Pope Francis says:

al Pope Francis offered to go to Moscow for intentar detener la guerra. It was created in an interview with Luciano Fontana that the public is married to the diary Corriere della Serawhere the conflict in central Ukraine is part of the Pontifical preoccupation.

In this way, Francisco assures: Putin on the exchange is not lame. In December I had a smile on my face, but it was not, it was not. Quise hacer un gesto claro que todo el mundo pudiera ver y por eso me dirigí al embajador ruso. The footsteps that explicitly, the knowledge that for the most part ”.

The embargo was lifted shortly afterwards by Cardinal Parolin, secretary of the State of Santa Sede.that hijack a message to Putin that establishes available in Moscow. However, it is not uncommon for the Kremlin leader to concede cheap ventilation. I did not reciprocate my respect and I insisted, though I do not think that Putin can do anything that is happening at the moment. Pero, how is it possible that you do not want to be brutalized? We have been living with Rwanda for a long time, ”he said.

First Moscow, and place Kiev

Surprising that the Pope went to Moscow, he said that his visit to Kiev was very factual, which included the inclusion of the message. In the interview he explicitly stated: “por ahora no voy a Kiev. He was sent to Cardinal Michael Czerny, (prefect of the Dicasterio for the Promotion of Integral Human Rights) and to Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, (Pope’s limousine), who was all but well. But I do not think so. Tengo que ir a Moskú primero, tengo que encontrarme con Putin primero. Pero yo también soy un sacerdote, ¿qué puedo hacer? Hago lo que puedo. “If Putin opens the door …”

War in Ukraine

In a majority orthodox country and with only a small Catholic minority, the question is orthodox russian patriarchy Kirill puddled on the person pleading with Putin to say what he said against Ukraine.

Without embargo, the Pope has made it clear that the patriarchate of Moscow cannot desecrate this papal. “Hable with Kirill took 40 minutes to zoom in. Durante the primers only last minutes with all the excuses of the war. Listen and say: ‘no entiendo nada de esto. Hermano, like the clergy of the State, we can not use the language of politics, even Jesus. As pastors of the mismo santo pueblo de Dios. For this we have to search the pavilion, let the cesar the fire of the weapons’. The Patriarchate could not be transformed into Putin’s monologue. Only one incubator is scheduled to arrive in Jerusalem on June 14. Habría sido nuestro segundo incuentro cara a cara, nada que ver con la guerra. Pero ahora también él está de acuerdo: dejémoslo, podría ser una señal ambigua ”explicitly stated by Santo Padre.

The name of the Pope

The Pope has shown disdain for the war and has always criticized the armament caricature. But the reality is that Russia’s offensive and Ukraine are defending themselves in a big way thanks to the weapon that is recoverable from other countries.

Do not respond to the question of whether it is correct to abstain from the Ukrainians, because what is clear is that on the ground they are trying their weapons. The Russians do not think that their tanks are small and that they are being considered in other ways. The guinea pigs are loaded by: to test the weapons that are made. Así ocurrió en la guerra civil española antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. The trade of weapons is a scandal and the fights are small. Three years ago, a cargo ship was sent to Genoa carrying weapons that had been transferred to a large cargo ship for transport to Yemen. The traitors of puerto do not quisieron hacerlo. Dijeron que pensaban en los nijos de Yemen. It’s pegoño, pero is a good gesto. Debería haber muchos como este ”, afirma el Pontífice.

From there Francisco has been alerted to a “world war in pedestrians” and now more visible than now. In the interview at el Corriere Indicates that “alarms do not go unnoticed, only the state of the world: Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Africa a war of attrition. In every pedagogue there is international interest. It can not be said that a free state can be used to build another free state. In Ukraine, it seems that the other people are creating the conflict. The only one who imposes on the Ukrainians is that he reacts in the Donbás, but we have no idea who he is. That argument is life ”.

The pessimism of the Pope is palpable. Ml mismo cree that “there is not enough voluntary peace, the war is terrible and we must cry (…) When I met Orban I told him that the Russians had a plan, that the 9th of May would all end. Except that the sea is empty, so that the velocity of the escalation of these two can be adjusted. But now it is not only the Donbás, it is the Crimea, it is Odessa, it is the quitarle to Ukraine or the port of Mar Negro, it is all. I’m pessimistic, but we have to make all the gestures possible to get the war. “

By the way, and about the state of salutation, especially of the rodilla, the Pope informed: “I have a rotator cuff ligament, I have to intervene with infiltrations and see, estoy así desde hace tiempo, no puedo caminar. On the other hand, the popes are the sun and with the gestation. There is a lot of pain, humiliation … ”.

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