President of Argentina criticizes the EU for its vetoes on the American Cumber

Los Angeles. The president of Argentina, the izquierdista Alberto Fernándezadvertise it is against the status quo Joe Biden by the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the American Cumbre, which takes place in Los Angeles, and results in Luis Almagro of the Organization of American States.

“The voice of the Cumber’s country does not open the capacity to impose the degree of administration on the parts of the continent. Dialogue in the diversity is the best instrument for promoting democracy,” said the Argentine governor in his discourse. during the first plenary session of the governors.

“The silence of the rulers is not interrupted,” the President said to Biden – who thinks in terms of opportunity – and the rest of the mandates present at the meeting.

In your discourse, which lasts only a minute, the state, which has a president per tempore de la Celac, describing Latin America as the most learned world in the world. There is a point that I want a direct opinion on the sanctions.

“Cuba supports a block of more than a dozen decays applied to the lakes of the Fría War and Venezuela tolerates other measures such as a pandemic as a result of the humanitarian arrest of millions of people. With the means of essay type to search the air conditioners, but in solitary confinement they end up in the middle ”, describing the Argentine mandate.

And he added: “Because it does not want to be sucked in, it must be sent to the future where the Cumbre’s serial opening does not open the capacity to impose an admission degree on the continental parts of the continent.”

This is because the United States only has access, as a result of the invitations to follow the criteria of the International Democratic Charter, which adheres to the parts that integrate the American urn in Quebecin 2001. If it is determined that such regimes are excluded that they are not regulated by the democratic principles.

“Presidente Biden”, said Fernández mirando al presidente estadounidense. “Those who send their troops to Gobierno receive signals by a policy of intentionally denigrating them from our region to the administration that preceded it. It is time that the basic policies of the Cambodians and their daughters be repaid ”, the statement of the State Department with reference to the administration of Donald Trump.

Do not leave Unica for the former United States. Según relató, fue “decisiva” the intervention of Trump’s bullet against el International Monetary Fund (IMF) “To facilitate an incommensurable education in favor of a declining silver lining” which is realized “with the sole impediment to which the electorate triumphs over our political power”. Ya remató: “Por tamaña indecencia sufre hoy todo el pueblo argentino”.

The President opened his mouth to ask questions against the OEA dome, describing him as “a gendarme who facilitates a stall in Bolivia” and accusing the Banco International of Desarrollo (BID) of leading the North American Mauricio Claver-Carone.

“The OEA, whether it is respecting and following the regional policy platform before the crisis, must be restructured by mediating and following the lead. The regional demarcation bank, most democratically, has flown to its governorship in Latin America and the Caribbean. BID requires a process of capitalization for more or less financial means “, said Fernández, who does not use the teleprometer and lets the discourse that the term of the discourse increase be used.

“Volvió to exchange the final”, configures an integral of the comma in the media. I do not want the first correction to be made by the state. Ayer, before sharing a price with the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, and his successor Silvana López Moreira; The first lady Fabiola Yañez and the president of Cámara de Diputados, Sergio Massa, Fernández met with Santiago Cafiero, Gustavo Beliz and Jorge Argüello to see the details of the presentation and to define the tone of the questions.

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The end of the war and its prophecies

The President, who was accompanied by Massa, Cafiero and Argüello, tampered with Russian invasion of Ukraine, que, según manifestó, “impact of flax” on the region. In a sense, it is “urgently constructing negotiation scenarios that the pong fin finishes the nuclear catastrophe”.

By the time the timing of the opportunity is cut off to open for the various food products, such as Argentina and your money to advance to one strategic association común. “The proponents of great objectives: organically or continually the production of nutrients and proteins and depleted our enormous potential energy and critical minerals for the ecological transition,” said the President.

El momento para avanzar, dijo Fernández, es hoy. “El hambre ataca”, resaltó.

“Presidente Biden”, volvió a dirigirse sobre el final. “We are here to build points and build walls,” said Fernández, who invited Biden to the nearby plenary session of Celac. * With La Nation / GDA and AFP information

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