obras pasan por encima de carretera milenaria

Durante las obras del Tren Maya en Izamal, Yucatán, la makinaria pasó por encima de un carretera maya con m des de mil agos de antigudedad.

The story of Miguel Covarrubias Reyna, an investigator and archaeologist with more than 30 years of experience in salvage projects, who assures that the works of the train are passionate about “a grave and irreversible woman” and this is a very important precondition of the Peninsula.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), led by Dr. Manuel Pérez Rivas, Academically Responsible for the Archaeological Project Tren Maya, responded to the question as to how the machine used may be carved from the lab of a constructor It can be said to be “impacted” by some of the initiators who started the work, using the windshield wipers as well as terrace terrace and agricultural fireplace.

“An irreversible mountain”

En Izamal, hay dos carreteras mayas, which is known as Sacbe (meaning ‘white camino’ in mayan language). The first Sacbe and Izamal to the ruins of the archaeological site of Aké, with direction to the east; is the first walker to have a length of 30 kilometers and to be unloaded at 60.

The second Sacbe and the hacienda on the Izamal with Kantunil, 13 kilometers away by anchor and one meter high, have walls of parallel content constructed with pedestals and centrifugal materials that are decorated with archetypal vestiges.

Miguel Covarrubias, who is a professor of the specialty in History and Archeology Maya and has published investigations as The archeological landscape of the center-north coast of Yucat .n o Izamal, central regional capital of central Yucat .nconoce bien ambos monumentos, pues form part of the team of archaeologists and restaurateurs that laboratory in their works of prospecting, exploitation and restoration of these carpets of mayas and other vestigios, as in the project of rescue Izamal-Aké.

In the interview, Covarrubias explicitly stated that the construction of these four characters could begin between the 200 members of Christ and the 200 despots of Christ, and that he had only 500 members of Christ, but that he had only about 500 counts.

During the prehistoric period, Izamal, one of the largest and most populous areas of the Yucatán Peninsula, was populated with other Mayan populations with little to no trade. Asymmetry, ambush walks connected to the city with other ascending elements that exist in the area of ​​Izamal, as pyramids, temples and centers of reunion, where Sacbe tambien have only an important spiritual and mythological significance for the Mayans.

“It is very important to walk, but you do not have to worry about connecting it with others; hay como cinco en toda el área maya ”, says Covarrubias.

With the train in 2019 from the Tren Maya project, the archeology that, varies different routes, the new train route that unites Izamal with Cancún, in Tramo 4, passing through a point of Sacbe 2, the May carretera of 13 kilometers as far as Kantunil.

Aunque is not the main effect, subtracting the expert. The problem is that as far north as Sacbe 2 the train builders of Tren Maya install a bunch of material that reach the worksheets. Además, the machines use more than two kilometers of antiquisimo camino maya to transport the material between the tanks and the train track.

“Sacbe ocurrió use el Sacbe as a walker to take the materials from the train of Tren Maya. It seems, the machine wears weight on the maya calyx, destroying it and turning it into an irreversible mountain with a monumental structure that, además, is not abundant ”, denovation Covarrubias.

The archetype recalls that the day is now “not justified”, as the pudding constructors have a walkway parallel to Sacbe before it passes through the enema.

“Even if you take the train tram through the lanes of Ghana, you will be able to walk along a parallel path without breaking the structure. But, it does not matter what happens to the carcass and there is no justification for it “, said Covarrubias, who took photos of the girls on the street. In this way the machines of the passing of the machine are appreciated by the end of the Sacbe millennium.

The answer of INAH

INAH responded to the public outcry by Covarrubias arguing that the carpenter may have used it as a landscaping and farming fireplace, but that he considered that it “had an impact” on him much.

Manuel Pérez Rivas, Academically Responsible Archaeological Project Train Maya del INAH, knows that the tier cap with which covers most of the kilometers that the machines use to transport materials from one point to another to protect the monument.

“El Sacbe is not affected, because, in the place of quaternary material, that we move aggregate protection material to keep the fireplace that is being dealt”, assured. Add that it is a “calcareous material” similar to carpet.

“If we are a Sacbe calamus, the archeological excavation has given us evidence that it has been destroyed or not. And we are sure we are not sure what to do “, recalls the function of INAH.

However, if you do not opt ​​for a walkway parallel to the Sacbe millennium to avoid the passage of the machine, as the planter Covarrubias, Pérez Rivas says that this is a “cause-and-effect hub”.

“The archeology that usted menciona (Covarrubias) conoce muy bien zona, y sabe que associates al Sacbe hay muchas constructions and platforms that conserve part of its phisonomía. Entonces, si hacemos un camino alterno, hubiéramos tenido that affect the structures that are like ambos lados (del Sacbe) ”, señaló.

Asked about what a millennial carpenter would do with any use such as a landslide, the functionality says that “100 years ago you would have avoided getting hurt”, but did not want to, and did not want to do so. utilizada como camino “y se sigue usando”.

For Covarrubias, the answer of INAH “no justification” is given by an archeological structure, which, inclusive, says that “it is the most conservative” that the other maya may be excavated in the area, or that Izamal and the archeological area Ake is about 30 kilometers away.

“There is no excuse, no matter how modest it is, that it can be allowed to run on the machine without weight,” he insisted.

Las prisas por la obra

Up to 8 months pass, el INAH llevaba descubiertos more than 25 mil monuments and archeological vestiges within 500 miles of the Tren Maya Oblast on the Yucatán Peninsula. Of these 25 miles halal, 9 miles 430 are within the reach of the train.

Pérez Rivas, of INAH, is also the medium in the trams 1, 2 and 3 of the project — while the Sacbe killed in Izamal — or applies multiple mediators to support in situ those miles of monuments that are about the right of way, as well as the use of geomallas, places that in other cases have made modifications to the path of the work to protect these monuments that can not be moved.

“In these cases, it can be said that hagan éreas restringidas, or in the case of a linear object, like Tren Maya, can be said to have eaten free or pivoted to avoid affectation,” said Pérez Rivas, who specified that trams 1, 2 and 3 of the train “yes there are no monuments of type 4 (requiring modifications to the trajectory), where the modifications are made and which can not be found on the deck of the river”, which in the tram, which from Cancun to Tulum, there are 42 monuments that require minor modifications to the road to avoid these.

Pero, most of all the work that is done to protect the vestigios found, archaeologists, activists and the company Superior Auditorium of the Federation in an inform advirtieron that ajustada fecha limit to terminal las obras de este megaproyecto —el president López Obrador dijo que debe estar concludo para finale 2023— podría poner en peligro el analisis, la protecion i la recuperation aso eso exploit tramos that aún faltan por construir.

One of the specialists who haunts this advertisement is precisely Covarrubias, who said that the case of the daisy in the maya calzada in Izamal is a clear example of the impacts that the works of Tren Maya are arousing on the archaeological patrimony. That is, as the Superior Auditorium is planted, the presses to terminate the work are not in harmony with the times required to investigate, analyze and rescue any of the archaeological milestones.

“It’s a tragedy for Mexican archeology that is happening this way. It is a work that is transsexual, but not at the time of all archeological salvation in one of the years “, planted by Covarrubias. “If INAH were to investigate with a minimum caliber, the analysis work would not end in complete sex, not much less than it did.”

In a report published the last 12 of May by this means, other specialists such as Octavio del Río, expert in subacute archeology, exploring the Riviera Maya, especially in the area of ​​Plama del Carmen in Tulum, found the remains of 10 of the seven human beings of Edad de Hielo , with more than 10 miles of anti-aircraft, since the subterranean rhizome system is large enough to have a lot to explore.

“In three decades, we have seen a catalog of the remains of 10 human beings, but we have not been able to find in the subterranean rivers, which are the largest on the planet, and which is what is traversed by the train.” advirtió.

Pérez Rivas, of INAH, responded that in many archeological salvage projects “the time nunca is sufficient”, although it is not an impediment to supplementing with labor.

In addition, the functionality explicitly states that with up to 300 archaeologists working in the field, you are using drones and specialized technology to make virtual recurrences of the archaic archaic contexts, which can be avoided. Además, assures that this technology is allowed that in a future these vestigios can be analyzed by other investigators, but that the information and the historical patrimony are not lost.

“We are not vulnerable and we are subject to public scrutiny. “But we have the conviction that we are having a better evening”, recalcó.

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