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Ecuador completes a week of protests with the primer manifesting failure

Quito, June 20 (EFE) .- Ecuador is full of protests against Gobierno due to the care of the screw, and the fire with the manifest manifesting fallacido, a person who cuts and cuts intentionally to stay in Quito , where indigenous mobility seeks to concentrate and mobilize the excise stage determined by President Guillermo Lasso. The death toll has risen sharply by the Alliance of Organizations by Human Rights Defenders in Efe by the National Police, having said the version “three manifestations of cayeron in a barrel and one of the walls of the wall, but not in the future”. Accompanied by human rights organizations, the mortal algae produced in the madrasa is running in the north of Quito, led by a contingent of police presently braking with tear gas or the advance of a group of demonstrators who are fleeing the capital from the north of Imbabura province. Since its inception, the Alliance denounced that in this first mobilization seminar 61 persons were registered, including five with ocular teeth, and 18 with severe herpes, of those who are directly accountable to the State. Fourteen reports were received by the president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), Leonidas Iza, the main promoter of the protests, who was one of the few to arrive at a rally in Liberty. present paralysis of public services. Mientras, the Minister of Interior, Patricio Carrillo, affirmed that the violent demonstrations of acts of violence with the forces of security that have 61 herrid agents now, as well as 14 police temporarily retaliated against the demonstrators, with 21 or more people arrested. INDIGENOUS LEGANS A QUITO Durante la noche del domingo, numerosos groups of indigenous llegaron a Quito para hacerse sentir con m fus fuerza, pese a que el estad dec exn decretado desde el sábado por Lasso en las provincialis de Imbabura, P capital, suspend the association and reunion degree. Tanto in the north access as in the capital hubo contingents of police and military to ahyentar the fleet of indigenous caravans, pero intentions but containers lasting little and the final acabaron acceded to the capital. In the center of Quito, security forces stormed the House of Ecuadorian Culture to avoid repeating the scenes of October 2019, led by one of the leading protests by Conaie acabó with violent entrants and altercados in the center of capital and a balance of one decade of death and one 1,500 herds per country. NO ACEPTAN DIALOGUE Indigenous movement led by Iza does not take a moment to engage a dialog in action ratios by Lasso considering that the different manten conversions are far removed from their mandate if not given. Así, Iza has announced that the protests will be followed in five steps by Lasso conceding various variations of the demands that apply to Conaie. The president approves the subsidy up to 50% of the rye, which is used as a fertilizer, condos lads vecidas of family campesinas of hasta $ 3,000, reducing the interest rate from 10% to 5% before the big loans are paid from $ 50 to $ 55 human rights and the presupposition of intercultural education. Nonetheless, Conaie has been demanding the convergence of high-precision fuels that are liberalized, the precise control of essential products and the new mining concession rates in the Amazon. “QUIEREN BOTAR AL PRESIDENTE”, DICE LASSO “Estamos atendiend las legitimatas demands’s ciudadanas. a televised message to the nation. “Aquí estoy para defender a Quito, a cada familia de la capital y del país”, agregó. Minutes ago, in a message posted on social media, the mandate was affirmed that the demonstrators “search the chaos, who (fight) the president”. “Democracy or chaos, it is the big battle. The battle for democracy”, added. The President informed that he had received convocations of various civil society organizations in order to provoke the media into a dialogue. “All of these are dialogues, but very violent ones. Hagos is a piece of cake. We tend to be sent to a mass and junta of search solutions for one of the legitimate needs of the Ecuadorian families,” Lasso concluded. (c) EFE Agency

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