predictions from June 20 to 26

From astrology, to tarot reading, Mhoni Vidente shares his predictions on topics of interest for much like economics, work, health and love.

In this opportunity, the Cuban astrologer to find out which of the numbers in the sign for each sign of the zodiac.

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Astrology and horoscope. The hand of the adivina consists of the brilliant zodiacal pedestals in the palm of your hand over the abirto book. The concept of adminization and magic. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto


Coming of a new breed with positive ownership, the quality of which allows you to stabilize any objective that is tense at the moment. Accompanied by moving stars, los arianos podrían tener an renovation en su contract, pero deben aprender a ignorer negativ dhe la envidia que los demás emanan. It’s the moment to enter the pass, comment on new y alejar los amores tóxicos para progresar. Numbers: 13 and 22.


Initiate a new cycle from scratch, but each of the activities has a series of accommodations. The horoscope says that apparatus makes new offers of work and that a love of the past has little news that alguna vez tuvieron. In the economy, lending a loan to get a loan. Numbers: 02 y 07.


The economy of the geminians, which is what keeps these places an extra diner. For Mhoni Vidente, the people who were born with this sign should take care of the boots, but they did not want to comment on the invasion. En la salud, podrían someterse a una cirugía. Hay caminar, tomar el sol y recargar energías. Numbers: 19 and 33.


There is the possibility of sending a new negotiator. Mientras eso pasa, los astros comunican que the persons with this sign of deberán evitar ser tan confiadas with the demás and elegir éniténés only those who are actually leales. In love, you get an ideal pair, but you have to follow the maravilla. Respect the other, be careful of the two. Numbers: 06 and 11.


Semana de mucho trabajo y juntas. The astrologer says that the lions tend to revise part of their superior. En salud, empezarán a realizar ejercicio y alimentarse de una mejor manera. For other people, take a look at some unrequited love, but the horoscope suggests that this is what should and should not be done. It’s the moment to travel and play with friends. Numbers: 01 and 09.


It’s a matter of economical surprises, as it were when the terms of payment of a deity and the appointment of a new service. Opportunities ascend to the heavens, while these Virgo centers are capable of giving all the’s and those who allow it trivial invisible triumphs. The embargo, the encyclopedic tarot cards, as well as the fact that it does not go as far as the world. Numbers: 03 y 20.


Habrá laboratory facility, seg lan la vidente. Asimismo, the librian cuidarán their body and adopt a diet for ello. On the one hand, the major is perceived as being the person who constructs something good and for that is impressively treating the drama; además, se asoman buenas energías, pero puede que haya personas amistosas que muestran una traicón. Numbers: 00 and 23.


To record what you have in mind is essential to know your media organization. I agree with the Cuban astrologer, Scorpio tends to be a semantics in which there is no importation, no focus on the familiar circle. The account is a sum of money that can be tested to pay attention to and earn money. Llegará an amor del elemento tierra. Numbers: 07 and 15.


It is time to form a patrimony for the future, as it is inverted into projects and tested in each of the opportunities that are present. Soldier to visit a family nurse, centered on a studio exam. Respecting the salutation, you have a mental tranquility that is able to find the inner peace. Numbers: 08 y 35.


No need to be perfect and Capricorn take to maneuver the situations that are accomplished because the demos do not perform well. Search to renovate your home, buy compresses and get a new stage. In corazón questions, the obvious consignment that tends to both sides and whole. Additionally, there are advances and amar lo se se hene en día. Numbers: 27 y 30.


Laboratory and personal exchange rates that measure all negative energies. The horoscope indicates that has the ability to travel abroad, but it is often necessary to have time for your studios and academic backgrounds. On the other hand, all brands are well aware of the comfort levels that characterize this sign. Numbers: 10 and 17.


Mhoni Viente termina con los pece del zodiaco y menciona que radical form workstation. In the economy, habrá pagodas of credits and las deudas iron tomando a mejor rumbo. Si tienen pareja, hay que hablar de si no se siente que las cosas marchan del todo bien; if you are solteros, conocerán and a Cancer or Capricorn. Cualquier acto, por mís mínimo que sea, se devuelve. Numbers: 18 and 24.

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