Pedro Castillo is destined to serve in the territory of Peru against the Middle Ages

Pedro Castillo leaves for Peru to pay official visit to Ecuador. VIDEO: Canal N

The Peruvian president Pedro Castillo entry into the national territory minutes before 11 o’clock at night by the front of the city of Tumbes. Hours ago, you failed to return to the country where you owe money to the climate of the city of Loja, Ecuador, in which part of the Binacional Cabinets que se celebró hoy, 29 de april.

It is a provocation that the presidential aircraft is unused, but because the mandate is obligated to move before landing in front of the median of the space, when the authorization that the habia is given is finalized. Congress of the Republic for their journey.

As a matter of fact, Parliament only has the power to initiate a vacancy process against itself, because it is stamped on article 113 °, incision 4, of the Constitution. “Saving the national territory at the expense of Congress or not regaining control of the plaza”, says the Carta Magna.

The state of Zarumilla flew to the city of Zarumilla and the road to Lima from the Pedro Canga Rodríguez Airport, where an airplane flew. Travesía para volver a territory peruano empezó en Loja, continuó por Machala, y finalizó en Tumbes. Your mandate to travel to the international destination of Paz, such as Peru with Ecuador.

Article 113, inc. 4, of the Constitution.
Article 113, inc. 4, of the Constitution.

“Tras cruise or land on the front of Huaquillas (Ecuador), and now the night, the president of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, or located in Peruvian territory, in the city of Tumbes”sign up for the Presidency of Peru on his Twitter account.

“Debt to the time in the location of Loja, Ecuador, the mandate to be strengthened to register this route for the opportunity to Al Peru, its route through the XIV Cabinet Ecuador-Peru”aggregate with a photo of Lilia Paredes’s office and office in the northern Peruvian city.

Pedro Castillo and his sister Lilia Paredes in Tumbes.  Photo: Presidencia del Perú
Pedro Castillo and his sister Lilia Paredes in Tumbes. Photo: Presidencia del Perú


Following in the footsteps of Ecuador, Pedro Castillo received a free rebate from Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, who sought to compromise by pursuing a policy of de-escalation in front of a large number of frontier areas.

“Agradezco al hermano Guillermo Lasso for his hospitality and compromise to pursue policies of desolation for the people of the frontier zones. ¡We continue to work on the Peru agenda! ”, write in the social networks before intentionally returning to the country.

President Castillo and his Ecuadorian counterpart, Guillermo Lasso, reaffirm their commitment to continual integration through bilateral integration based on an oriented agenda to record and manage the population of countries in particular, especially frontera.

After the inauguration of the Presidential Encounter and the XIV Reunion of the Cabinet Binacional Peru – Ecuador, which takes place in the equatorial city of Loja, Castillo intends to record the event of the highest level in the relationship between countries.


The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lassoprevio a sucuentro con Pedro Castillo, pidió renuncija a su gabinete cuando est kerce de cumplir su primo año mandate, que e est marcado por a sangrienta crisis carcelaria, anunóó la secretar dea de Communication.

The governing conservator intends to renovate its team and in principle numbered new ones responsible for the energy cartels of Minas, Agriculture and Canada, and Derechos Humanos. The last step of the exchange rate in the Defense Area.

“El Gobierno Nacional, as its premise, is carrying out an evaluation of all its cabinets and converting the cabinets into considerable ones in function of the best execution of the Plan of Creation of Opportunities 2021 – 2025 ″ share the Secret of Communication on Twitter.

In consequence, Lasso “Has the ministers’s resignation been supported” de manera protocolaria para revisar los “The best profiles of the country, which enumerate the institutions of the Executive and guarantee the different from the integral form”.

El gobierno agradeció el “Support and compromise of the relevant Ministers in the process of constructing an Ecuador of opportunities for all”.


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