Occupational sanctions are “raising a weapon” the world economy

Hong Kong (CNN) – The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, takes the lead for a virtual money with the leaders of the major emerging economies in the world in a discourse that is better than the night, denouncing the economic sanctions as “weapons” and the world economy and the united front and the financial deficits.

Xi, who in an empirical fork ante the virtual coin of this game with the leaders of the BRICS economic block — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — know that the world is at a critical juncture moment in order to recover from the pandemic medium of the new denomination “security clearance”.

“The tragedies of the past do not go unnoticed because of hegemony, group politics and the confrontation of the blocs;

“Ukraine’s crisis is another step in the right direction for all in the world. We do not claim that the fire in the field is ‘position of power’ and that the intentions of amplifying the military alliances and searching for the security of the expanses of their demo solo caer and a dilemma of security “, says Xi.

The comments are based on a reference to the United States and OTAN, and Beijing has repeatedly tried to provoke the aggression of Russia and Ukraine.

He also condemned the Western sanctions, saying that the sanctions were a “double-edged sword” that converted the global economy into a weapon and that “perjured the world’s world”.

In exchange, the deberían countries “adopt solidarity and coordination”, say, as it promotes new initiatives to help and secure China as models.

The EU imposes more sanctions on Russia, including Cyril orthodox leaders 2:07

The BRICS coup and Putin’s participation

Comments leave information about China’s priorities such as the collapse of the BRICS annuity, a virtual event in Beijing that is the first of its kind by Russian President Vladimir Putin, forcing one of its main leaders world economies from the invasion of Ukraine to the principles of this.

In a video discourse at the event, Putin said that Russia was “directing” its commercial flights to the BRICS countries and other “internationally configurable societies” because of a Kremlin transcript.

He also recalled Western economic actions, saying that “politically motivated sanctions” and “mechanisms” for exerting pressure on competitors “accomplishing global negotiations and trying to” fight against it “.

The sanctions were not used by any hermitage group but by the Western extremists and their allies against Russia because of their invasion and provocation of Ukraine, which were pressured to fall into a brutal state. This has provoked a humanitarian crisis and criminal associations of guerrillas against Ukrainian civilians by part of Russia.

¿How effective are the economic sanctions against Russia? 2:16

The war in Ukraine does not include money

It is hoped that the war in Ukraine will reach its peak, the decimation of which will stabilize the block in 2009 as a medium to “serve the common interests of the emerging market economies and the emerging countries”.

Throughout the crisis, and the series of Occupational Sanctions, there can be impulses to the topics that the group is constantly discussing, including the promotion of commercial updates to the system of emerging dollars, which the Russian institutions have restrictions.

Putin is planting legitimacy in all of his comments, saying that the BRICS societies are establishing “dismantling alternative mechanisms compatible with international news” and “exploiting the feasibility of creating a single international reserve currency.”

However, verse by verse we enthusiastically block all important initiatives such as a change of dollar system or general declarations denouncing the occidental sanctions in the middle of this year.

If any of the BRICS leaders avoided being in Russia for the first time, they would have different levels of interest in each other, responding to their actions or democratically seeking them all over Russia, and ignoring their western friends.

The differences in tone are evident in the discourses of one of the leaders in the body of the carcass by the night, an event for companies leading to the margin of the room.

In a video discourse, the first Minister of India, Narendra Modi, focuses on all of them and their aspirations of intercambios propriety between emerging companies. The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, is at the center of the controversy, uncertainty and questions such as access to vacancies, as well as trade and inversion, as well as the transcripts of their goblins.

The President of Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, is committed to leading the global economy by establishing a major economic integration body, according to the National Public Relations Agency of Brasil.

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