One more intention to falsely claim “The Burrón family”

Do Bora Borola Tacuche de Burrón and Don Regino, his spaceship and the painting of the “Rice of Gold” painting; their beautiful, natural or adoptive: Regino junior “El Tejocote”, Macuca “La Pecocha”, Fóforo Cantarranas and el perro Wilson feed on their adventures, advertised every Tuesday in “The Burrón family”, part of the sentimental Mexican education mitad del siglo XX. The cost of a solid legacy –Gabriel Vargasthe creator of history, ganó el National Periodical Award in 1983 and the following decades, the National Science and Arts Association—, Burrón han sido falsified randomly from 20 years ago. There are treatments of pieces that take place as originals and were authored by Adriana and Graciela Vargas, works of caricaturists.

The first case was registered in 2005, “when family relations were broken”, by Maira Mayola Benítez, author of the biography of Gabriel Vargas, graphic artist (Autonomous University of Hidalgo, 2010); with indications of the sale of these dibujos since 2002.

EL UNIVERSAL published June 17, 2010, in the middle of Vargas’s death, that Morton Subastas House acquired 183 fake pieces. At the moment, lou dibujos is settling down to 500 miles and the historian Guadalupe Appendini, the caricaturist, complains that he is not the author of his exhibition. “One of our assistants declared that the pieces were fake,” said Agustín Sánchez González, an investigator and legal representative for the archives of the archives, and Appendini’s petition.

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In 2012, it was possible to advise on the circulation and sale of injured material. Away from the lads, the descriptive pieces are even compared to famous people, such as the sculptor Enrique Carbajal Sebastián, the painter Martha Chapa, the actors Sergio Corona and Xavier López Chabelo, and others Carlos Monsiváisquien “quiz tomó la compra como chunda.

You can not talk to Monsivás because you do not want to search for each other, but in action you are playing south with the cosmos. Era tan barato lo que se se vendi que pudo hacerlo por solidarid “, señala Sanchez, author of La prehistoria de” La familia Burrón “(Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno del DF, 2010) and Gabriel Vargas. A chipocluda history (Directorate of Publications / Conaculta, 2010).

On October 14, 2005, the Vargas prophecy declared in Reform that its parts were placed under false pretenses. Salvo “The Day of the Traffic”, by Avenida Juárez, who was born in 1930, is 14 years old, and includes 5 miles. Do not preserve original original works from the 70’s, africa Sánchez.

“It simply came to our notice then that Gabriel’s work could be seen to be false. They do not correspond to the quality or the aesthetics of your work.
When the national “La familia Burrón” was born, Gabriel was only 20 years old when he made the caricatures of the era of “Los Superlocos”, a fundamental work. The traces are heavy, unbalanced elementary, as if to create the shadow of the great Vargas. All the time archive that is located in El Sol, Mexico; the first archive of the Vargas-Appendini family corresponds to the end of the GyG editorial in 1976 ”, indica.

The “seudovargas” are not only complimented by famous people. Mayola recounts that, in 2008, she loved “Filo”, her friend and plumero who placed magazines in the plaza of Ciudadela, meeting one of these people: ¡It is indignant, da coraje! ” Mientntras que Sánchez González commented that, in recent times, Juan Terrazas, director of the Museum of Caricature and President of the Mexican Society of Caricaturists, said that one of his conchidos hablaron para venderle un dibujo.

Menos de un semana, Adriana Vargas contact a Julio Aguilareditor of Culture de EL UNIVERSAL, to offer the pieces “a very precise symbol”, dinero with the parrot —dijo— the urgent medical staff “from the sister of su abuelo”, interned because of diabetes and perdóna pierna. Vargas detailing the pieces, which photos are sent by WhatsApp, forms part of a file of the historian. It was decided by the editor that an expert would confirm that the pieces were false, while Vargas responded with insults. “Now the result is that the guy is more abusive,” the caricaturist said.

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When consulting about landscaping, Vargas dijo, in interviews and whatsApp conversations on WhatsApp, which deals with all the carburetor-driven vignettes, the size of the media card of their 80 yards and chests, each one, $ 4 mil 900. “¿De a dónde lo do you know what the comment on the work is? ” “Lo dejo, ya es noche, no son horas de interviewivisti señor, bye”, responds a la prugunta sobre las pablaras de su abuelo al regalarle la obra y el ojo e se ojo oustesten sucedió; block the contact.

“The fact that your noble intentions are desperate and unjust. Plague is an action that tends to get stuck in the juicer. Hubo friends of the master who, at the moment, prepares for the stage of health because he is interested in the sale of money to finance his medical expenses. It is also known as Vargas only for its unwritten meanings or, in other words, it’s one of the versions that suggests how much it’s “, complement Maira Mayola.

Para Armando Bartra, author junto a Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea de Puros cuentos. The history of history in Mexico (Grijalbo, Conaculta and the National Museum of Popular Cultures, 1988), on the margins of litigation or not the plagues and indefatigable appropriations, Access to the history of the twentieth century, in particular to its classical epoch (ages 40, 50 and 60), is not something that can be consulted or done in libraries. It’s an accessible little thing, even though there are examples of it, like “The Burrón family”, read in white and black.

Much historians of the epoch read and draw on the basics of their originals and do not care about hacking an archive, indica Sánchez González, winner of the Prize of Cultural Periodism René Avilés Fabila in 2019.

From the commemorative stamp that the Mexican Postal Service launched in 2004 and sailed the 19 Metro train with its current name in 2015 to commemorate the centenary of its birth, even the wall mural of a doming dinghy in Callejón, C que Guillermo Heredia, Sr. Niuk, painting in the Corredor Peatonal Regina in 2010, describes the impact of Vargas and Burrón in Mexican idiosyncrasy is a great deal. “The Burrón family” is a point between popular culture and high culture, as well as the enthusiastic enthusiasm of enslaved people like Alfonso Reyes, Sergio Pitol and Carlos Monsiváis. The main mayor is “save and renovate a language that is based on a lot of history”, concluded Sánchez.


Agustín Sánchez
Historiador de la caricatura
Although most of Gabriel’s work can be seen, it is clear that these are, in fact, false. They do not correspond to the quality or the aesthetics of your work ”

Maira Mayola
Author of the biography Gabriel Vargas, graphic artist
“Hubo’s friends of the master who prepares for his health because he enters the field of work for financing his medical expenses”

Armando Bartra
Author of Cigars. The history of history in Mexico
“Vargas is one of the few excuses that is legally cultural. The access to the history of the twentieth century is not something that can be consulted manually in libraries ”

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