precise maturation of the immune system

Family photo of Cibersam investigators.

The stages of agos psychosocial stress estimulan la secretion of an anticorporeal type protein clave en la first defense defense against infertility, only after puberty. Sin embargo, los niños y niñas con antecedentes de maltrato exhibit a similar response to that of teenagers, which one suggests maturation of the immune system in these subjects, an international study with the participation of various groups from the Cyber ​​de Salud Mental (Cibersam) coordinated by the cathedral Lourdes Fañanás, the Faculty of Biology and the Institute of Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona (Ibub).

It is a studio, published in Brain Behavior and Immunity, The members of the Cibersam group participated in the Hospital Clinic / Idibaps, Gregorio Marañón Hospital and the Hierro de Madrid Hospital and the itlava University Hospital. Además, contacted the collaboration of investigators from the Adolescent Crisis Unit (UCA) of the Hermanas Hospitals of Sant Boi and the Hospital for Orienta-Gavà adolescents.

This study investigated el compartment of immunoglobulin A secretory (s-IgA) in saliva fringe psychosocial stress agudo in children and adolescents, exploiting its variations segregation stage, infantile or post_puberal, and existence of antecedents of infant maltrato.

Para ello se investigaron 94 children and adolescents from 7 to 17 years olds (54 with psychiatric diagnostics) pertenecientes to a multicenter static amplitude study studio (EPI-Young Stress Project). To evaluate the highly stress-resistant biological reactivity, obtaining several saliva samples during the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST-C), a standardized protocol that values ​​the value of biological response frente estudés psychosocial agudo of a controlled and flexible manner; in these samples it analyzes s-IgA and cortisol levels.

A relation between infant maltreatment and the immunological response of “lucha o huida”

Explaining the Investigator Principal of the G08 group of Cibersam in the UB, Lourdes Fañanás, “has been associated with a major secretion of s-IgA prevents severe psychosocial stress in adolescents, pero no en niños. This date has been partially conceived and has been ratified in this new sample of young population. “Without embargo, it is no wonder that there is a possible marker on children and adolescents with a history of infant abuse, a condition of great psychological stress and that habitually affected children live in a chronic manner.”

Exposure to stress leads to the activation of various biological processes which, as an objective, provide an effective response to an amenable situation and the restoration of homeostasis is one in which the stressing factor is terminated. Stresses involved in stress relief depend on the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HHA) system, each of which implies a rapid adaptive response known as “Answer to the question of hope”. In parallel, the SNS activates the immunological system, characterized by the activation of inflammatory processes and long periods of chronic stress (as can be mistaken) for altering verse.

Symptoms of an accelerated biological process

This studio, by the way, has demonstrated that la s-IgA in saliva supported by a factual biomarker to exploit the respective peripheral immunological algebra in stressful locations. In particular, it has been observed that, although children and adolescents sampling basal levels of s-IgA are similar, they react differently to stressors, although primers show a lack of stress factor and rapid recovery, which prepúberes does not sample a s-IgA response.

“It simply came to our notice then their children are exposed to maltreatment situations exhibits a highly stress-responsive pattern similar to teenagers ”india Laia Marqués, Cibersam investigator in the UB and first signatory of the work.

Consequently, Agueda Castro, co-author of this work, “is a phenomena of being in consonance with the generalized theories that define that individuals are exposed to a range of pernicious expositions, either natural or experimental, which conoce como accelerated biological bioavailability. If more studies are required to dilute the paper of the history of maltreatment in the regulation of the immunological system in the most advanced stages of dehydration ”.

Además, india Laia Marqués, “are alterations in the immune system associated with malnutrition can have a severe impact, which is deregulation of this system affects the global behavior of the organism and it has to do with different pathologies all physical as mental and short and wide ”.

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