Precision and biomarker medicine, vital against lung cancer

  • The tumors represent the third most common cause of death in Mexico.
  • Lung cancer cases are responsible for 5.3% of total neoplasm cases in our country.
  • The main problem is that the majority of cases are diagnosed in advanced stages but in their first phases no generative symptoms are generated.

Tumor cases are found in the algae all over the world. Provoking 10 million bankruptcy cases globally, one of the most pilgrims is the lung cancer. It is responsive of 2.21 million cases and it is not necessary to offer alternatives to patients in order to supervise.

The technology paper to get the best results

In this tenor, the Argentine company Biomakers in Mexico is a new opportunity for people with disabilities. Distinguished by the use of precision medicine specializing in genetic and molecular oncological tests at the Latin American level. Además has the technological innovation in biomarkers that permits that in 72 hours the patients and their doctors treat the tumor DNA.

Genetic and molecular biomarkers or testes with innovative parameters that allow the identification of genes mutated by cancer and tumor classification. The phase at which it is concentrated is determined to determine the individual treatment treated.

To begin the process, the company understands the New Generation Sequencing technology (NGS for English characters). With the quality analysis of a variety of molecular alterations that allow oncological therapies to be taken from all existing treatments that are approved in a median setting and even clinical assemblies in which patients can be admitted.

“Time is a fundamental part of the treatment before the doctor makes the best decisions. As pioneers in using NGS in our new laboratory labels; We examined patients undergoing a biopsy for tumor DNA collection, recording at record time the results obtained. It is an advance in medicine to treat patients as soon as possible after screening, ”said Ruben Salanova, medical director and co-founder of Biomakers.

Por su parte, la Dra. Maritza Ramos, doctor of the Department of Thoracic Oncology of the National Institute of Cancer (INCan), said that the lung cancer has a high mortality rate and the biomarkers measure the quality and sobrevida of these patients.

“With the use of biomarkers can be used to ensure the costs of attenuation and complications of toxicity through therapies such as chemotherapy, to personalize the attenuation of the patient. NGS can process up to 10 miles of genes at the same time and detect cancer mutations.

Pulmonary cancer is silent in stages, which retracts its detection and eleva su mortality. However, it is not sufficient to prevent the tumor from being detected by the way the tumor is stimulated to achieve the best results. However, by 2030 it is estimated to be around 135 miles, which represents a 50% increase with respect to current events.

Biotechnology in the field of medicine and patients

Since its inception in 2014, the Argentine company has developed and implemented technological projects. Support for the Unique Oncology Testing Platform (PLUTÓN), which aims to efficiently run teams between professionals and patients. From this form the medicine can provide testicles of the eagle, practical and free form, centralizing all the information and generating statistics.

Addition to the advanced Tumor Biobanco and set Big Data one of the largest singers in Latin America. Hotel 70 miles of tumors and biomarkers of the masses for the decomposition and release of new drugs.

Además, crearon Biomakers Campusa virtual platform for oncologists, pathologists, nurses and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, offering search capacities, courses and bibliography on the subject.

“With our arena granite we referendum our compromise with millions of cancer patients, as well as with doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, which we can confidently acknowledge that people live more time and with greater caliber of life”, said Nicolas, CEO y cofundador de Biomakers.

The company has a presence in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. The number of genetic and molecular testes ascending 150 miles in 10 nations of the region. Including our country at work as a key point for the testicles to be left in Central America.

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