PHOTOS. Lis vestros de Lis Vega, Reneé Zellweger and Nicole Kidman quedaron ¡irreconocibles!

Being in an environment where the appearance is all, it is not easy to feel for artists who have decided to recur scalpel to prolong what more you can say juventudalgunas con muy buenos resultados pero otras han terminated with an appearance very different from their initials.

“I do not like what you see, the guy who wants to live in the Lis de antes, who invites you to be in the past. There are no people, not internally, not externally”, is what the respondent responds Lis Vega to the critics, hoping to fly to Mexico to participate in the competence of the ball. physical exchange that it does not protect itself from the action of the ant, from the leprosy that it hits in the labia, that it assures itself by dissolving the new points that it hiccups in the lower labia, when it sits in a theater and touches the bottle , hasta su figura voluptuosa.

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Nicole Kidman

In Hollywood your stars do not look like atres, algunos de lostros rás bellos de la pantalla grande han pasado por a metamorphosis that no simempre is the best, as is the case of Nicole Kidman which is due to a angelical rostro, which looks extraordinarily extraordinary in movies like “Moulin Rouge!” and “Los otros” (2001), pero en 2018 durante su paso por la alfombra roja del Toronto Cinema Festivaltheir faces flare up a lot because their attitudes are only pronounced very low, their labia more than normal and without a single sole of the neck, even though they are supposed to try to use a bit of porcupine because they have to express themselves carefully .

“But the bitch makes an error, the fruit of pressure and the lucid dream of the better, so that they do not go to Hollywood actresses. “Alerting the hum of the taboo and of sleeping all the time that can, nada de cirugía”, declared the actress in an interview.


Reneé Zellweger

Reneé Zellweger conquers the world with her interpretation of Bridget Jones, an English woman, solitaire and with a tight fit and enclosure, but in real life this actress prefers an afilada car, with sleeves and big sleeves, high quality but in 2014 causing a shock among the followers because a person totally distraught, arguing that he was given a screw exchange, now that food is better and better; those who can send a card to the public Huffington Post who says:

“It’s not about importing, but deciding to change and operate ojos. This is not relevant to nadie, because my periodicity is debatable but serious periodicals and convincing in the topic of generalized conversion, is a disconnector illustration of confusion between news / entertaining and social fiction by physics ”.


¿Y os los bellos rostros mexicanos?

Lucía Méndez
Era possesses one of the most beautiful rugs of the 70s and 80s, starring the protagonist of great melodramas such as “Viviana” (1978), “Colorina” (1980), “Tú o nadie” (1985) , “Amor de nadie” (1990), by mengionar algunas; pero con el paso del timo ese rostro ha ido cambiando y sus detractores, fans y la prnsa de spectaclecos ha selalado esa transformación, aunque ella asegura que nunca se hacho gran cosa en su cara.

“It’s my mind, o sea, that you can not start circulating every time, because you are notarized totally, and the fact that the shape of the alguna can be seen with me, and that it can always be with me, I can not say that I can not pongo bitox “I do not know why I do not treat myself with apparatology, but I think that every time I am operated on or in the quirfanto”, said Lucá Méndez in December after passing an interview.


Carmen Campuzano
In the decade of the 90’s Carmen Campuzano was found in his carrera cima, not only one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, but also the example of the Mexican supermodel, debit that moves in the other spheres of the fashion and fashion show Vogue magazine in three occasions, but how to write the principles of the decade of 2 miles, having a romance with the actor Andrés Garcíaat this stage in which insurance is prevented by bacteria, leptospirosis which affects the skin provoking infertile women, which can complicate the delivery of these additives, which as a result of the fact that the case spreads on the narcissus, even the fecal incontinence “These surgical interventions, which include cellular treatments and implants, that little by little have improved their aspect, as well as natural beauty has been done in the past”.




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