PGA Tour suspend all jugadores involved in the first LIV tour

The PGA Tour suspended all 17 jugadores; tampoco serán elegant to compete in any of the events of the tour or the Presidents Cup

al PGA Tour suspend all 17 players who participated in the inaugural event LIV Golfademás that the announcement of castigo in a communication to the jugadores is jueves, mismo del cual ESPN obtuva una copia.

The users that regenerate the tour area before commenting on the event LIV Golf as you fly from London after you are young, you can easily click to qualify for any tour or event Presidents Cup.

“These users save their financial ratings”, write in the communication or commission of the PGA Tour, Jay Monahan. “You can not count the benefits, considerations, opportunities and membership platform of the PGA Tour”.

“It is expected that all respect, fanatical or socially sensitive people,” he said, “is a different decision, which is in line with the Torneo Regulations that adjust when you want a tour. , which is most important, compete as part of the organization predominant in the world of professional golf ”.

The communication indicates that users participating in LIV events are not eligible to participate in the PGA Tour or any other tour related to that sanction is part, including el Korn Ferry Tour, the PGA Tour Champions, the PGA Tour Canada and the PGA Tour Latin America.

Monahan write what qualifies as a participant in futures LIV Golf events enfing the casting mass.

“I am sure that the most fanatical and sociable nuns, who are sure to be able to do all this work, diner and more diner, to be entertained and motivated by the competence of the world class that masters every week, where you can find that haces and the place that corresponds to the history that every time alcanzas ese pequeño circus de ganadores “, Monahan’s description.

“You are using the PGA Tour, and you are currently working on what we represent: the PGA Tour member in conjunction. “Everything that is with us and vice versa. Our social societies are also with us.

al PGA Tour announce the discipline for less than 30 minutes after 17 of its members or ex-members that fall asleep at the end of the week with their primary goals in the inaugural event LIV Golf at Centurion Cluben las afueras de London.

Between them are all your campers Majors Phil Mickelsonthe two camps of Majors Dustin Jhonsonand the participants of the Ryder Cup Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood and Sergio Gacía.

Other important drivers, the camp of the US Open in 2020 Bryson DeChambeau and the camp of Masters 2018 Patrick Reedwhich are arranged in accordance with LIV Golf to compete in futuros torneos, dijeron fuentes a ESPN el miércoles pasado. The functionaries of LIV Golf también han tenido conversions in exchange with other jugadores, inclusive Rickie Fowler y Jason Kokrak.

Johnson & García find themselves among the southerners who are turning the tide, junta with the 2010 Abierto camp Louis Oosthuizenthe camp of Masters of 2011 Charly Schwartzel and Kevin Na. The juperades esperaban evitar el castigo de la gira renunciando.

Monahan dijo que los 10 jugadores que renunciaron su su membresía el el PGA Tour serin eliminates the classification of points of the FedEx Cup after the RBC Canadian Open this week. It should be noted that “these users are not allowed to use the PGA tours as they do not have access to the presence of the patron and other category of eligibility”.

“This week, the RBC Canadian Open is a brilliant example of what I crave with the PGA Tour: a complete shooting range, a compromised patronage, hospital offers with agitated entries, record distances and a global transmission distribution,” he said. Monahan. “These elements are part of the DNA of the Tour, constructed by people like Jack and Arnie, formed by Tiger and many others, both of which are inextricably driven between you and the PGA Tour. It is a collective leg that can not be compared.” o vendido ”.

The CEO of LIV Golf, Greg Norman, ex golf player number one of the world and his most successful The Openle dijo a ESPN due to the fact that the new circuit is prepared to be added to its south and south by the position of the PGA Tour in the tribunals. Norman knows that only jugadores who establish available to participate in a legal battle.

“We can only talk about information that is proportional to our legal team, and that we have a very talented legal team in antitrust and anti-competitive leagues, and that we are in the right position,” Norman said. “We want our players to be independent contractors and to go straight to where they are.”

El 10 de mayo, el PGA Tour negó lasamjientos of conflictive events to the jugadores that habían solicitado. Monahan the dichotomous astonishment to the south varies except that they cast a spell but compete in the LIV events.

The first LIV Golf tour in the United States is scheduled for June 30 and July 2 at Pumpkin Ridge in Portland, Oregon.

The series LIV Golf present events of 54 hoyos, shooting ranges without shorts and a team format. Regular timing events, which are scheduled in Bedminster, New Jersey, Boston and Chicago, offer $ 25 million worth of bags, the most expensive in golf history. The ganador recibe 4 million dollars and the latest place recibe 120 mil tickets tickets. A championship for the final time teams at Trump National Doral in Miami, from October 27 to 30, has a bag of 50 million dollars.

Según los info, los mejores jugadores también recibieron bonos per firmar de LIV Golf per valor de more than 100 millones de dreslares.

A veteran player of the PGA Tour, who does not want to play in the LIV Golf series, ESPN who establishes an agreement in which the tour only casts the southeast to avoid other deserters.

“We want to terminate in one position because these hard-working quinner diners are fast enough to go and run in an exhibition,” said the juggernaut. “Los [saudíes] possibly permanently interested. It’s all about a little bit of responsiveness to play the game better than running it here, and representing a large turbocharger with a questionable history is not a waste of time. “

LIV Golf account with the appendix of the Public Inversion Fund of Saudi Arabiachecked by the hereditary principle Mohammed bin Salman. Salman has been accused of violating human rights, including the periodontist Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

The four-year-old Major, Rory McIlroy, attends a press conference in RBC Canadian Open in Toronto the best and most established of the golf futures.

“Creo que is a pen that goes to fracture the game,” said McIlroy. “Creo que, in all cases, professional game is the escape of golf. Both the public in general are confused as to what the game is like, and the tour is here and there, well, it does not participate in these events, it complements the flight “It’s confusing. It’s all about being more cohesive, and it’s a bit of a stretch to create a bastante trajectory just because it’s sucking.”


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