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Saúl Álvarez soñaba con ser el mejor libra por libra de su tiempo. The game, as an embargo, leads the victory of the Russian Dmitry Bivol in the light of the defense of the exit of the AMB super-champion. “Canelo” is described in the following: What with the big pelea we offer to the guy. We want to fight and we want to win ”. Pero sus odiadores se le lanzaron todo el domingo a verigonososos levels, acusándolo con verdjes media and mentiras de poco generosa. Odiators that “Canelo” derrotaría, book by book, as if they were found in a bar.

Enrique Bermúdez, who, it seems, is a national celebrity (even though he was killed just because he was short-sighted), says: ¿Are you frustrated and embarrassed that you are running away? ”. Luego me puse a leer comments and replies and an impressive song said that vlvarez did not just lie down or be here, and that vanidad lo hacía merecedor de derrota. In a few words: the topic is not what sea buo o malo en boxeo; se merecía perder por vanidoso, según estos argos.

The odor suele ser, in Mexico, a more sophisticated sport than the box. Odio in politics, odio against quality, odio to argue and to conclude. Personally I do not believe that “Canelo” sea Julio César Cávez, because he is a talented and prepared athlete. You can find things that can be done or lost. The advertisement that Bermúdez’s hicieron agrees to is this: that él and other commenters suelen inflar sports figures and hacken daño. Pero eso is out of the way ring, it is said: it is not part of what is sucked in the chord. Y en el ring which is suggested, which, the criterion of the games, does not suffice well. What the hell. Complaining to an athlete because of an insufficient level is part of the spectacle, but it does not fall because some fall into part. You do not know.

Eso en los deportes. In politics, the scenarios are very similar. A sector of the population odia to the President by who he is and by what he represents; the parts are vanished and not imported as the sea is desperate: it does not only stretch out but it is and is the source of the pig. Es “Lopez”, y ya. Sufficient for not worrying about the opportunity. Subió al ring derrotado –para ellos– y no importa lo que haga o lo que deje de hacer. I create an image of myself being intolerant and not importing, using the media or thinking completely against it: like Hugo Sánchez or like “Canelo”, it’s odia y ya. Ene Do you have access to promedio? Sí, o no; no importa: se le odia y entonces se le castiga con el desprecio. In politics it is clear that there is no room for frustration and envy because of a condition that is at stake in the Presidency that other people are running wild. It does not justify frustration and envy. The description is only for all. All the days of a Vicente Fox are to be confirmed and otherwise confirmed in the sample of the week.

The past tense, the verification team of the agency Associated Press brand as fake news the “false notice” is a card attached and distributed by Claudio X. González, father of the Va alliance with Mexico. The fake cartel intentionally humiliated President’s passing through a single cylinder service identified as Donald Trump. In the original apparatus it is just as ultimate as the primacy of the service of Vladimir Putin. The agency verified that the carton was published in Canada and now it refers to Lopez Obrador. I quote directly from your comment that publicly announces the shadow of the mismatch number: “Which list… I can pay a lot”, description. Claro que no le duel. As with the “Canelo” example, the Hebrew arrangement is as if it were a fake card for real life.

Nunca sabremos si el Señor Equis González manipula el carton para sobajar al Presidente, pero a rapid analysis of your Twitter account indica that ten peposa de Peña, when trying to activate it in red, volvió su objeto. Do not have preference for calderón mono cartons, diarrhea The reform, which is an opioid pass from López Obrador at this time. No, at the expense of the fundraiser of the opposition alliance, as well as other Mexican presidents from the past but with a clear inclination to sign up for AMLO, both of which include the presidential candidacy in 2017. Some other form of history advertise that it is not a surprise that comes from your humiliating trait as a leader. Including – how the world news agency reports – with falsified information.

Assuming that it is totally valid that the shadow of a magnate, leader of the business sector lasting decadence, sea an opponent of Lopez Obrador. It is an economic group that represents the sea. Faltaba más. Mexico is a democracy and all but the obligation to guarantee the freedom of Claudio Equis to decide what to do in Ghana. The topic is false news. These companies have been used by thinkers as a manipulative and all-encompassing example of the 2005-2006 genocide. The campaign “is a pilgrimage to Mexico” is based on mentality and the time has been shown to be evident. Contrary to hubieran querido, the current Federal Government has been reduced to total orthodoxy (excluding that of many esperaban) and the result is the establishment of weight or consumer confusion and empathy (according to Inegi indicators) in the medium of a crisis that the world does not have in the world.

As an embargo, in politics there is a serious problem with the use of false information or with the lack of information. When Claudio Equis operates for his PRI-PAN-PRD-MC alliance NO to Electrical Reform, he realistically defends the interests of his family: Kimberly Clark, who directs his brother, benefits from the false corporate forms that allow Enrique Peña Nieto’s energy for evadir pagos al erario. Kimberly is part of a fake society with Iberdrola. This is only a small sample, but the history of the formation of the opposition does not only define a sector that benefits from the evasion of wages in the CFE, but in general: benefits with concessions to explore national currencies (among the agua) or with the imposition of imputations. Claudio Equis is not a simple stench odor that sells to a boxeader but that does not, except that in the passing era the benefits of the box function announcements; que controlaba el ring are the games and things that happen as an anonymous among the multitude, a fanatic more; an accidental and incomplete controller when in reality adjusts the box functions from both sides and with a cigar in the handle.

“El boxeo es así, a veces se gana ya veces se pierde”, dijo Saúl Álvarez después de la pelea. Gran lección para todos los que se venden as democratas.

Goodbye Claudio Equis and all those who are with the rhythm of power in 2024 in honest and transparent; to ponder all the figs on the table and decide exactly which moves. And if you do, with all the information in hand, you can vote for the defender of the interests of the elite, welcome: if you want a democracy. Pero el hecho de que hayan manipulado information in el pasado ne les da derecho para seguir manipulandola hoy. What abras sus cartas (y ahora voy a sorprender a todos los que saben que’s not a pizca de deportes): que jueguen bonito, com invita ese termin popularized por Pelé dede 1977 y que fue lema de la Copa del Mundo 2010.

Alejandro Páez Varela

Periodist, escritor. He is the author of the novels Corazón de Kalashnikov (Alfaguara 2014, Planeta 2008), Música para Perros (Alfaguara 2013), El Reino de las Moscas (Alfaguara 2012) and Oriundo Laredo (Alfaguara 2017). View of the books Including No Included Batteries (Cal y Arena 2009) y Paracaídas que no abre (2007). Writing Presidency in Espera (Planeta 2011) and co-authoring other periodicals such as La Guerra by Juárez (Planeta, 2008), Los Suspirantes 2006 (Planeta 2005) Los Suspirantes 2012 (Planeta 2011), Los Amos de México (2007), Los Intocables (2008) and Los Suspirantes 2018 (Planeta 2017). Fue is editor-in-chief of El Universal, sub-director of Día Siete magazine and editor in Reforma y El Economista. He is currently the general manager of

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