet, the Finns adopt a process that somehow endorses “Finnishization”, in which the leaders accede to the Soviet demand for egg in command.

Asa is the governess who’s oust Putin 2:22

The imperialism of the two countries effectively ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Entering the Union in Europe in 1995 and gradually aligning its defense policies with the Occident, averting entry into the OTAN.

Each country has only different ratios to avoid signing the OTAN pact with the EU.

In the case of Finland, it is more geopolitical. Russia’s amenaza is mostly tangible with up to 830 miles (1,335 kilometers) of fronts that take up little space.

“Finland has never been the same country and we all know the same way,” said CNN’s Christian Carman Bildt and Christian Amanpour in an interview with Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb.

Although it is an independent nation, the geography of Sweden is the site of the “strategically internally” mismatch of its only liberal democrats, says Bildt. Finland and Sweden have been working on declining cooperation for decades, and Stockholm is considering deciding not to enter OTAN as a form of maintenance to maintain the heat output of Helsinki. Now, without the embargo, it is probable that Sweden will follow the example of Finland.

“We share the idea that an extension of cooperation will not benefit us,” said current Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson at a press conference between her Finnish counterpart, Sanna Marin.


Imp What is the implication of engagement in OTAN?

I agree that the majority of countries are part of OTAN Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which stipulates that all signatories consider that one against one is one against all.

Article 5’s any angular footprint of the alliance that ended OTAN in 1949 as a contraction to the Soviet Union.

The objective of the treaty, and article 5 in particular, was to dissuade the Soviets from attacking the liberal democracies that cared for the military. Article 5 guarantees that all reserves of the alliance — including the enormous estadounidense — can be used as proteins to qualify as members of the alliance, as well as parts that are unaffected by their alliance. Iceland, for example, is not permanently ejército.

Bildt dijo que no cree que se construyan nuevas large military bases en ninguno de los países en caso se se unan a la OTAN. Knowing that adhesion to the alliance is likely to have the most significant training and military planning going on between Finland, Sweden and the 30 current members of OTAN. The Finnish and Finnish forces also support participation in other OTAN operations around the world, such as those in the Baltic States, which have multinational troop bases.

“Here are the preparatory news for the contingents as part of the quality of the adventure that the Russians can conceive,” said Bildt. “The real exchange rate is limited.”


¿Why did Russia take OTAN?

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and his alliance as one of Russia’s leading leaders, and the news of the passing of most of the post-Soviet centers centered on questions such as terrorism and the pursuit of peace.

Before Putin invaded Ukraine, he blamed the creation of OTAN on Russia, which had retreated to its fronts in the 1990s, on the back of some former Russian states or ex-Soviet states. military alliance.

Ukraine’s wish to join the OTAN, and the social condition of the OTAN – consider as a pass in the window hay an eventual adhesion – because of one of the numerous numbers that Putin quotes in an attempt to justify the invasion vecino.

The irony is that the war in Ukraine has given OTAN a new price.

“Article 5 has been leveled at the game, and the fact that we do not need OTAN’s debit to a Russian amenaza potential,” Stubb told CNN in an interview before the invasion.

Por qué la guerra en Ucrania lo cambia todo

The Russian invasion of Ukraine fired into the glass and poured into Sweden and Finland to prevent OTAN adhesion.

If the Kremlin were to invade Ukraine, a country with 44 million settlers, a US $ 516 million PIB and a force of 200,000 effective, what would Putin’s invasion have in smaller countries like Finland or Sweden?

“All Cambodians led by Russia invaded Ukraine,” Marin said in April. “The mentality of the people in Finland and the situation in Cambodia and Sweden is dramatic.”

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, the public outcry over the adhesion to OTAN in Finland has dropped from 30% to about 80% in the past. The majority of all countries approve the adhesion of their countries to the alliance, since the opinion polls of this country.

“Our entry into the OTAN was decided on February 24, and on February 5, when Putin and Russia invaded Ukraine,” Stubb said. “Finland and Sweden have not been united since then.”

Functions in Sweden as well as in Finland have expressed frustration with the fact that, during the period of the Ukrainian war, Russia has deliberately sought OTAN security guarantees that the alliance will expand. With the embargo, the concession of the Hebrew word to Russia can be used to dictate the foreign policy of its members, which has the capacity to support alliances and societies.

Russia, according to Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist on CNN, calls it “a real influence in European security decisions”.

“They have an influence on the countries themselves. And this is totally incomprehensible to Sweden.”

Sweden supports Finland in general and contributes to OTAN 2:08

É Qué viene ahora?

Finnish conductors announce their intention to enroll in OTAN the game. If you want to get rid of clutter you do not have access to, say, Bildt.

Finland wants to support the “sin demora” adhesive and complete the necessary steps at the national level “in the adjacent two”. This includes a vote in the Finnish parliament, which ultimately votes on the resolution.

OTAN diplomats told Reuters that the ratification of the new members was based on the fact that the legislation of the current 30 members should be approved by the new members. Both countries have a large number of adhesion criteria, which include a democratic political system that operates and is based on a market economy; treating minority populations of just form; compromise to resolve conflicts of Pacific form; to provide the capacity and voluntary contribution to militancy in the operations of OTAN; y comprometerse a mantener relaciones e institutions civile y militares democráticas.

Like the other liberal democracies, Sweden and Finland complete all the requirements to join OTAN, including Turkey, for example, to diversify the process for aspiring members. The president of this country, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that the only thing that “does not go well” is the lack of peace in the OTAN, which means “Kurdish terrorist organizations”.

Mantras tanto, ambos país tendren que confija in your current allied and societies to obtain guarantees of security, in the place of item 5. Sweden and Finland have reciprocal guarantees apoyo by part of United States and Germany in case of attacados, The United Kingdom’s minister, Boris Johnson, has already signed up for the current security measures with his Finnish and Swedish counterparts.


How did Russia react?

Russia arremetió contra la decision. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Finland had adopted a “radical exchange” in its foreign policy, which obliges Russia to record “means of repression, both of a technical-military nature as of another type”.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that “the expansion of OTAN does not make the world more stable and secure.” Add that Russia’s reaction depends on “the size of the front lines that replace the military infrastructure”.

These are the military exercises of OTAN in Romania 2:27

Russia currently has 755 miles (1,215 kilometers) of land fronts with five OTAN members, following the alliance. Finland’s accession means that a nation like Russia shares a front of 830 miles (1,335 kilometers) passing through it formally allied militarily with the United States.

This is not the only case in point for the Kremlin, as the inclusion of Finland and Sweden has benefited the alliance. Both have serial military potentials, and their population size.

Without embargo, Bildt and Stubb, the former prime ministers of Sweden and Finland, created what is now the response of Russia has been relatively stupid.

“The Kremlin and the United Kingdom of Finland and Sweden in the OTAN as a Nordic solution and, in essence, not as a radical amenaza,” said Stubb. “We are not demasiado preocupados”.

Stubb and Bildt argue that the creation, in the last instance, of Moscow and all its parts as separate files, takes place from one destination to another in Washington.

“The fact that Finland and Sweden are part of the West is not a surprise,” said Bildt.

Luke McGee, Nic Robertson and Paul LeBlanc of CNN and Reuters contribute to this information.

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