Out of stock: Up to 18 years old Television retrieval, Aztec TV viewer Appears in ‘Hoy’

City of Mexico.- A beautiful and talented woman protagonist of telenovelaswhich has 18 years to participate in its latest melodrama Television a donde acabó ‘desfigurada‘y’en la ruina‘, reaparece en redes del Hoy program with a strong message in the one that sueerda su doloroso pasado, dejando en shock a todos. See treats Barbara Mori, who started his carrera en Azteca TV and 2004 sterilization ruby in Television, which makes a mark and a spade on its carcass, with no pink color.

The Uruguayan nationalized Mexican actress, initiated her artistic career by hand Ajusco in the finals of the 90’s, they are all villains as protagonists in projects like Tic-Trac, Al norte del corazón, Mirada de mujer, Azul tequila y Súbete a mi moto. In 2004 audition for Rubí, melodrama produced by José Alberto ‘El Güero’ Castro. Mori se quedó con el papel y se dice fue vetada de Azteca Television by irse a competence, without embargo, convert to villana más odiada from Mexican television.

Barbara Mori as ‘Rubí’

The talented actress dio vida a ‘Rubí Péreza woman who uses her beauty component to manipulate all of her hair to get rid of it when she lives, without embargo, establishes her fight for ambition that term perdiéndolo todo, acabando en la ruina i completely desfigurada, aunque solo en la history. En la telenovela tuvo como galanes a ‘Hector‘, interpreted by the Argentine Sebastián RulliAlejandro ‘who wants to live Eduardo Santamarina and how is your friend (in that translation) ‘Maribel‘, interpreted by Jacqueline Bracamontes.

Rulli, Mori y Santamarina en ‘Rubí’ (2004)

The dramatic and malignant character of Mori’s work has an increasing fame, as an embargo, it has been revealed in the passage that no one should be caught. After affirming that it is a “projection that imagines the nun”, the era of “fame, exit and me fall”, but to your camera you feel sola y vacía: “Llegaba a mi camerino, cerraba la puerta, me miraba al espejo y me ponía a llorar. Me sentía, sola, vacía, triste … lo cual me llevó a tener una profunda reflexión: nos llevará a la felicidad si por dendro estamos rotos “, compartió.

Currently, the Uruguayan left 18 years after the return of the telenovelas. It is dedicated to cine, series for commercial platforms and algunos. Lug game amorosos fracasosmake a happy relationship with the director Fernando Rovzar., Of its 44 years, the spectacular light and not only is beautiful by the mouth, it is tampered with by the tooth, which is much more likely to be related. This is a motivation app on his Twitter Hoy program de Televisa de nueva cuenta, pues retomaron el fuerte mensaje que lanzó a sus seguidores.

Traverse from your official account Instagramthe actress confesses that the ante does not reconcile the love and does not create a recurring degree, or that one infancia muy dura“I do not know how to reconnect my values, but the constructions that rodearon me in the first 17 years of screws. Durante ese timepi fui generating a creation that which no wind is sufficiently used to recycle the love of which I work hard” , sign up for a photo with your cat.

He added: “Depending on situations where we are living with creams, we do not form ideas that expire but convert into creations that limit our perception and do not relate to the outside world as part of it. vida, y tenía miedo que el mundo se diera cuenta de que “yo no valía”. trabajo de sanación muy hermoso y transformador “.

Y descubrí, no solo que yo si valía, si no que mi valor ne se basaba en mi físico, ni el lo que los demás esperaban de mi, mi valor se basa en la consciencia que florece dentro de mi. Haber encontrado mi valor, fortaleció cada rincón de mi ser. “Invito a que se asomen dentro de su ser y se dejen sorprender por su belleza”, finalizó.

Instagram @delamori

How to record, in the energy of 2020 the protagonist of Rubí habló por primez vez of his different difancia in his podcast, affirming that creation with the departure from your mother and a violent father: “You’s an infantry super rude and crunchy like mommy and crunchy with a violently fasting dad, racing through the rodeada of being abusive psychologically, physically and democratically, cracking generating a creation that no longer sucks well, even though siquiera el de tus padres “.

“This creation gives you an identity away from your screws and this identity can only be acted upon when you act as if you are building a fireplace that does not satisfy you”, said Entonces.

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