predictions from June 27 to July 3

Emphasize the ultimate semantics of the sexto between the year and the Cuban astrologer Mhoni Vidente, to study the reading of tarot cards, to convey their predictions on topics that interest them much, such as love, religion, health or el trabajo.

June 30th is the term of the first semester of the year, as the conjector of the astrological theme indicates that there are exchanges of energy and arrangement of a new stage for each sign of the zodiac.

Horoscope / Signs of the zodiac
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The card for this week is La Estrella. Accompanied by the visible, triumphant account in exchange for work and negotiations, where the energies are extinguished by the persons born in Aries with little force. Además, pagarán las quentas pendientes y la economía se verá cada vez m ests stable.

With love, there is a possibility of pareja and for solteros place a way. In the salutation, it is recommended to remove the attenuation and gastric problems.


The card for Taurus es El Sol. Durante esta semana Tauro recibirá abundance and exchange their habitats to improve the health status. Before the end of June, recollect a lovely surprise in which there is the possibility of establishing and caring world.

Write and record a course of idioms and deberá tener cuidado with the traces in the work.


At this opportunity, the card that kills Gemini is the As de Oros, la cual indica que habrá suerte, pero se should be attempted on the envidias or conocido “mal ojo”.

Mhoni Vidente says that it is the moment of triumph and exchange in personal ambition; de hecho, the explicit astrologer who has the ability to live in another country.

In love, have fun and new people. For other lads, be careful with mental health.


This week, the tarot card for cancer is El Mago. The Cuban shows that he is undergoing a radical exchange of explosions in all sentiments, mainly in the work when it comes to recycling better remunerations.

Amorosas questions, si tiene pareja vendrá una transformation. On the other hand, there is the possibility of resolving legal issues and realizing the visa limit.


The carriage is the card that is attached to the zodiac signs. Mhoni Vidente hace un llamado para que ne se pierdan las metas y planes a futuro, también This is a sign of concern for those who are rodean.

In addition, is recommended to treat private screws with friends, can perform a course of summer or invert in an aesthetic surgery.


La Rueda de la Fortuna is the card for Virgo, as it is known as positive exchange rates and problems with the development of valuable lessons.

In love, send a person of the fuego sign to form algo duradero. In the economy, recycle the pay of a deity and cut more attenuation to the actions that take place in the workplace.


This week, the Nazis carry the book mark corresponding to the card El Loco. The Cuban astrologer explicitly said significance of personal maturity in the screws for accounting for financial objectives.

Without embargo, the sound of the corals are different and they have to control all of them to avoid inconveniences. Get medical help and start new social conversations.


The scorpions of the zodiac sell the card Cuatro Copas, but what reflects a spiritual power which can be eliminated completely all negative. Create all kinds of things and justify the confusion in the objectives that make searching for reality.

By other means, tendrá desconfianza of those persons who mind much the love word, because it is to terminate a relation to comment elsewhere. On the other hand, I take care of my tempo pulses.


The card of La Torre le dice a Sagitario que son persona a las que lusta el sexo, as it should be able to save a decion to follow in the tonnage misma of pareja or irse.

Assimilation, the selection of the card that says medical treatment to avoid infertility, exchange of activity, search of an energy exchange and say that “in a bottle there is no moscow”.


The card of El Mundo para Capricornio en esta semana es la elegida por Mhoni Vidente y dice que the persons with this sign record the power that accumulates in their interior para enfrentar varios problemas. In this sense, it is inconceivable to place an order in the life and avoid of toxic persons.

In love, dejará la inseguridad. In the workplace, get excited.


The horoscope shows the map of The Emperor and it is indicated that you can send and receive and receive money. Podrá poner en marche’s project og negotia y salir de via, pero habrá desconfianza por hay amigos quienes se aprovechan de lasen buenas intentions.

In love, empezará a considerar tener una familia. In the economy, pay the credit line.


The card for the pieces of the zodiac is La Templanza. Durante esta semana, la vidente da a conocer que tendrená ecundian ecundemica, pay trims of impuestos and resolve various problems.

As a result of the salutation, the alimentary and ejaculatory habits are exchanged. Respect for the amorous ámbito, the astrologer sees that a voluptuous love for pedestrian is new in pairs.

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