Physician specializing in sports medicine has the benefits of exercise, which avoids lesions and which motivates people

You can not affirm the need, but all the United States will fight against an obesity epidemic: The benefits of regular exercise, which includes aerobic routines and power training, have been stabilizing since it was too late. chronic dermatitis, including heart disease and diabetes. Además, cada vez hay más studios que demuestran que el regular ejercicio e el control of peso pueden ayudar avenë prevent many types of cancer.

Pero empezar a regular exercise program can be a reto for much. Primary attentional physicians have the primary attenuation line when treating patients in an exercise program, ensuring that any subjective health problem is under control.

Jason Perry, MD, Baptist Health Orthopedic Care primary care physician.

Jason Perry, MD, Baptist Health Orthopedic Care primary care physician specializes in a unique position with an experience that applies to physically active persons. Without embargo, subraya that many of your patients are not active and needless to be guided and motivated to perform routine exercise.

“If you think that, because you are part of an orthopedic consultation or sports medicine, all the world is an athlete”, says Dr. Perry. “Most patients are likely to be active on the escalator menu, or are trying to activate algae activation and do not have it at any time – and find algae trastone or a problem.”

Between 50 and 60 for patients of Dr. Perry has chronic articular problems, such as arthritis, and most are not active.

“A large part of the treatment is a discussion about how to reduce the pain with regular exercise,” said Dr. Perry. “I would like to use physiotherapy as a form of sampling for patients who can be included in regular surgery. And only those who prioritize and hacer time for hacerlo. “It’s a good way to empathize.”

In continuation, there is more information on the part of Dr. Perry on the importation of hacker exercise. Your questions and answers are extracted from your perspective running a recent Facebook LIVE program in English entitled: Speak Up About Your Health: #MensHealthMonth. Without embargo, Dr. Perry about exercise is applied to both men and women.

Pregunta: ¿What are the benefits of exercising physical and mental benefits?

Dr. Perry: It is demonstrated that exercise is beneficial for mental health and to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Regular exercise can help improve your balance, improve your balance, prevent fractures and fractures in your high density. It is demonstrated that sound from the brain and memory. Hay manyos beneficios. One of those frequencies that is the frequency is the reduction of pain in the joints of patients with arthritis. As a health professional, we have to take care of our patients to be active and we do not have to worry about what we can do as well as our patients. On a regular basis, at every visit, we will evaluate the physical activity levels of our patients, evaluating their voluntary activation levels, as if they were not there. In the game, from ah, we tend to adjust our patient patients to stabilize objective objects and these objective objects that are realistic and the game has real proportional manners to complement these objective objects ”.

Question: Á How do you advertise that a patient should check to avoid antenatal appointments?

Dr. PerryDefinitely, there are cases where people are advised to consult a primary attenuation doctor or cardiologist to evaluate an exercise program. In fact, people who do not exercise at high speeds, or who do not have the type of pain in the pelvis, air gaps, bumps in the floor, or with high levels of activity, are evaluated by a medical member participating in a program. . “Those who have antecedents of cardiac or arrhythmias (irregular lattice of corazón) or renal encephalitis, deberían hablar with their primary attestation providers or specialists for those orientations about what can and should not be done.”

Pregunta: ¿What do you do for patients who get hiccups and get sick? É What can patients do to avoid lectures?

Dr. Perry: “Obviamente, ser una activa conlleva riesgos: lesiones y problemas relacionados con las articulation. Most patients and patients who benefit from superficial exercise take risks. And if we do not find out what the problem is, then we will agree. Alternatively, tenor dolor in the joints to support the weight, coil or hinchazón in an articulation – these are set by the animations that the people put in front of them to check the exercise before the hack to be evaluated, smoked and stuffed with dolor. It can be individually managed to handle these programs and what to do or not to do. You have a lot to see with the problems that you have at your point of play. There is no difference in making a general statement about everything. Deben hablar de eso con su provedor. And here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.

El Dr. Perry added that people should be informed by their doctor before starting an exercise program as soon as possible in the following cases:

  • Usted tiene enfermedad cardíaca.
  • You have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Usted tiene enfermedad renal.
  • Usted tiene arthritis.
  • Usted is being treated for cancer, or has recently been treated for cancer.
  • Usted tiene la presión alta.

If you do not exercise regularly with regularity, you can continue exercising to a higher or moderate level by consulting your doctor and gradually increasing your activity, say Dr. Perry.

You should consult your doctor if you have any symptoms that may be related to cardiac, pulmonary or other types of diarrhea, such as:

  • Dolores or molestias in the pelvis, skin, mandible or braces in repos or during physical activity.
  • Mareos, aturdimiento o desmayo con el ejercicio o el esfuerzo.
  • Difference to breathe with a lever exhaust, repositioned either acostars or acostars.
  • Hinchazón de los tobillos, especially by night.
  • A latitude of fast or pronounced corazón.
  • A heart attack that your doctor has previously diagnosed.
  • Dolor in the lower part of the lanyard, which separates with the repository.

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