President Joe Biden tested positive for covid-19

(CNN) — The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the White House in a communique.

“Esta mañana, el presidente Biden ha dado positivo en la prueba de covid-19. Está totalmente vacunado y con dos refuerzos y experimenta muy leves symptoms. He comenzado a tomar Paxlovid”, señala el comunicado official. El mandatario se aislará en la Casa Blanca y seguirá con sus tasks desde alli hasta que una prueba le dé negativa.

The communique added that “en aras de la transparency, la Casa Blanca will inform daily about the state of the president”.

This is the first time that Biden, 79 years old, has tested positive for covid-19. The last negative result was this Tuesday, according to Jean-Pierre.

Paxlovid is an antiviral medication from Pfizer and is available through the emergency use authorization of the Administration of Food and Medicines of the EE.UU. before the treatment of covid-19 of moderate severity in persons of 12 years or more who have a high risk of serious illness. Requiere una prescripción médica.

Biden received two first doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 vaccine before taking office in January 2021, his first booster dose in September and his second booster dose on March 30.

Because of his age, Biden runs the risk of suffering a more severe case of covid-19, despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the EU. (CDC, por sus siglas en inglés) affirman que los adultos mayores que se vacunan y refuerzan completamente significantly reduce their risk of hospitalization and death.

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In principle, Biden had planned to travel this evening to Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) before pronouncing a speech on crime prevention, followed by a fund-raising act for the Democratic National Committee in Philadelphia. I was also predicted to travel to Orlando and Tampa (Florida) on Monday of the next week. But Jean-Pierre said that Biden will be isolated in the White House “according to the directives of the CDC”.

The White House is working on tracking the possible contacts close to the president, according to a functionary, and they plan to inform this jueves of any close contact.

Biden has intensified his compromise with the public during the last year as the White House has changed its focus towards the pandemic. This Wednesday, Biden traveled to Somerset (Massachusetts) before attending an act on climate change matters, where he shook hands and greeted the assistants among the crowd al aire libre.

The president’s positive diagnosis produced less than a week after a tour of the Middle East, where he held meetings with world leaders in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Mientras estaba en el extranjero, se vio a Biden strechando manos, chocando puños y abrazando a otros líderos.

The White House is currently working on tracking contacts close to Biden, according to an official, since his positive test of covid. Tienen previsto informar a todos los contactos cercanos el jueves, incluidos los miembros del Congreso y la prensa.

Jill Biden, negative

Meanwhile, the first lady, Jill Biden, tested negative for covid-19 when she tested positive on Thursday morning, CNN spokesperson Michael La Rosa said.

La Rosa affirmed that Jill Biden is a close contact of the president and that she is following the guidelines of the CDC to use masks and maintain social distance on her visits today.

La primera dama se encuentra en un viaje de dos días por tres estados y actualmente está en Detroit, Michigan. Later you will travel to Georgia. Jill Biden will not change her visit or agenda, explained La Rosa.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, talks to the media after landing Air Force One at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on July 20, 2022. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The covid-19 continues to affect the Biden administration

Una oleada de casos entre members del cabinet, personal de la Casa Blanca y members del Congreso ha barrido Washington en los ultimos meses.

Vice President Kamala Harris contracted the virus earlier this year. Harris is also totally vaccinated and double reinforced and has no symptoms, according to her spokesperson Kirsten Allen. The vice president took the antiviral treatment against the Paxlovid coronavirus after consulting his doctors, according to Allen, and it was negative on May 2, dejando el isolation.

The secretary of state, Antony Blinken, and the interior policy advisor of the White House, Susan Rice, were some of the high-ranking officials of the Biden administration who tested positive for covid-19 after the correspondents’ dinner. la Casa Blanca celebrated in April in Washington. The president also attended the dinner and pronounced a speech. All the approximately 2,600 guests had to be completely vaccinated and showed a negative test on the day of the event.

El secretario de Defensa, Lloyd Austin; el segundo caballero; Doug Emhoff; the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi; la secretary de Comercio, Gina Raimondo; el fiscal general, Merrick Garland; the former press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki; y otras personas han dado positivo en los ultimos meses.

Los officials of the White House had recognized that it was possible that the president contrajera en algun momento el covid-19, but they emphasized the precautions that they are taking before avoiding the contagion.

“The conclusion is that está vacunado y reforzado. Está muy bien protegido. Tiene muy buenos protocolos a su alredero para protegerle de la infección. Pero hay nada al 100%”, dijo el coordinador de la respuesta a covid-19 de la Casa Blanca, el Dr. Ashish Jha.

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