Ó What is the new specialty MIR of Legal Medicine?

Josep Arimany Mansó.

Ya ha comenzado el periodo para solicitar plazas MIR y this is the first in which the resident internal medicine training system (MIR) offer plazas of the specialty of Legal and Forensic Medicine. In total serán ocho plazas that, in addition to the estimates that refer to the President of the National Commission for the specialty of Legal Medicine and Forensics of the Ministry of Sanidad, Josep Arimany Mansó, travel to one of the specialties that agos sus plazas entre las 300 primeras adjudications y, por tanto, de las more attractive, aspiring to remove the throne from those that are agotan in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

Arimany agreed in an interview with Medical Redaction that the situation of the specialty of Forensic Medicine “era crítica e iba a desaparecer”but with its input into the MIR formation system is produced by “consolidation of specialization in the XXI logo”. The president of the National Commission is of the specialty affirmation that “no matter what the attraction is attractive”, and that the advance that is being sought in doblar laz plazas de cara al próximo año hasta 16 because “much future in Forensic Medicine and Forensics y tiene muchas salidas professional“.

Sur How to create the specialty of Legal and Forensic Medicine?

It is one of the most specialized specialties in Spain and with legislation that does not have to have a dichotomy. Establish the forensic medicine, which is a medicine that is in the courts of the administration of Justice and, as a whole, within the body of forensic medicine with an opposition that goes to the Ministry of Justice; and despair of Legal Medicine, its specialty, which is the academic era. For some reason the forensic doctors hacked the Legal Medicine practitioner and, on the other hand, the Medical Law theorists hacked the universities.

Ó C hamo ha sido el processes hasta llegar hasta ahí?

We follow the directives of the European Union, which the European Council of Forensic Medicine found in the Spanish Governorate that the specialty of Forensic Medicine and Forensics should exist and that only hacked by the system of specialists. Many years ago we were looking for someone else, since he was the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Catalonia. Hubo a modification of Ley Organánica 6/85 that exigia is in position, as part of the license or degree title, the title of specialist to enter the body of forensic medicine and in 2015 hubo otra disposition. All of these provisions, although final, between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Sanidad, are read in a timely manner. It is very important for the Minister Salvador Illa, who wants to promote the Real Decreto 704/2020 by the Council of Ministers, which stabilizes the access to the title of specialist doctor by the MIR residence system. Esto lo cambia todo.

Vent Which ventajas offer this noveadad?

We tend to be in the form that this formation takes to the hospital level of the year. It is important that Legal and Forensic Medicine specialists recommend a Pediatric or Gynecology Service. Legal and Forensic Medicine is a discipline that removes many topics, from medical accountability, delinquency against sexual freedom, autopsies, valoris assessment and traffic accident ratings. Having some good MIR formats is very important. Además, with this modification that is up to the age of 90 to enter the body of forensic medicine requires a lot of effort that is limited by the specialty, and it is a great exchange. In the Spanish Legal Medicine departments there is a very significant shortage of specialists, but at the same time, the academic life with the Legal Medicine is different and is out of the question.

In large hospitals, for example, in the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona, ​​in the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron or in the Clinical Hospital San Carlos, which have created units of Legal Medicine that are attached to the hospital, the doctors, the faculties or the professional sanitarians in all the Impressions and disciplines of the Legal Medicine. Many topics related to the solutions of the games or the application of protocols. Legal Medicine services have a lot of futures, in terms of statistics, certification of defecation, application of protocols or being in the commissions of morbidity and mortality of hospitals. Do not allow medicines to be formatted and used to provide access, in the face of opposition, and in the face of opposition from the Ministry of Justice, and are available in Europe.

“With the creation of the specialty, units of Legal Medicine and Forensics are created that are located in hospitals and sanitary facilities”

Con What conjunctions do you accept that MIR can be used by Forensic Medicine?

Take the first place where you are destined to the Legal Medicine institutes to get what Legal Medicine is. From the following you can incorporate it into the hospital and pass it through the different services: Traumatology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pathology Anatomy, Psychiatry … This is what all the primary patients are doing. In all of these cases, however, there are four specialty destinations that are intended for use in Legal Medicine institutes and clinical autopsy clinics with the Forensic Pathology Service, with the Clinical Service providing psychiatric evaluation and evaluation. civil registries based on the value of certificates of definition, status and forensic laboratories are determined by the practice practiced by forensic doctors. Además, participates in the clinical sessions of the institutes, the official program of the specialty determining a minimum number of autopsies and information, the value of the doctor, and a number of information from the Psychiatrist, among others. For a fact, it’s a huge advance and it’s all that we are trying to get ready and assimilate to what we owe to the European Union.

Ob Which objectives are complemented by the creation of this specialty?

The principal objective is to assume the most technically advanced material in the subject of Legal Medicine, for example, in the administration of Justice, with its jurisdictions, fiscals and tribunals. The incorporation of these specialists is done in the academic world to nurture the universities and departments of the departments of Legal Medicine with the formation of the alumni of rank and degree in the Embryo of Legal Medicine.

Después, the legitimacy of the presence in the ombito hospital of these specialist doctors with the creation of the services of Medicina Legal hospitals. Enable the investigation and transfer of knowledge in the case of Forensic Medicine, directed to Europe. Legal Medicine and Forensics have a tradition in Spain of more than 175 years, the situation being critical in these last years and the specialty of having and leaving. Now produce the consolidation of the specialty in the XXI logo. What a medical specialty within the MIR sanitary system is always an excitement.

P Who can report to MIR the union of hospitals and institutes?

Advantages in the acquisition of conjugations but only those of the Legal Medicine specialists who value a present mala praxis, even if it has been formed in Traumatology or Pediatrics because the rotation is too low, the protocol should be followed. It is clear that concomitants within three months of Pediatrics have not been followed in pediatrics, but can only be based on concomitant functions, which are still present. This is implicated in the Athenian Primary Hospital or Sanitary System system and the Legal Medicine institutes as it provides training and future Forensic Medicine specialists. Having an encyclopedia to the extent of public health in general administration can have an important connotation. Since Spain is currently advancing because it is a system that only forensic doctors in the administration of Justice and specialists, this dichotomy is very conjunct and very positive.

“Spain advances in enrichment at all levels of public health in general administration with this specialty”

¿What are the adequate plazas that are currently offered?

You are working as president of the National Commission for the specialty of Legal Medicine and Forensics of the Ministry of Sanidad to get the plazas to the adjacent one because we need more plazas, up to 16 or a little more. For example, if at the moment in Catalonia there is a plaza, the one that should be heard; in Aragón dos; and there is news in Galicia, in the Canary Islands, in Andalusia, in the Commonwealth of Madrid … It has been asked since it was seen that the specialty is among the 300 primers that are used. I do not think so, but I do not think so.

There is a difference between the figure and the average plaza because at these times we are having a demographic study of forensic medical centers in Spain, only one idea estimating approximately 800, which is the same as the temporality of the law according to the law. We are also working on a demographic study at the university level: as you are the plazas by universities, there are specialist counters, … All of these are served to make a gear and make an appointment without a place number. We value it for the sake of not being aware of a former, since the number is just right and balanced in the study we are doing. 16 plazas in the middle row plaza series because of its much higher future in Forensic Medicine.

Sal What professional balances do you have in the specialty of Forensic Medicine?

The largest hospitals, for example, the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona, ​​the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Catalonia, the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío or the Clinical Hospital San Carlos de Madrid, which have the Legal Medicine Service, create services for legal medicine specialists. In most universities there is an important plantation. In the departments of Legal Medicine there are jubilee cathedrals and new entrants, which is another important balance. The insurance companies that perform the evaluation of daisies do not need the specialty of Legal Medicine. There are only a handful of professional, one-size-fits-all, public servers running the Legal Medicine administration; other public, at the academic level, which is the world university as well as professors, aggregates or departments; hospital services of large centers that need a Legal Medicine specialist and are deprived of the private sector, in the light of the cultural value.

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