Opening Day 2022 game ranking

The Grand League season starts today. Each team will play on Thursday or Friday, some will play on both days, և we all need to find a way to put our priorities in order. The easiest answer to which game to watch is simple: the one in which your favorite team participates. But besides that, here we leave you the rating of the clashes of the first day of the 2022 season.

The starting jars that weigh the most in this ranking are listed in parentheses. All times are GMT.

1. Astros (Framber Valdez) visits Angels (Shohei Ohtani)

This game is a potential preview of this year’s key fight at AL West, depending on whether the Angels have enough playing field to survive, but make no mistake here. Throw it at Ohtan. Opening day! Oh, he’s going to be joined by Mike Trout, something we rarely saw in 2021. The Astros are the defending champions of the Young Circuit,, yet they are a secondary story to this one. Can Ohtan do it again?

2. Red Sox (Nathan Ewald) Visits Yankees (Gerrit Cole)

I know what they are saying. Once again, the big media is exaggerating the Yankee-Red Sox coincidence, the East Coast bias, when will they stop selling so much of what is happening in AL East? Well, first of all, I was born in the middle west of the country, I live in Georgia. But it is more important. Who does not want to watch this game? These eternal rivals, who have just met in the last post-season, are two favorites in the best baseball division, both coming out of the off-season, which some of their fans may be a little disappointed with, which will sound the alarm if some start badly. One of these teams could take fourth place this year. Wherever you are, you will want to see this game.

3. Sailors (Robbie Ray) visit the twins (Joe Ryan)

There are many stories here. These were two of the most active teams in the winter,: they’s the kind of ninths you want to see moving like this. The Marines seem to be well positioned to end their post-season drought, the longest in professional sports in the United States, with their new Xi Yang winner on the hill և listed perspective Dominican Julio Rodriguez is ready to make his debut in the major leagues. On the other hand, Puerto Rican Carlos Correa shocked the baseball world by signing the Twins, and now grateful Minnesota fans will see him in uniform for the first time.

4. Dodgers (Walker Buhler) Visits Rockies (Kyle Freeland)

One of the most anticipated moments of every Opening Day is seeing the stars in new uniforms, no match offers more than this one. The Dodgers were already the best baseball team, and now they will be able to show off their new toy, Freddie Freeman. (And see how many toys they have). The Rockies also have a new gift – Chris Bryant – the centerpiece of their Denver collection.

5. The Pirates (JT Brubaker) Visit the Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)

Now that Albert Poohols has returned to St. Louis, the opening day at Bush Stadium is irresistible. As for coming on the pitch, Brubaker is the pitcher, the right hand, the hard throws, the many sliders who are causing trouble for Puchols at this point in his career. Poohols will not start many games against Brubaker jars during the season. But the opening day? Bush? On the mound with Adam Wainwright and on a plate with Yadier Molina? All (probably) in their final season. This is a must see.

6. The Reds (Tyler Mahle) visit Braves (Max Fried)

You may not remember this, but the Brave won the World Series last year. It was very moving. They are going to raise the flag of the champions, hand over the rings on Thursday night, and although some key players will not be there (Freddie Freeman, Cuban Jorge Soler, Jock Pederson), there is no doubt that it will be very exciting. night for the Brave և for their fans. It has been 26 years since they spent such a night. Enjoy it, Braves fans!

7. The Great (Taylor Megill) Visits the Nationals (Patrick Corbin)

This could be the number one game on this list. We have to see Jacob de Grom in his first game after getting injured last year. We were able to see Max Scherzer against his former teammates. But no, stupid injuries have to come. Degrom has been absent for at least a month due to an elbow problem. If we can see de Grom or Scherzer, we will at least see the Dominican Juan Jose Soto, his compatriot Nelson Cruz (in the new team), Pete Alonso, the Puerto Rican Francisco Lindor. Not bad for a consolation prize.

8. Brewers (Corbyn Burns) Visit Cubs (Kyle Hendrick)

They will first play at Wrigley Field, which will remind you once and for all how lucky you are that baseball is back. But here we also have the winner of Cy Young launching against Milwaukee against the Cubs team, which is a little more fun than you might think. The big draw will be Seya Suzuki, the new slab of Cubs directly from Japan, who may become quite famous in Riglivil. And let’s not forget the Brewers. they are, after all, still the favorites in NL Central.

9. Marlins (Sandy Alcantara) Visits Giants (Logan Webb)

Very good fight between the two best young pitchers at the moment և. The Marlins have a young rotation that is the envy of almost every major team. The Giants won 107 games last year and would like to have a Miami rotation. Speaking of these giants, they have almost every player who has led that incredible season, with the exception of Buster Posey and Ken Gausman. Will the giants be able to get a rabbit out of their hat again, which is one of the central questions of the 2022 season? We will have the first idea on Friday.

10. Rangers (John Gray) visits Blue Jayce (Jose Berios)

The Blue Jays will finally be able to play all 81 home games in Toronto this season. The fans of the team had missed a very good team for almost a couple of years. Now, maybe they will see their best option in all of 2022. The Rangers will see their new midfield debut, Corey Sieger և Marcus Semien, and the latter will return to where he was third in the 2021 MVP voting.

11. White Sox (Lucas Jolito) visit Tigres (Eduardo Rodriguez)

The White Sox are ready to easily win this division, saying that the news of Lance Lee’s knee injury is not good news, but it will be a lot of fun to see Spencer Torquelson, the Tigers’ main prospect, the source of hope for all people. Privilege: starting the game from the first base. This could be a clash between the current owner of AL Central and the future boss.

12. Trustees (Shane Bieber) Visit Royal (Zach Greenke)

None other than MLB’s No. 1 prospect (Royals’s third baseman Bobby Whit Jr.) made his debut on the opening day. This will be the first time we will see the Guardians in action, with a new logo, a new name, all that. It’s progress, however և something new. But, in fact, the best can be when Greinke wears the Royal uniform for the first time since 2010. Both of these teams will try to excel at the AL Center this year և this is the first chance to see what they are. about everything. able

13. Oriols (John Myans) Visits Reyes (Shane McClannan)

The Rays will have Wander Franco this Opening Day, which is the first of many, it’s quite exciting in itself. This is a fascinating division,: it is impossible not to think whether the Rays will surprise everyone again. As for the Orioles … there is reason to believe that their rise is starting now.

14. The A’s (Fracelis “Frankie” Montas) visit Phillies (Aaron Nola)

Will Phillies fans be fine if they do not reach the playoffs this year? They are now the team with the second longest playoff drought in all of baseball, a club that has made a lot of money during that time. They are probably close to ending that series of defeats, aren’t they? They have the opportunity to start strong against a team that seems to lose a solid game every day.

15. Padres (Yu Darwish) Visits D-Bex (Madison Bumgarner)

This match could have been a little higher if Fernando Tatis Jr. had not been injured, but there is still a lot to see here, from Yu Darwish trying to get up (something Padres desperately needs) to the Bulgarians trying to maintain the pace. In the second half of last season (which will force the D-backs to replace him in July).

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