OMS evaluates methods of alternative medicine

How many people are involved in traditional or alternative medicine, but how effective are these methods? A new center of the World Health Organization (WWO) has been proposed. The center is concentrated in India, while alternative medicine is now important as it includes a ministry that offers complementary therapies such as Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, uni, siddha and homeopathy.

The recent inauguration of the center in the city of Jamnagar assisted, among others, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. “The traditional Indian medicine system is not just a treatment, but a holistic screw infusion,” he said. According to OMS, Gobierno India is destined for a project of 250 million dollars.

The general manager of OMS, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, declared: “The center claims to be an engine of innovation in order to impulse a proven agenda, data and consistency in traditional medicine”. Additions that are used by professionals in all traditional medicine of the world and to adjust the norms of investigation.

Traditional medicine is a very simple field. Seek a communication from OMS about the center, the 80 by the world population center using complementary medicine. These include acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine and herbal medicine.

Traditional Tambi medicine is represented in modern science. According to the OMS, there are about 40 patients with all the approved medicines in the natural substances procedure. The aspiration of aspirin, for example, is based on the opposite conclusions about the antipyretic effect of the cortex of the sauce. The investigation into artemisinin for its use against malaria, because it was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015, has led to the study of ancient Chinese medical texts.

German biologist and periodical Georg Rueschemeyer, of Cochrane, an international researcher who proportionalizes the scientific base to the decision-making volume in the health sector, considering that the examiner has more than a handful of courses that can be downloaded without delay. can be tested for plausibility and, in case of duda, realize good clinical studies.

Red Cochrane is specifically consistent with its “Cochrane Reviews”, systematic reviews that summarize all the scientific evidence about a specific medical and other health benefits.

With the embargo, Rueschemeyer is also encouraged to adhere to traditional OMS-based procedures, which constitute the basis of accredited therapies, likely to include numerical examples in which traditional procedures result in antigua práctica de la sangría. From the academic point of view, as soon as you can, justify the cost of the sum of elevations in order to carry out studies.

Además, prosigue, hay varias revision de la red Cochrane sobre using traditional methods, as well as acupuncture for specific questions. No obstante, recalca: “Desde mi personal experience en Cochrane, diría que no me he hecontrado con muchas revisionë Cochrane que realmran samprana pruebas convincentes para un traditional proceeding”, asevera Rueschemeyer.

The specific value that should be taken into account, such as buscarlas, solo containing a few studios, the meaning of mal hechos, which can not be tried to refuse a benefit, which is left to justify inverting the limit investigative funds in a proceeding that effectively reverses, for example, homeopathy.

The German-born professor Edzard Ernst, who also wants to pursue a chair in alternative medicine at the University of Exeter, England, has been asked to conduct a course in the center of which he is looking for OMS is for gloss and typography.

On the other hand, OMS explicitly states that in the new center they use modern technologies to study traditional medicine, among others, artificial intelligence and big data. The organization, center, dedication to the creation of a flexible empirical base for policies and norms about traditional medicine products and products, and adjusting the parts and systems incorporated in the sanitary systems.


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