Prevalence of digestive tracts in the Family

Inauguration of the XXIII Days of the Aragon Aragonés by General and Family Physicians (SEMG Aragón).

Los digestive trastornos functional striking cladding at the screw caliper caliper quality, being more frequent in a number of screw media (between 30 and 50 years old) and predominant in the female sex. With an estimated prevalence that turns into one 25 to 45 by population of the population, any of the topics listed in the XXIII Journal of the Aragon Medical Society of General and Family Medicine (SEMG Aragón) that air comercials in the Paraninfo of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza and that is why of Sanidad de Aragón, Sira Ripollés.

“The digestive problems have a high prevalence within the medical consultants who are given diarrhea from both centers and consultants. The digestive tract can be ser assistant of multiple pathologiesall of organic origin as functional, which become valoradas by Family doctors to stabilize the corrective means or preventives most suitable for any situation “, said José Manuel Cucalón, member of SEMG Aragón and loaded habs into the jars of one of the most efficient digestive tracers functional dyspepsia.

Cucalón was informed by medical assistants that functional indigestion had one prevalence in the consultations of Atención Primaria de un 8-10 per cent and that it is subdivided, as a function of the most frequent or important symptoms, in epigastric pain and postprandial distress.

“Manejar adequately la anamnesis es clave to distinguish between possible organicity or functionality of the digestive pathology ”, says Cucalón. In particular, for poder Establish the diagnosis of functional dyspepsia should be discarded first from the organic origin of the mass, also by consuming gastroesophageal reflux disease, such as the presence of gastroesophageal reflux disease (ERGE) and Helicobacter pylori infertility, as well as pathological disease, or lymphomas, etc.).

What are the symptoms characteristic of functional dyspepsia?

Durante la XXIII Jornadas de SEMG Aragón se han repasado los syntomas characteristicos de este stransorno digestive, los cuales, “tienen relaón con el superior abdomen and its vagaries, nonspecific or subjective, which diffuse its clinical definition ”. Some of these symptoms include abdominal cramps, flatulence, erection, precision sac, gastric plenum, nausea or vomiting, cirrhosis. Discharge of symptoms related to the lower or intestinal abdomen (alterations in deposition).

Según ha afirmado el doctor Cucalón, “la solicitud de determinadas pruebas complementarias, in most cases, such as gastroscopies and other procedures, as well as derivations at a more specialized level, urgency or hospital deben ser mejor valoradas ”.

At this point, medical detection algorithms in the practical manual of this unit and conduct have the definitive and most ideal diagnostic treatment. “Follow these facilitative algorithms and simplify our assistive activity”, follow the expert. At the same time, different pharmacological and utility treatments should be sufficiently concentrated but optional in order to avoid super-treatments, interactions or periodic effects before the patient is most effective.

Puesta al día in common pathologies

Además’s functional dyspepsia and other practical diseases attributed to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and ecography, by the XXIII Journalists of the Aragon Medical Society and the Family have been included in a program of physicians who have been consulted at the highest level.

The microcosm helps the formative incubation increase dysphagia in the clinical practice and how to detect and initiate treatment, treat topographic dermatology and its differential diagnostics, el vertigo in Atención Primaria y se repasaron los advances en el manejo de la renal diabetes mellitus.

Las Jornadas continent hoy jueves with ponencias of experts that profundizaránen about auricular fibrillation and control in the renal patient, as well as about the control of EPOC from the clinical practice of diarrhea, mental health and how to optimize the time in the consultation . The premiere of the prize weighs the final point and the two go through an act of closure as assisted by the concierge of Sanidad de Aragón, Sira Ripollés.

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