Operation, first Rare Diagnostic Unit in Mexico

Operation, first Rare Diagnostic Unit in Mexico

• Germán Fajardo Dolci deserves to be approached approximately by many types of these undeveloped

• De ellas, solo cinco por ciento tienen un tratamiento: Juan Carlos Zenteno Ruiz

• Unidad provides public service in general with accessible precision, and is also available to specialists for research and education: Rosa Mar Wa Wong Chew

• It is the result of the collaboration of UNAM with the Valencian Cone Fund for counting genetic calibration evaluations; reference series in national and international medicine

Juan Carlos Zenteno Ruiz, responsible for the UDER and the Conde de Valenciana Fund Investigation Unit, informed that this is the inaugural investigation site, which is located in the center of the Conde de Valenciana Private Assistance Center. precision and speed up the register of these undecided: Salud’s Secret report 20 in the country and only if there are any miles in the world.

At a distance-to-space conference, the doctor recommends that patients who search for a diagnostic need to access the electronics page: enfermedadesraras.facmed.unam.mx to solicit a quote, but some of its main objectives are taken .

The total number of races that are concomitant in the world, abundantly, are as low as possible only when they are treated at the moment. “A diagnostic is not synonymous with treatment, but it is synonymous with the major in the caliber of the patient’s veins because there are no formulations for the patient, or as long as it is the nurse and, like duda, we need to generate a plan of vigilance that the positive impact ”.

The academic record of the FM record that pays for its dominance over the majority of doctors requires major capacitance for detectors. “One of the objectives of this project is incorporated in the studio planes, not only in the background and in the background, traces, materials, and activities related to ramifications and visualizations, because there is little knowledge that exists in a certain way. de ellas, is something that can be changed and is an important part of the change ”.

In this regard, Rosa María Wong Chew, a member of the Academic Entity Investigation Subdivision, said: “This unit is the only one of its kind in our country, which is all about the current Faculty of Medicine and what it offers service to the community, with accessible precision to allow the society or its sectors most unsatisfactory.

“There is an important need for population and national identity, but at the same time, we have the general public, geneticists and patients in the United States to use their services, people to collaborate and investigate,” he said. docencia, fundamental pillars of the mixed units of the Universidad ”, manifest.

Novelties of evaluation techniques

During the inauguration ceremony, the director of FM, Germán Fajardo Dolci, explicitly stated that there are approximately one type of enema, such as: hemophilia, albinism, cystic fibrosis, galactosemia and mucopolisacaridosis, all of which are affected our country, in agreement with the figures of the Secret of Salud.

“We do not want to hack as a country, and we do not want to harass both academic institutions and private assistance institutions, as it’s a matter of union, as well as having two members to strengthen our mission as a university, is ayudar to the majority possible position of persons in the formation, investigation and assistance ”, commented the specialist in Otorhinolaryngology, who presides over the act.

The head of the Investigation Division of an academic unit, Paz Mar Salaa Salazar Schettino, expressed that the new one is the sum of all the mixed units and services of the University that offer services in the social, public and private sector. national issues, focusing on research projects with industry insights and societal requirements.

“Confirm plenary that the Rare Diagnostic Unit is a reference in national and international medicine, which adapts to its socially incremental level the higher level of assistantship and investigation that is not available,” said the specialist.

At the same time, the medical director of the Institute of Ophthalmology, Fundación Conde de Valenciana, David Lozano Rechy, revealed that as part of his creation, Fundación tends to prioritize those who have seen the scene, to import it as a special socialist and, above all, to find the respondents in support of the nurses and their mechanisms of action to provide treatments that allow the patient’s vision to improve.

By coincidence Ana María López Colomé, integrator of the Patronage of Fundamentals, who, in order to find the origin of their incandescent lamps, rarely requires technical innovations such as molecular biochemistry, which can be done in United in the camp and its results tendon impact in Mexico and the world.

“Even though it is an unexplored camp, but it does not give an impression of the importation that Debería tener and the only way that we know now to solve the problem, the dilemma of which, as it were called, is the application of the new techniques of molecular biology and molecular biochemistry. “The creation of this unit, which is advocated by these techniques, is an important contribution and contribution to the diffusion as well as the intimate collaboration that is only with the Faculty of Medicine”, precise.

In the first phase of UDER it is expected to reach, at least, 100 patients and subsequently duplicate the figure. There are cases of defects in the central nervous system, especially men or women, of which 50 per cent of those who have low birth defects have pediatric, follow-up by persons with ocular, cardiac, nephrotic, cardiac and nephrotic defects Unidad.

The affections “that can be presented with intellectual discrepancy, reversal in desarrollo, multiple malformations as if the corazón is not desarrollado of correct form, or the intestinal apparatus, esperamos”. Unidad counts with highly qualified and expert personnel to translate computational data into biology, as it assures that it will provide comprehensive diagnostic, patient and integral assistance to patients and their families through medical treatment, provided the information is available immediately access to a specific, detailed treatment.

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