Paola Rojas admits that she is alive with the lack of evidence to be sure to say “choose the pen”

Paola Rojas admits that she is alive with the lack of evidence to be sure to say “choose the pen”. Periodicals with more than 20 years of trajectory will notice and explicitly say that they are just falling asleep in the absence of evidence, either that there is an impulse that comes from the team and not the love because the family recounts that existence is justified.

El sillón de Netas Divinas is full of stories that resonate in encyclopedias and life lessons. As the conductors are exposed, they can be removed from the chambers because the plastic is privately mounted in front of the frame, much more being shared with its follower threads.

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Natalia Téllez, Daniela Magún, Paola Rojas and Consuelo Duval have externally suggested that by charla the permite analyze and conceive and enter more worlds of elmas mismas. At the moment, this is Paola Rojas’s succession in the cuya thematic program centered on las acting directions that provoke a mass.

The 45-year-old communicator said he was angry and said that he had time to clear which the impulse to act obsessively in the workplace: the deepest record of your family licking the pen that allowed them to get stuck in the world, or that Paola Rojas recorded that all the papers were taken when they were young.

“For me, it’s profound iv Vivo queriendo demonstrate that you can, that you can and that you can do better and that you can do better. It’s good to try and treat all the best, but from love, not from loveit is not necessary to demonstrate this ”, the periodical expresses itself.

“When the hago comes out of the ensemble, it comes with a hue that is profound and always”, admits Paola Rojas, who says that this should be what to demonstrate that. “Clearly, I do not have a planar or a desearon that lasts much longer than my fleet, only ocurrió”.

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Aunque the conductor dijo que if you feel that you are ready and willing to be born, it is a feeling that has been accomplished y por eso tiene “the constant need of demonstrators (a mis padres) que valió la pena que me dejaran vivir”. An embargo, affirmation that it treats a “cannabis” tax conduct only after it has been removed.

To put it this way, Paola Rojas says that it’s a theme in one that works and now prefer verlo desde otra perspectivea to tornarlo positivo. “Tooth denture, in the process of repairing, what is good is what the best force exerts much pulse from the skin, but everything that is constructed with great taste.”

I do not know what to play with corridor tan rapidly the first decadents of its screw, now it can be saidregresarme un poquito y soltarme, si me quiero soltar y ya ”.

After establishing a correspondence with the Paola Rojas party, Natalia Téllez said that now all that hace is not there to demonstrate, but because the fruit and I can buy all that hare, además of what the end “No one who demonstrates nada a nadie, especially you”commenting on the coincidence of Daniela Magún, who told the magazine that “it is part of the engine, which constitutes beauty”.

This way, Paola Rojas was sent to the net for her divinaswhich both cautivan m pors porque en cada demuestran program that no silo son compañeras de work, sino amigas que han creado a red de apoyo que e las buenas y en las no tan buenas.

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