Paula Badosa tries to take care of most of all the pigs

PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 28: Paula Badosa of Spain reacts during the match against Veronika Kudermetova of Russia during the 2022 French Open at Roland Garros on May 28, 2022 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Antonio Borga / Eurasia Sport Images / Getty Images)

Paula Badosa asks an arbitrary decision while passing Roland Garros (Photo by Antonio Borga / Eurasia Sport Images / Getty Images)

Paula Badosa, number four in the WTA classification, was born first in the first round of the Eastbourne tour, one of the tempo points that are available here. The pig in the bag is a small piece of news because Paula does not have three follower parties in a lot of turnstiles in Miami, but she is also breaking a little, and seeing that the curtain is on the bottom of the problems. From the inside, it’s the counter-matrix that pervades: its rival in Eastbourne, the British Jodie Anna Burrage, is the 169th in the world. It is possible that it is more acutumbrada than the surplus, because it falls on the sets is a morocco surprise.

Y, con todo, insist, la gente no est hablando de la derrota. We are all acutumbrado as a WTA shooting star, in a torrent, throwing a descommunal and inert firecracker. It is a circuit without appendages as it folds and in which all parts are partially connected to the lathe … with the recent excitement of the Polish Iga Swiatek, which tends to demonstrate in hierba the porcupine of its brutal dominance on the track and terrier batida desde hace tres meses. Las demás, desde hace demasiado tim, presenting a corresponding fragility.

Badosa is not the exception. How to get there, and how many months without winning three following games. It is not in shape, it is clear, but it can be cut to quality. We follow the saber who passes with his physique, tracing his retorts in Miami and Roland Garros -live left in the last few years-, but it is clear that the head does not work. The principles of timing, when the final and the semifinal are multiplied, I want to make very intelligent statements: “Do not go for less that your full potential, even if it is not possible.”

Desdramatize the pig is important because the pig is the most habitual part of the world. Lo raro es ganar. Badosa, that your serious problems of associating with the time of maneuvering your carrera hasta that the elo has passed all the way and is stuck in the elite, parece haber olvidado the theory and eos nos preocupa. Perder, including perder mucho, sigue siendo normal. React as you would in Eastbourne, no. The image that makes you feel uneasy, frustrated and that does not respect the minimum of education with the rival. If this is the case then maybe it’s not going to work well.

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How to watch the superior video, Badosa divides the nerves in a number of actions lasting the party … and all of them make a gesture that hears the alarms in the social networks. Ese saludo fugaz a su rival trar la derrota sin ni siquiera mirarla, simlemente dejando pasar su palm sobre la palma de Burrage. No matter what the British did to the game – not all of the guns in the sets – to dispel the discrepancy.

We think in a moment in the church: there are 169ª of the world, games in the house, you are 23 years old, you have invited the organization … and Ghana is in the top 5. If you do not have the most feliz de tu carrera, se tiene que parecer. When you are under the red to celebrate Victoria, you are waiting for the reconnaissance word to be part of your rival, concentrating on it, with the crucifixion of cruz miradas contigo. Eso no se hace. Do not go to victoria, pero en derrota, much menos.

Porque, si lo haces, sabes que eres carne de pítrica pública. The social network is one of the most popular against Badosa, but it also has a very respectful and straightforward tennis player. It has the potential of arrogance, of greed, of mal perder … pero eso is pictured in the visible part of the iceberg. We say that Paula is not así. Paula Badosa is not Thomas Muster, we pongamos as well as pongamos. If you behave in this way it is alga dentro that traverses the calyx of the amargura.

Tanto the pig, as the gestures, as if it were the final respect, do not think that Paula has but at a very delicate moment. Much more than the Indian who showed the results. Ha entrado en un bukle de que necesita salir y solo podrá hacerlo con sangre fría y tranquilidad. Record the prophecies of the principles of the aso and asumir that can be lost, that they do not have to perdo all that haga falta … pero no puede dejar imágenes así, no puede tomárselo tan a la tremenda. All the respect that haggles the rivals turns into respecting the hajia the game and respecting the hajia a mass. Y a la larga, el juego se lo devolverá. Seguro.

Video | Burrage vs Badosa (6-4, 6-3)

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