Ó Which pasé, quién lo reemplazará and which camino seguirá?

Parece increíble, pero la historia ya ha terminado. Dieciocho meses despere de haber legade in Paris Saint-Germain as an ambitious trainer, and 20 ace despere de haber sido captain of the club, the second cycle of Mauricio Pochettino in Paris ha legade ne su fin. ESPN points reveal the following week when several semesters failed to receive the Ligue 1 trophy.

al “retrouvailles” (reencuentro) nunca funcionó y su mandate arrastrará para siempre esa horrible sensationi e “lo que podría haber sido”. Demasiados problemi convirtieron a hermoso and romantic moment in a different matrimonio vece incómodo. Pas Which pass with all its implications from now on?

¿Qué fue lo que falló? The level in visiting caliber, the level of authority, the tension with Messi

To get excited in Paris, if you are a DT buyer, if you are applying to Pochettino, please be sure to contact a cap communicator, but it is not safe. Your team has been rewarded for playing well. It should not be treated alone, in the form of a ganar with a stalk, as the tampon was kept in the bicycle while in the Park of the Princes.

Además de todas esas preoccupations en el campo de juego, también hay que ser hábil en el manego de la politics dentro del club, que posiblement se donde mós faló.

With the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, as proprietor and Nasser al-Khelaifi as the next president of the club, the numbers responsible for the decision-making body act as forces of interference. Hay mucha gente que satisfacer y muchas expectativas que cumplir. With this comes the natural pressure of a great club, and the dressing room already feels like a vodka.

Pochettino does not synthesize fashion at home, as do other PSG trainers (especially Unai Emery and Thomas Tuchel) who are. Tampoco only has a good relationship with the outgoing Leonardo exdirector. Dadas sus funciones en el club, su relación debía ser muy sólida, pero Pochettino fue elegido por el emir, no por Leonardo, y ambos nunca se llevaron bien. In the background, there is an Argentine and a Brazilian who separate football from very different forms.

One of the main reasons for this tension is that Pochettino is a synthetic nun who only has full authority over his dress. Hubo moments in those who record media fuertes when a team leader (the mismo in ambos incident) does not respect the rules. Las veces le dijeron que lo dejara. It is difficult to qualify as a team if you do not have the authority, but in this PSG restaurant.

As an embargo, Pochettino’s cafe was also shown to be spectacularly flowing in the field of play. PSG won the Ligue 1, but the numbers did not go down well with all the convincing players who scored: 86 points, 90 goals converted and 36 goals. Margaron 91 points in 2019, 93 in 2018, 87 when quedaron seconds left from AS Monaco by Kylian Mbappé in 2017, 96 in 2016, 83 in 2015 and 2013, and 89 in 2014. In spite of the main tempo, marker with more goals and permitting menos.

Además, rarely plays attractive football with a clear tactical direction, and humiliating pigs in the Bernabeu against Real Madrid in the octaves of the Champions League final (after establishing a 2-0 victory in the world with 30 minutes of play per game y perdieron 3-2), y la total passivity of technique ante adversidad esa noche, disminuyeron drastically the prestige of Pochettino in the club. The elimination of the Copa de France, a competence that Paris habia ganado linco zinos anterior, in manos de Niza in el Park of Principe in the final octaves filled with negativity, even though the pig against Lille in the Trophy Campeones, the Supercopa de France.

And their results come from a well-increasingly heated cupboard. PSG did not visit against any of the first new Ligue 1 teams in passing time; located in Monaco, Stade Rennais, Nantes and Nice, places of interest in Marseille, Lyon, Lens and Strasbourg. With a complete set of superstars like Lionel Messi, Neymar and Mbappé, this is complementary to the chain.

I Quién se viene en PSG, Galtier o Zidane?

Designed from the Mbappé saga, which ends with the firm signing a new contract with the French esthete, the turn on the turntable, which Pochettino suggests in the bench, holding hands and PSG supporters and supporters.

At the moment, there are candidates: Zinedine Zidane and Christophe Galtier. Zidane, who has completed 50 years of his life, is the incorporation of the Emir of Qatar. The star of France and Real Madrid complete all the requirements and is the best candidate for the post. Without embargo, it has not been accepted to join the club. It’s in the direction of France, where it can be found in December without the World Cup, and it is consistent that the project of Paris is complicated, or that the intruders are deluded.

From the moment, it is probable that the sea’s, as soon as it does not have a definite “no”, in the club will surely wait for the acceptance of the cargo. Al fin y al cabo, Zidane es Zidane: hiló tres titlos de Champions League (2016, 2017, 2018) y ganó dos en LaLiga (2017 y 2020) con Madrid, por no hablar de su gran charisma y de su capacidad de mantener contento a cualquier vestuario envenenado.

The other option is Galtier, 55 years old, who is proclaiming the camp of France with Lille in 2021 and has a stretch of relationship with the new deporting director of PSG, Luis Campos. Además, según los reportes, est desesperado por el puesto y ya ha conversado con Campos. It’s one of the biggest French trainers, with a relatively slow pace in Nice, where the goal difference between the goal and the descent from the Europa League to the Europa Conference League.

The clubs have not initiated any conversions about this transfer, but Niza is now in agreement with the balance and does not have to spend much time to negotiate an agreement. Galtier has nothing to do with Zidane’s pedigree, but he’s still a center-grader, with a large capacity of the game, with his style of play (a 4-4-2 “base”) posing a problem for him PSG aficionados.

Where is Pochettino now?

Traveling to France, Pochettino wants to fly to England. Currently concentrated in London, where it takes place while cycling in Paris. One of his sons, Sebastiano, made his physical debut for PSG and finished early, even though the other, Mauritius, South Watford, were liberated when the Hornets descended from the Premier League.

The ideal for Pochettino is for Mauritius to acquire a club in the Premier League. Soñaba tener un opportunadad en Manchester United, pero eligieron a Erik ten Hag, de Ajax. There are several options at the top of the board, the most important of which are established in the directory.

¿Accepting a club as small as Leicester City or Newcastle United is one of the few places available? Depending on the offer and project, why not? Anton Expect Antonio Conte to Tottenham Hotspur to attempt a sensational comeback? This is very probable at the moment.

And the rest of Europe? Spain is a great power, which all its reputation is high. On the other hand, there is a lot going on with the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez. If you know, and for the post-Carlo Ancelotti era, Pochettino’s name definitely stands out from the crowd, it still works hard. Complicated cycling in PSG does not involve the image, but the best.

Pochettino recibirá muy buenas bids on a futuro cercano. ¿Llegarán este verano? Tendrá que esperar y ver.


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