OTAN: what is the meaning of the decision of Finland and Sweden to formally adhere to the military alliance

  • José Carlos Cueto
  • BBC News Mundo

Military exercise in Finland in collaboration with other OTAN member countries on the 4th of May.

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Finland and Sweden share decades of cooperation with OTAN in the field of official membership.

While decadent, Sweden and Finland maneuvered neutrally in the midst of latent rivalry between the political blocs represented by Washington and Moscow.

Pero todo cambiado en cuestión de semanas desde the invasion of Russia and Ukraine the last 24 of February.

Este domingo, Finland advertises its solicitation plan formally adhering to OTAN, the military alliance encamped by the United States and other potentials of Occident cuya amplification have been utilized by Russia as one of the excuses for invading your vehicle.

Sweden joins Finland with a similar announcement this month.

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