Ovnis: the inusual images and videos of “inexplicable aerial phenomena” being screened at the EE.UU Congress.

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US Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray explains a video of an unidentified aerial phenomena

Fountain of the image, Getty Images

Photo pie,

Scott Bray captures a captured UAP from a military aircraft.

A specimen of a triangular flywheel is found on the sky of the United States.

No parece tener ningún propulsion system. Title for a rattle and shutter speed, capture the images of the night vision of the Naval Air Systems Command.

In another video, a military aircraft operating in an entertaining field reports a spherical object that hits and passes rapidly in the cockpit of the aircraft.

“I do not want an explanation of what this object is,” he told Congress. Scott W. Braysubdirector of naval intelligence of EE.UU.

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