Pedro, the world leader tarahumara who fired in Chihuahua

A day away from celebrating the Day of Padre, mataron by Pedro Palma Gutierrez, a tourist guide with more than 30 years of experience in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua. The Fiscalía of the state of information that Pedro fue sexted and golpeado substantially by a weapon armed with the name José Noriel Portillo, the Chueco, pero escapes and auxiliary compass in the iglesia of the Cerocahui pond, which finally ends in , Joaquín César Mora and Javier Campos.

Before the shadows of the tourist ram, Ricardo and Pedro, the time of inertidumbre, from the month of June 20 the pope establishes in a decapitated capacity, to find the skin to confirm the peor. “Agradezco a todos su apoyo, acaban to confirm the deceso de mi padre”, informed Pedro Palma Carbaja via Instagram media.

“It’s your continent to travel, it’s time to go and with Dios de guía, I love you. Seguirás alternately walking on the sierra and in the tourist tracks. I love you and you are forever organized ”, added Palma Carbajal on Facebook.

Pedro Palma and his shadow mismo nombre trabajaban in Tara-Aventura. On its Web site and social network, it has photos of people, mainly from the experimental Pedro or Peter Palm — as well as the decadent algae — in the rooms or cabalgat in the middle of the Sierra Tarahumara landscapes, where the ramurmuris live. It is treated in an area of ​​ice during the period of invisible alcanza at -16 degrees Celsius, and in summer at 40 degrees. It is said to be an adventure with great experience in all fields.

In his messages, Pedro Palma hablaba about the train El Chepe, or about the corrían los rarámuris, the stories of the barrens or the canons, or the nature of nature. Compare languages ​​as you speak: pobóro (pueblo), oméachi (domingo), okochí (perro), omáwari (celebration), kuwésachi (calorie)…

“I find myself in a camp where Arrollo las Palmillas, anguish alguien acampó aquí y olvidó apagar la fogata. It’s very important to know what this is, or what we are going through, but it is also a forest-specific propriety. “The beauty of this place is good, but it can be done for irresponsibility”, says Pedro in a video in October 2020.

“Pedro Palma, incandescent tourist empire, excellent tourist guide, master of many, expert tried on the frame and a sample to follow. I owe much to the fact that we do not arrange this way. For example, we can record if you do not import as much as you can, for example: ‘you are all right to do so, do not agitate’. Always positive, always leaning on new guides and upgrades, superarse, but all as if they were a Chihuahua who knew he loved paradise, Chihuahua fue la prueba. Defendiste sierra como pocos lo hemos hecho y muchos admiramos eso. I admire and devote you to the Sierra Tarahumara gent and your love for Chihuahua ”, posted on Facebook, Cesar, one of your friends and colleagues.

Local MP Edgar Piñón recorded that: “Pedro era an enamorado of Chihuahua, dedicated to the lives of visitors, before boasting more than the best impression of the current stage and in particular of the Sierra Tarahumara. “Hoy, with sadness, we do not despair of el, lamenting profusely the urchin heavens and sending condolences to your space and your shadows.”

Sandra, another of Pedro’s friends, says: ¡Always be present! ”.

Dos violent events in Cerocahui

Accompanying the Chihuahua Fiscal, now named after Cerocahui, is in fact the course of events. In the first place, José Noriel Portillo, the Chueco, encloses the brothers Paul and Armando, inhabitants of Cerocahui, through a baseball game, one of the teams financed by Chueco.

Noriel Portillo presently weighs in on Paul, the private libertarian of his brother, or one more person, and incurs his house, following the first investigative reports.

At a press conference, the fiscal Roberto Fierro detailed the despairing hours, at the Cerocahui Mission Hotel, the tourist guide, Pedro Palma, interacting with the Chueco and privately escaping libertarian, escaping and being kicked in the leg los sacerdotes jesuitas lo auxiliaron. Finally, José Noriel Portillo was presently assembling his ass and his skin.

The rest of the victims of the Fueron fire are encircled, in a Pito Real area, in the middle of a carcass that attracts the Chihuahua municipalities of San Rafael and Creel.

Chihuahua Fiscalía aggregates itself in the search box of libertad privates.

Recommended by Chueco

The respondent present at the meeting in Cerocahui, Urique, Chihuahua, is José Noriel Portillo Gil, apodado el Chueco. The fiscal provides a reward of 5 million pesos for providing information that is captured.

He treats a criminal present that has been searched by other people. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador informed at a conference of internationals that Chueco had the order of pending understanding from 2018 on the assistance of an outgoing tourist, but he did not know.

The information mandate contains instructions for sending elements from the Sedena to Chihuahua to carry out investigations. Agregó that organized crime has been infiltrating since much time in the Sierra Tarahumara.

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