prometedores results against triple negative metastatic cancer

Expect a FDA response to comment on clinical cases in person, due to Puerto Rican investigators finding results in experimental cases.

Dr. José Rodríguez Orengo, Vice President of MBQ Pharma, and Dr. Federico Goodsaid, Director of MBQ Pharma. Photo: Advocates for specialists in the Journal of Medicine and Salud Pública.

Puerto Rican Hallaron Routes to Avoid Expanding cancer triple negative con metastasis, in an experimental studio. al doctor José Rodríguez Orengo, vice president of negotiations MBQ Pharmay the doctor Federico Goodsaid, director of MBQ Pharmabrindan exclusive details for Medicina Magazine and Salud Pública.

Respecting the advances in this matter, Dr. Rodríguez stated that: metastasis and all of it is that it’s the propaganda of the cells and the bankruptcy of the person “, pero, añade,” utilisto e compuesto, that se llamba MBQ167, hemos podido para esta tumura pueda salir e ir a otros Organos “.

Following the details of the investigation, Dr. Goodsaid affirmed that: “the MBQ167 was unloaded and disassembled at the University of Puerto Rico, in the medical school, in the pharmacy school, in the backyard” . Investigate how long it lasts, then analyze other compacts and attach them to MBQ 167 and use other similar structures that have a very specific “pegan and protein content that comes down to elimination and elimination. la metastasis”, Adding:“ we only have dates that contain only proteins, but only avoid those that metastasissino eliminate la metastasis preexistente, darle marcha atrás a la causa del cancer”. Goodsaid points out that: “I’m not aware that the FDA’s malpractice has been documented in order to comment on these clinical studies, which allow the study of some studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of a drug.”

“It’s the first package that is ever from a Puerto Rican company. “Novedad is what it’s first to be hacemos,” Goodsaid said. Doctor Rodríguez amplifies this information by asserting: The creation of these animal fumes, like those of regular coma dandelions, produces normal hepatic enzymes. We do not say that ponga in duda that is a safe sea product. On the other hand, this product can be affected by the grain, which is the majority of the treatments to treat the cancer pueden ser tóxicos ”.

About the computer, Goodsaid says that “it is an organic computer pack, an organic molecule, of a molecular weight of approximately 5, 50. It is a small molecule that explodes in the pharmacy school which is recommended only if function. They also have proteins that inhibit egg mass. The genes también deben on silenciados a la misma vez para eliminar metastasis”.

Goodsaid destaca que “la metastasis is an asymptote of what it means to be what it is. La metastasis se aloja in any quality, independently of the type of cancer in which it originates ”.

Doctor Rodríguez complains that “hay dos tipos de cancer that you are aggressively aggressive and have the opportunity to have people to help you limit yourself: cancer de mama y el cancer de pancreas ”. Por ello, son dos tipos de cancer in which it is sought to alert the screw.

Goodsaid consists of having similar experiments, with results, and differing in quantity and quantity. Carry out an experiment to test which genes that are apagaban eran that which participate in the metastasis and in the second experiment we use MBQ 167 to redeem the product of the genes.

“The clinical trial depends on the presumption available, but by means of a study the medical security of the human being is increased, the dose of the patient is increased and the limits – if any – exist. In the animal kingdom, it does not limit itself to toxicity, ”he said. “Because it’s possible to make an effective pilot study before the final study requires groups of patients: one that recycles MBQ 167 and one that recreates the normal treatment that manages these patients at the moment,” Goodsaid said. .

Rodríguez agrega que “cuando se tiene cancerse tienen tumores y si hay metastasis to remove these tumors that are present in the different organs, treating the most capable limb. When the offerings are compressed, there is no loss of type of tumor growth other than a soft blister metastasis. Si no hay tumor, no habrá metastasis. If these results are obtained in person, we change the paradigm of how to handle the cancer a world level and this is what we are doing in Puerto Rico ”.

Funds to execute your investigation with proveners in Puerto Rico. You need more inversion, but you are looking for more power, denture and Puerto Rico furnace to complete the presupposition. The combination is compatible with others, which can be used to attack the tumor, and not just to stop it. metastasissino curar.

There are many medicines that are designed to attack primary tumors, so doctors that combine primary and reduced tumors are minimized to prevent new cancer from developing. metastasis. Because it does not exist now is a medicine that directly treats metastatic cremation.

“Be different because a tumor resists therapy with MBQ 167 because it is treated in all cases cancer, based on mutations that occur in tumors, which allow the person to adapt to therapy; with MBQ 167 it is not recommended because it treats protein inhibition. “Well, consider that MBQ 167 is a prophylactic therapy,” Goodsaid concluded.