Patient with single virus passed through all of Vallarta

Se trata de un ciudadano de Estados Unidosinternational tour, which is located in Puerto Vallarta.

Fue a Texas doctor who report the case to the CDC. The organism is informed by the Mexican sanitary authorities. The effect is regressed by the country of origin without Islamic transmission.

SSJ commented on the patient’s visit and the sanitary ward. Llama a las persons que pudieron tener contact should be made by medical revision in case of presenting syllables.

June 4, la Salud Jalisco Secretariat (SSJ) receives the official notification form as part of the National Center for International Reference (CNEI) of the Directorate General of Epidemiology (DGE), from a case study of the pneumatic virus in Puerto Vallarta; reported to you by the Centers for Diseaese Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States of America (EUA).

Looking for a 48-year-old man originally from Dallas, Texas (EUA) who visit Puerto Vallarta for tourist reasons, accompañado de su pareja. Hombre comenzó con syntomas el 30 de mayo: tos, escalofríos, dolor muscular y lesiones tipo pistulas en cara, cuello y tronco.

Contact a doctor in Texas on June 3 to find out about the situationwhich is recommended by medical and medical authorities and reports of such cases to the CDC and is to the CNEI of Mexico.

As relevant above, the person traveling to Berlin, Germany from 12 to 16 may pass; regression to Dallas the 16th of May and the 27th of this month mes arribó a Puerto Vallarta de vacaciones.

Find the right hotel in Puerto Vallarta’s private hospital, located right now to indicate the sample size y el aislamiento, a lo cual se niega y se retira (en realidad se dio a la fuga) de la unidad.

You are notified by SSJ, of form mediated and coordinated on June 4 by the following in person by the Sanitary Regency VIII of Puerto Vallarta, in order to locate the affected by the lack of communication.

I agree with the information of the place where the host was staying, to be informed that the violets are sold with the mines on the 4th of June; sin embargo, dado que the patient only scheduled a flight from Puerto Vallarta to Dallas On June 6, the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta informed the National Migration Institute or Airlines about the patient’s condition before being allowed to enter the airport, as well as international notification.

The 6th of June CDC notified CNEI that the patient was traveling to the USA on June 4 If you specify an airline, flight or schedule, by June 7, CNEI will receive a PCN-positive DNA orthopedic test for Orthopoxvirus (no variant), stand alone in the CDC lab.

The same form indicates that the patient staying in Puerto Vallarta is present at various parties, other than celebrities in a Puerto hotel. For the benefit of reducing epidemiological vigilance in health units, search for risk contacts and recommendations by location

Epidemiological vigilance

After debugging the identity of the contacts, the SSJ gets a glimpse of the position that assists the parties in the MANTAMAR BEACH CLUB between May 27 and June 4, 2022, which is still in a state of health and as it presents symptoms such as head pain, fibrous head at 38.5 ° c, inflammation in the ganglia, muscle pain and / or general pain , when the aggregate eruptions in the pelvis can occur (maxillary, pubic, vesicular, pustular, or cranial type) which affect the skin and posteriorly extend beyond the rest of the body before attempting to retrieve the mediated athenia from which it is disposed of by the Central Laboratory of Salud Púú Salud Roberto Mendiola Middle located in the beautiful Rivera del Río n ° 200, Zona Romántica, El Remance, Puerto Vallarta with the period from 9 to 14:00 hours when the medical evaluation is done and in this case a sample of samples.

For saber

The virilela símica is a zoonosis, viral infestation caused by the Orthopoxvirus, which mainly lives in tropical saplings of Central and Western Africa, human-transmitted transmission through contact with animals.

As of May 2022, several countries are reporting the presence of cases of congested cranes in western or central Africa.

The semicircle can be transmitted from person to person by contact stretching with secretions of your respiratory tract or cut lesions of an infected person or with recurrent contaminated objects.

The nurse has an incubation period ranging from 5 to 21 days.

National panorama

The national level of 28 May confirms the first case of imported smirk virus in a group of 50 years, permanently resident in the city of New York, likely contingent on the Netherlands, landing in the City of Mexico with stable evolution y en aislamiento preventivo.

Recommendations for population:

• Wash the molds frequently, with water and alcohol or alcohol gel solution.

• Cubrir nariz y boca al estornudar o toser con etiqueta respiratoria.

• Avoid sharing food, baby food, bedding and blankets.

• If it is physically around a nurse, use cubrebocas, especially if they are tossing or having lesions in the bottle.

• Wash clothes, utensils, utensils for baths and towels that are in contact with the nursing person, using hot water and detergent.

• Lubricate and disinfect spaces in which a nurse is found and avoids straining contact with the mass.

• Avoid contact with lessons, if you want to use guantas and download in the correct form.

• In order to present symptoms, listen to the doctor and avoid contact with other people

In case of dudas, you can burn al Call Center at 33-3823-3220 or the Epidemiological Intelligence Unit y Sanitaria (UIES) de la Secretaría de Salud Jalisco al 33-3030-5000 ext. 35059 and 35072.

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