Ó How to calculate the calorie intake of exercise?

It is important to calculate the calorie intake that results from exercise. Por dicha razón te enseñaremos de qu’en manner hacerlo para sacarle el mayor rehearsal.

Ó How to calculate the calorie intake of exercise?

Last update: May 12, 2022

Calculate the calories that flow from the lower extremity as an important point, training as the screw salutable in general. Including, often only those who recommend a low-calorie diet for those who want to lose weight, even if they want to follow the advice.

It’s important to get the diets for the city or sub-weight, because one of the most relevant topics is devoted to entertaining. Without embargo, so that it is not necessary to burn the calories quemadas después del eerercicio.

Calculate the calories you need to exercise, important concepts

Enter in detail respecting the average calorie count you need to get acquainted with some of the concepts. The first of these is calorie, one of the most terminally related terms with weight or weight.

Son What are your calories?

You can count the calories per day and tracks of apps for smartphones.

Basically the calories are units of energy, the bags are loaded to measure the content of each feed. Por dicha razón, se implementa en pro a la ingesta alimenticia diaria.

If a person needs to increase the calorie consumption, he must be a major, as opposed to a person who wants to weigh.

In this order of ideas, the calories are considered at the point of the diet. Checking the caloric content of each feed is important; how to calculate the number of calories you need to exercise.

Hypercaloric diet

The supersensitive hypercaloric diet as another important concept behind the theme. In general terms reference to the food diet with a high calorie contentan elevated number by the sum of the non-sittings of a person.

This type of diet is basically implemented to increase weight. Además, to perform controlled manner y saludable.

Hypocaloric diet

The hypocaloric diet is the ultimate concept to know before calculating the calories. This is a reference to the opposite, respecting the hypercaloric diet.

This diet focuses on a small energy consumption of all the basic necessities of a person. Por lo tanto, se emplea con el objetivo de perder peso de manera saludable.

Ó How to calculate the calorie intake?

Describing the most important concepts related to the topic, if you need to burn calories, burn calories quemadas después del eerercicio.

Keep in mind that the objective is to provide information about the exact number and based on it to record the decisions that the organism requires. Además, is a way of controlling ingesting food and the training volume in favor of the desired results.

Mobile applications

The first option for calculating the calorie counts of mobile applications o los dispositivos –relojes, pulseras, entre otros-. This is a sobering alternative as most of all’s signage or as one of the most basic.

Without embargo, Although these applications provide approximate data they can be configured or specifics. In this order of ideas we will not give you any type of league recommendation or any of these options.

Complete the MET formula

MET is the metabolic equivalent of activity, for their English letters; the reference to the consumption of oxygen is due to the physical activity flowing through it.

Una sola unit of MET equivalent to 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram per minute. If the formula expresses the following way, 1 MET = 3.5 ml O2 / Kg x min, the reference is the minimum consumption of oxygen supplied in storage.

As an embargo, it ideally beats the caloric intake as low as possible during exercise should convert MET to kilocalories –Kcal-.

The sample weight for heating is based on 1 MET equivalent to 0.0175 Kcal. With some information base debes apply the following formula: Kcal / min = MET x 0.075 x pesos per kilogram.

The second pass to calculate calories by means of this method consists of the METs of the activity performed by that personwhich are determined by the formula first.

Not to be outdone, headlines indicate that there are tables with predetermined information from METs because of the physical activity that flows through the field. In this order of ideas, search information in relation to this type of classification for solo debas apply the inflated formula in kilocalories.

Remove the permite perder calorie and grate comets from the MET formula.

Professional asesoramiento

The best option at the time of calculation is the calories that are deprived of exercise is the professional asesoramiento. It does not mean that you can not spend as much as you want, but with this type of number the digits can be much more approximate.

On the other hand, with the help of a doctor, nutritionist or trainer, you can only determine the amount of calories you need; también is able to elaborate an uphill routine to all of them y un plan alimenticio relativo a tus objetivos.

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