Pope Francis canonized 4 beautiful beats Mary on May 15

Pope Francis presides over the May 15 domination of the first canonizations in one of the two gods, in a ceremony in which, among other beatos, elevated series and the four altars of the religious Jordanians who bear the name of Virgen Maria.

Here are the stories of these four healthy women.

Marie Rivier

After the French Revolution he was obliged to build conventions and monasteries in all of France and his sacraments and many martyrs were martyred in the Rhineland of Terror. de las jóvenes en la fe.

The congregation recreated the official approbation in 1801 and expanded to all of France.

Religion was largely a part of infancy because of a discrepancy that provoked that articulations were hincharan and extremities were ignited. Apennas can be mounted on foot with the sound of mules, following the Congregation of the Vatican to the Causes of Santos.

Your health problems hinder your capacity to engage in religious life, but Rivier perseveres and educates and educates many people in their anti-parochial parochialism.

At the age of 1838, the Hermanas of the Presentation of Mary extend to Canada and the United States. Hoy las hermanas are present on the five continents.

Anna María Rubatto (María Francesca de Jesús)

La Beata Madre Francisca Rubatto is a missionary from the XIX century who cruises the Atlantic Ocean only to set sail to establish the Congregation of the Hermanas Capuchins, an Order of Hermanas Capuchins who are based in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

The Italian religion, originally from the province of Turin, was born in 1844 and was named after Anna Maria Rubatto. Divide your mother into four children or your father only 19.

Work as a servant and cultivate a deep spirituality, visiting diagrammatically a church before hours, but not deciphering its vocation until it is 40 years old.

One day, when he’s an’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s ou’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s Sor Mar aa ayudó a lavar y curar sus heridas. Decrying that the edifice in which the abbot was standing was the wind of a convention. The Capuchin tribe that establishes overseeing its construction uniquely as a founding member and as a superior part of the Congregation of the German Tertiary Capuchins of Loano.

In a solo way, Madre Maria sailed to Latin America to finish new medieval caskets that cracked the religious order. Hoy, hermanas son conocidas como las Hermanas Capuchinas de la Madre Rubatto y are present in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and other parts of Latin America, Europe and Africa.

María Domenica Mantovani

Mar Da Domenica Mantovani was the first superior general of the Congregation of the Hermanitas of the Sagrada Familia, who died in 1892, at the age of 29, to serve pobres, huérfanos and los nerfos.

Served as the superior general of the order by more than 40 years, Madre Mantovani described the constitutions of the order and supervised the aperture of numerical conventions.

Having lived in 1934, the Hermanitas de la Sagrada Familia habían crecido had ten,200 hermans in 150 conventions in Italy and abroad.

Mary of Jesus Santocanale

The Virgin Mary of Jesus ended the Congregation of the Hermanas Capuchins of the Inmaculada de Lourdes in Sicily in 1910.

Nacida en Palermo en 1852, Carolina Santocanale syntió desde muy temprana edad el deso’s consagrarse a Dios a pesar de los desos de su padre. The spiritual guide of P. Mauro Venuti, discerning himself to show life to the works of caricature with the pubes in the place of entering the claustrophobia.

In the age of 32 he started experimenting with important health problems. A full body in your chest is left to fall on the floor more than a year ago. Después de su enfermedad, abrazó a spiritualidad franciscana aún m radicals radical.

After casting their first vote, the 39-year-old lost most of his current free books to Sagrario. Supervise the establishment of an orphanage and a guardrail, and the fact that the vocations in the sacrament or the screw are removed.

Hoy, the sisters of Madre Santocanale are present in Albania, Brazil, Italy and Madagascar.

Translated and adapted by Diego López Marina. Originally published in CNA.


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