Pensar a futuro, por el bienestar del planeta y por el de las personas

Most of all economical benefits, such as most companies that offer benefits results, non-monetizable quizzes, but great value. Include the repercussion of your activity in the media environment or the company policy in relation to the biennial of your collaborators. In line with this philosophy, Boehringer Ingelheim unleashed a strategic infotainment in the form of conceivable sustainability such as Sustainable Development for Generations.

This pharmacopoeial company of familiar character is clear: consider the descriptive amount as an essential part of your negotiation, preoccupied with protecting the resources, the entourage, the people with those who seek and comprehend the community.

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In its 136 years of history, all persons who form part of the undertaking have been forced to work on the health of their animals and animals, and have been forced to contribute to ensuring that at night we can have a great place. Ana Urmeneta, project coordinator at Boehringer Ingelheim Spain, explicitly states: For our children, it is a priority to operate in a consistent manner, but minimize our average environmental impact by logging that people and animals can be released in a reasonable and predictable context. For this reason, the totality of all forms and variants is in the center of our activity ”.

Your sustainability strategy is based on three fundamental pillars allied with Desarrollo Objectives Impulsive by United Nations: More Health, More Green and More Potential. It is intended as an objective to ensure the healthy well-being of patients and animals, involved in therapeutic solutions that overcome medical inadequacies and increase the quality of the screw. The second is centered on the planet’s total health, mediating the protection of natural resources and reducing ecological momentum. The ultimate goal is to work with the company to improve the health of people and their communities when they seek to promote awareness and collective inclusion.

As a familiar company, we look at current and future generations. For our patients, it is a priority to operate in a consistent manner, but minimize our average environmental impact by logging that people and animals can be released in a reasonable and predictable context. “

Ana Urmeneta, project coordinator in Boehringer Ingelheim Spain

At present, 20 initiatives have been implemented in the world and more than 110 at the local level centered in these areas. Trace the neutrality in your carbon dioxide in the alcans 1 and 2, one of the fundamental compromises that the Spanish company has with the More Green pillar is that it reduces its impact and incorporates all of its wavelengths. It is necessary to reduce the focus to reduce the hydraulic flow by supporting the water of the communities in which it operates habitually, promoting circular policies to reduce the general operating conditions that can be applied to any product.

Green initiatives

The work done so far has crystallized into a series of important steps such as obtaining carbon neutral certification in all operations. It is recognizable, driven by the company specializing in environmentally friendly ClimateSeed services in 2021, because of the value of a series of actions and initiatives that Boehringer Ingelheim has under the brand in these ultimate times. “This is the certification – our current Mónica Sánchez account, responsive to the Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability of the company in terms of its various actions and initiatives that are both embodied in our ambition but contributing positively to the reduction of carbon dioxide” .

“In Boehringer Ingelheim we look at the present and future generations. “Because the protection of the planet is at the center of everything we do.”

Ana Urmenetaproject coordinator in Boehringer Ingelheim Spain

Además, the company has consistently used proven electricity of 100% renewables and certificates by the National Commission of Markets and Competitiveness (CNMC). It is necessary to reduce the paper consumption by 50%, remove the solids from the installations and use the consumption management and water reprocessing.

However, it has recently received the LEED Gold certification, which identifies the corporate version of Sant Cugat as a designated example of energy efficiency and ecology. Do not expect to see other hits, such as having extra value of 98.8% of the residuals, minimizing all of these vertebrae, or the implementation of an emplacement plan, which focuses on reduction 17% of the carbon footprint in the mobility of the impellers and 20% of the accident hazard.



As Mónica Sánchez points out, in Boehringer Ingelheim Spain, “respect for the medium is an indispensable condition in all its strategy, but only by means of a consistent gesture do we have to follow it as we go along.”

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