Primaria crea pruebas para exigirlas

Lorenzo Armenteros, Antonio Fernández-Pro, Carmen Rocío and Carmen Sánchez.

Reduce incertidmbre in the decision-making body, rationalize the use of antibiotics y avoid derivations al hospital diagnosticado en an only act of attenuation. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use rapid diagnostic test. A team that solicitates optionally for all health centers to have a “try concept “ that has been demonstrated viability of implantationcapacity of desarrollo y coste-efficiency.

Carmen Rocío García: “I have a very positive contact number”.

“It is important to have herramientas que ofrecen security and efficiency. Rapid diagnostic tests are necessary for urban media, and unprecedented for rural. Además, trast pandemia estamos en an opportune moment to support the professional Atención Primaria de esta herramientas ”, said Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma, president of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG) during the XXVIII National Congress of the Socialist Party.

The directive has been unleashed because the society has been turned into an ‘ensemble’ of the Primary Ataccio series as it deals with these devices: the cause is bacterial or varicella. Hay documentada una alta prescription antibiótica innecesaria and we follow the centers of health with the rapid diagnostic record of a rational use of antibiotics, reducing the number of antimicrobial resistance ”.

In the same sense, Carmen Rocío García García, a member of the SEMG skin group and one of the coordinators of the test sample, was shown: “The pandemic has demonstrated the value of the tempran diagnostics to find ailing and current means and value of ddifferential iagnostics between different respiratory pathologies with similar signs and symptoms, but with different treatments and pronouns ”.

An apoyo to reduce inertidumbre and tranquilize al patients

Según han detailed the experts, the validity of these rapid diagnostic test is demonstrated and with the pilot test the “palpar” search bus passing in the Atención Primaria si lo llevaran a cape. “Hemos realized a concept test to see if it’s ayuda a reduce inertia with what we need. If you can actually implement it and you can invert it else. It is a contact point that is supposed to be extrapolated to a higher level ”.

An idea that was shared by Carmen Sánchez Peinador, president of SEMG Castilla and León, who also participated in the concept test: “If diagnosticamos de forma segura with a test tube, there is no need to allow the patient to have viral infertility. “Currently, we only have dialogue with the patient to diagnose an antibiotic and with a diagnostic test we have ten more arguments.”

Message components: ‘New diagnostic techniques in A.P’.

Ó What is the meaning of the concept?

To demonstrate these arguments, he proposes the realization of one pruebas múltiplesby the middle of a molecular platform of ID diagnostic ID NOW, using isothermal technology, a demonstration of the ultimate generation molecular technology with patented enzymes and constant temperature amplification of the most rapid DNA amplification method available with PC-based analytical sensitivity. The test battery included: flu, syndromic respiratory virus, streptococcus and Covid-19.

Most of the results obtained in the test, are relevant to the SEMG of any sensations. “Between the participants we all try to be one prickly pear, intuitive, fast and practical mane, the quality can be achieved by the quality of the team member previa formation “, detail García García.

Other of the “positive” aspects is that it is stable diagnostic in a single act of attenuation and permite conocer the specific therapy more adequately, según the etiology of the enfermedad. With the coincidence of 4 pathologies of granule importation and incidence, in the mass station of the year, we can confirm the presence of one or the presence of the correct form “, explicitly the optional, which both resulted in enthusiasm with the one who recidivo los patients al evitarles derivaciones “innecesarias” al hospital.

“It simply came to our notice then. The professional sale satisfied, but the patient aún m .s. Además, we have a lot of security and we have avoided various treatments “, details Fernández-Pro.

Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma: “I have a very good experience. The professional sale is satisfactory, but the patient is more”.

Cost reduction is applied immediately with rapid diagnostics

Other aspects that support SEMG and that are considered for its implantation are reduction of costs such as acarrea. “The set of adequate diagnostic tools has been demonstrated reduce costs by 80 per cent. Solo voluntary policy affiliated with a Primary Athenaeum that is considered a priority treatment, and with it an increase of its resolving capacity that reduces the benefit of the patient and the sanitary system ”said Lorenzo Armenteros, a spokesperson for the SEMG participating in concepto.

Optionally, the Family must “activate position record” for obtain maximum capacity in its clinical practice y augura un gran futuro de estas pruebas. “With the help of the hospital, you can go to the hospital and carry out complementary measures. The diagnosis is made at the moment by the team team and the patient receives a treatment more adequately and benefits from a clinical practice more correctly but only more hermeneutics before. Go for a futuro gran and be coste-efficient ”, optional insurance, which qualifications are provided as a hermaphrodite to fight against infrared and subdiagnostic.

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