Puerto Rican’s republican austerity in Poder Judicial

Mientras que en la Federal Public Administration has been implemented a forte austeridad republicanawhich in the near future may be regarded as the rank of the Franciscan, the traitors of Poder Judicial gozan of economic stimuli which are only more than those who recruit a bureaucracy of any degree of dependence.

This is the 53 miles trabajadores of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN)el Council of the Federal Judiciary (CJF) y el Electoral Tribunal for Judicial Powers of the Federation (TEPJF) dispondr den of 11 mil 315 million pesos in cataloged catalogs as optional remunerations; it is decided that they will be separated from each other by each of the toggling stimuli for 211 miles annually.

In contrast, the quarterly information of the Secret of Hacienda and Public Credit See that dependencies and entities within the federal government, which work at less than 493 million bureaucrats and functionaries, earn 65 million 186 million pesos in the payroll of similar stimuli, only 43 mil 638 pesos per year.

Apply the Franciscan proclamation announced by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador Between the employees of Poder Judicial, some stimuli such as compensations for eventual services, vehicles, prima quinenal, rent subsidy and titles of jurisdictional bodies, between other reducing or inclusive departures.

The incentives in el Poder Judicial no formman de las remuneraciones ordinarias ni de las erogaciones del federal government by the concept of social security or insurance of major medical staff with those who care for Judges.


The total resources destined for economic stimuli present in the present for the Poder Judicialthe 89.2 per cent, equivalent to 10 mil 101 million pesos, will be split between the 57 mil 186 CJF trainers, matched with the Manual of Removals of Judicial Powers from the Federation.

Among the claims that are financed with this diner are killed the salaries of personal operating aids, vestments, aids of dispensation, compensations for eventual services, payroll of extra hours and the titles of judicial bodies tend to claim prestige the rent of an movable.

The incentives are served to pay for the employees by several festivals such as Día de la Madre o el Día del Padretambién se usará para cubrir las prima quincenales y dominicales y los jueces también podrán contar con una ecuna ikonmica para protec yn e siguridad en el traslado.

Only with the diner that recounts the implications and games of the Federal Judiciary did the annual presumption conjure up with the Office of the Presidency of the Republic (833.8 mdp), the Secretariat of the Government (6 mil 218.6 m Public Function (446.2 mdp) and Agrarian Tribunals (841.8 mdp), within which a total of 9 mil 340 million pesos will be played.

In the SCJN the add-on remotions tend to be 800.1 million pesos to cover operating clothes of the operating room, sound of antenna and anteojos, quintal prime, extra time frame and tampered with d Madas de la Madre y del Padrepor antigüedad y la prima quincenal.

The difference of CJF the majority of these receipts are not available to the ministers, but can only be accessed without having access to the quintessential and paid prima facie of the work; as well as adjusting lenses, matching with manual remuneration.

From the front, the ministers currently accounted for a maximum monthly salary of 205 mil 599 pesos, but for the concept of vacant prima facie can be given an average of 444 mil 758 pesos per year, as many as 416 mil 242 pesos per the concept of pay by risk. It is said that in one year there were 3.3 million net weights more than the added antioxidants.


Because it refers to the TEPJF having a lot of 413.7 million pesos for the additional remittance payout, it has been slaughtered as the minor candidacy among the members of the Judicial Poder; sin embargo, al hacer el cálculo per cápita, a cada trabajador le tocarían 254 mil pesos por dicho concept.

The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador June 2 after all the autonomous organs like the National Electoral Instituteel Bank of Mexico and the Judicial Powder which, in addition to its presuppositions before approaching it, can be applied to excess fat and fat with the finest force applied to the “Franciscan puberty”.

“Do you think that you should not go to the other side of the turkey because it’s too far from the pub to see if it is possible and having the republican austerity in a superior phase that supports the flaming Franciscan image, for all the sea or the sea that acaben for complete los lujos ”, dijo el mandatario.

This is the expert, expert on the topics and coordinator of Gobierno and Finance IMCO, Manuel Guadarrama, It is safe to say that the federal government is pushing for autonomous bodies and the Judicial Powers to be dissuasive, or that they have the total capacity to impose their tabulations.

“It is a premeditated act of inertia of other organs and autonomous forces that have a political connotation, but legally, technically, independently; the Constitution is presupposed autonomy from the quality of what it’s defended and tested to determine the presupposition it requires, ”the expert said.

The Guadarrama rule prevails that this type of pressure is present at the end of the current administration: not only in the Federal Public Administration, but also in all public apparatus ”.



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