Oshi no Ko և Sousou no Frieren are among the nominees for the Kodansha Awards: Kudasai

Japanese publisher Code: announced its fourteen candidates in three nominations for its forty-sixth number Annual Manga Award. The publisher will announce the winner of each nomination on May 11. Last year, “Blue lockFrom: Muneyuki Kaneshiro և: Yusuke Nomurawas awarded “the best shonen manganese«. «Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai: (A condition called love) », From: Megumi Morino, was awarded the “Best Shojo Manga” award. «Yuri-Sensei not Aka Ito (Yuria red cord) », From: Kiva IriHe was awarded the “Best General Manga” prize.

the best shonen manganese

  • Kakkou not Iinazuke (A pair of Cook), from Miki Yoshikawa.
    • 16-year-old superstar Nagy Umino, a sophomore at Megurogawa Academy High School, changed at birth. On the way to dinner with his biological parents, he stumbles upon a fierce and sincere Erika Amano, who is determined to make Nagy his fake boyfriend, as he never wants to get married. But when Nagy arrives for dinner, he discovers that his parents have decided to change the hospital by marrying his daughter, who was raised by his birth parents, and it turns out that he is none other than Erica himself.
  • Shangri-La borderfrom Ryusuke Fuji և: Catherine.
    • Rakuru Hizutome, a high school sophomore, is only interested in finding “wrong games” and beating them. His playing skills are not inferior to anyone, խաղ no game is so bad for him. So when he gets acquainted with the new VR game Shangri-La Frontier, he does what he does best. But will a skilled player like Rakuru be able to uncover all the secrets of the Shangri-La border?
  • Sousou no Frieren: (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End:), from Kanehito Yamada և: Luke Abe.
    • The adventure is over, but life goes on for the Elf Wizard, who is just beginning to learn what it means to live. The elf magician Freren և his brave and adventurous friends defeated the king of the Ds to bring peace to the country. But Freieren will live longer than the rest of his former band. How will he understand what life means to the people around him? Decades after his victory, the funeral of one of his friends confronts Freieren with his own immortality. Freieren sets out to fulfill the last wishes of his friends, only to start finding a new adventure …
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: (The Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime Manga Version:), from Tayki Kavakami.
    • Mikami’s middle age did not pass as he had planned. He never found a girlfriend, he got stuck in a dead end և At the age of 37 he was suddenly killed by a stabbing in the street. So when he wakes up in the new world right from the fantastic RPG, he is disappointed, but not so surprised when he discovers that he is not a knight or a witch, but a blind, boneless monster. But there are chances that even slim will become a hero …

Best Shoujo Manga:

  • Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki: (Clear moon twilight), from Mika Yamamori.
    • Yoy Takiguchi has long legs, a deep voice և a beautiful face… In other words, Yoy is such a handsome boy that most people do not even realize և do not care that he is actually a girl. In fact, he has the nickname “Prince” for as long as he can remember. Before he met Ichimura-senpa, the only person who seemed to see him. To his surprise, he is not sure how to deal with this new relationship, especially when his new friend is also the prince (և the male prince, by the way). The story of the two high school princes begins here.
  • Hoshifuru Oukoku not Nina (Nina is the star bride), from Rikachi.
    • Nina started her life with difficulty, stole to survive, and was eventually sold into slavery by her brother. But to her surprise, her captive, Prince Azur, ordered her to live the life of a princess … in particular, the life of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha. But despite her changing fortunes, Nina will not give up her old life without a fight … և Azure can be the one who will finally fit her mind. But how far can you trust Azure? And can he stop the feelings awakening in his heart, knowing that he must finally marry someone else …
  • Yubisakin Renre (A sign of love), from Su Morishita.
    • Yuki is a typical college student whose world revolves around her friends, social media, and recent sales. But when a chance encounter on the train takes him to meet his friend’s classmate Itzumi-san, his world begins to expand. But while Itsuomi-kun can speak three languages, sign language is not one of them. Can they both learn to communicate their feelings?
  • Watashi no Shiawase and Kekkon (My happy marriage), from Rito Kohsaka.
    • Born into a noble family, Miyo was raised by his cruel stepmother and married to Kyoka, a soldier so ruthless that his former brides fled within three days of their engagement. Unwilling to return home, Miyo begins to open her heart to her future husband, cold and pale, despite her rough acquaintance … This may be her chance to find true love and happiness.

The best general manga

  • Oshi no Co (My star), from Aka Akasaka: և: Mengo Yokoyari.
    • The story of the manga begins with Goro, a doctor who accidentally gives birth to his beloved idol, Ai Hoshino, who took a break from the entertainment industry to give birth to his twin children. However, shortly before Ai’s birth, Goro dies in an accident, but is reborn as one of Ai’s children, Aquamarine Hoshino, and his memories are completely unchanged.
  • Skip Loafer (Skip և loafers), from Misaki Takamatsi.
    • Excellent student Ivacura Mitsumi has always dreamed of leaving his small town, entering a prestigious university and making a positive change in the world. But he is so focused on achieving his goals that he is not ready for the very different (և overwhelming) city life that awaits him in Tokyo High School. Fortunately, he quickly befriends Shima Susuke, a beautiful classmate who is as calm and prepared as she is. Can this naive village girl reach Susuke in Tokyo?
  • Chi.: Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite: (About the movement of the earth), from Wotto:.
    • The sparks of Renaissance discoveries began to burn in fifteenth-century Europe, although those who made discoveries burned for their heresy. In Poland, a prodigy named Rafal is expected to have this wonderful idea in theology, but meeting someone is leading him down the path of heretical truth.
  • Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu: (Police in the wall), from Miko Yasu.
    • Policeman Kawai was tired of even a career that did not interest him, he was going to hand over the license plate when the unthinkable happened. he met the new director of his station. And after spending some time with this wonderful example, Kawai realizes that he may not have finished being an officer.
  • Yanki-sleep to Hakuju girl (Yanki-Kun և the white cane girl), from Woyama.
    • The manga focuses on the relationship between a criminal named Morio Kurokawa, who runs the city streets, and a girl named Yukiko Akaze, who attends a school for the blind.
  • Raise va Tanin ga Ii (Yakuza’s fiancé), from Asuka Konishi.
    • Yoshino grew up as the Yakuza princess of Osaka’s criminal family. Everyone left him alone because of his sharp eyes and connections with the crowd. But when his grandfather signs a truce with Miyama’s criminal family in Tokyo, he is proposed to as the bride of Miyama’s leader’s grandson, Kirishima. At first, Kirishima seems friendly and polite, but when he shows his dark side, it turns out that he is more disturbing than the gangster Yoshino ever met. This engagement will be a wild walk for the tough yakuza princess և for her twisted yakuza prince.

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