Papa’s love card

Thank you Papa for ensuring that the good men do not existby showing that it is possible to create everything in it, but that it will fly in the middle and that it will be high and it will hit the ball for the ball the best of men like the grandfather of my grandchildren.

En un mundo donde tener a present pope y entregado escaso, donde muchos huyen por miedo, gracias porque tú eres de los buenosbecause you always have a role to play with love, hospitality and dedication, even if you just want to get better, even if you just want to get better.

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Aunque mamá ha hecho todo por mí, an important part of what soy te la debo a ti y te escribo esta carta darte las gracias por illuminar mi camino y por darme las fuerzas para siempre levantarme si llegaba a caer, para seguir y no detenerme hasta alcanzar mis sueños.

A ti papá te debo mi gusto por la músicatengo grabado en el corazón esos viay en el auto donde me llevabas a la escuela, los viaj en familia i las historias que me contabas con todas esas canciones de antes que te hacían cantar a todo pulmón.

A ti papá te debo mi seguridad, because most of the time I think the wind blows me the best way I can, that makes me cry all the way to the door and que mi voz eran tan fuerte y tan importante como los demásthat my ideas eran capacities of changing the world and by inculcation that I have an intelligent woman capable of qualifying as much as she does.

Thank you papay porke apirandi that I should not conform to a man who does not separate or who does not armbecause you want to get rid of it because you love it, that the imported details, that the cosmos are cluttered, that when something like that is not motivated for huir sino to atrevernos to search the most of the furas in the corazón, by showing that all passages and that always take the best time, but demonstrating that the stories of love are best in the real life that in the hadith accounts and that the love takes all the days.

Papa, gracias por tu paciencia, but in the place of regarñarme or decirme “te lo dije” me enseñaste a ver otras posibilidades, por semempre estuviste ahí ayudándome a limpiar cada desastre que que hice.

Thank you for being the hero to weigh the yearsbut I feel like I always want to fly to my house and in principle I just converted and then I want to see how I can get to where I belong next to my family.

Thank you Papa for ensuring that the good men do not exist.  Special

Gracias papá por el amor que siempre me has sample.

You love it so much that it is fastened to the man as easily as it can be screwed on, but even if it is left to you it is more precise now le has compartido tus secretos para ser un buen padrebecause it has been explained with the patient and the love because your labor is now much longer than my hair and hair.

Thank you very much a gran padre Now has converted to the best of los abuelosbecause of the complexity with which the worlds are in the shadows, but sharing your patient when you go against a trace and count the best stories and is the person who has the most talent in the world.

Hoy y siempre te celebro papábecause thanks to you my mom tuve the screw more maravillosa, because the day of hoy aunque tus brazos no sean tan fuertes as antes and aunque las canas inundaran tu cable sigues is always ahí, por lo orgulloso que te sientes de mí, por darme todo lo que te faltó para que yo llegara m lejs lejos, thanks for all your love.

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