Pumas vs. Seattle Sounders (2-2): goals, best players, resume and final ida final of the Concachampions 2022 | MEXICO

no pudo ganar en el Estadio Universitario e igualó 2-2 con in the duel corresponding to the final of ida de la . Juan Dinenno, who stands in a dude for the title, marches all the tantos of ‘Felinos’, while Nicolas Lodeiro finds the hero of the stages unaware of his descent and empathy in the final minutes.

Pumas deliberately hacks the position, but moments of pressure from the saloon in the wake of a Seattle Sounders bug, which plants fall atresia and search the lizards by means of long balloons, due to the condition of the cane being complicated by Ra Rul Ruidíaz and his teammates. Nadie arriesgaba de m ,s, pero era kuestión de timepo para que los de la UNAM adelantaran líenas.

Todo cambió dio de Diogo de Oliveira bajó un balón en el área para Juan Dinenno, quin entre de lleno al área y fue derribado por dos defensores del Sounders, el bitbitro no dudó y penal. The ‘Commander’ cobra and the Sebastian Frei rocket detach the cobra, but the VAR is left to shoot. Tras constatar que Frei se había adelantado, el penal se repeitó y esta vez no falló 9 ‘P de Pumas y puso el 1-0 en el luminoso.

The news from Pumas was heard by Alan Mozo, who, at least 45 minutes old, left the field with Xavier Arreaga. The lateral felino resulted in a total loss of livelihood to Jesús Rivas, who were more than just a boat series.

The complement on the podium is best for Puma. Apenas at minus 47, Jesús Rivas made a perfect center for Juan Ignacio Dinenno, who was suspended in the air for rematch with a free kick and parade to Frei. For a second, Ciudad Universitaria was paralyzed and its ambition exploded to give it a 2-0 victory over ‘Commander’.

As if the euphoria was not enough, up to 50 minutes Alfredo Talavera hizo la atajada del incuentro. Ra Rul Ruidíaz recibió un centro raso, quedó solo con ventaja de cara al arco, pero no contaba con que ‘Tala’ se hizo gigante y tapó el disparo … Seattle había dejado ir la m clas clara hasta ese momento.

At minute 75, the Seattle Sounders found a graceful error by Sebastian Saucedo, who left a message in the field. The referee’s review of the game by a possible offensive against the player’s goal auriazul, after the final decision to make the initial decision. Alfredo Talavera, like his style, intentionally intimate with Nico Lodeiro, who cobra pegado al poste izquierdo para vencer al guardameta mexicano.

Over the final, Efraín Velarde made a path in the field to Cristian Roldán in a desperate attempt, the orbiter revisited the south in the VAR and decided to mark the maximum pen, second to the Seattle Sounders. Nico Lodeiro volunteered to pick up and drop the final 2-2 that all the way to the flight.

Near May 4, the Seattle Sounders recaptured the Pumas in the River Field, defining themselves as the Concacaf camp, which also acquired the Club World Cup ticket. Cabe destacar that the visiting goals are not scored in the final, but because there is empathy in the global marker, there is no need for extra time and even penalties to crown the new monarch of the area.

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MINUTO A MINUTO del Pumas vs. Seattle Sounders

Pumas vs. Seattle Sounders: previa del partido

offer full minute to full minutes with goals, ammunition, guards and incidence rates. Be sure to check out the transmission and narration of your Twitter profiles Pumas y Seattle Sounders.

Los Pumas of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) competes with the Seattle Sounders for victory as the only option to search for a title in the Concacaf Champions League. At the Stadio Universitario, the ‘Felinos’ trainers were perfect in the home, scoring 4-1 against Saprissa, 3-0 against New England Revolution, and 2-1 against Cruz Azul, all of them.

Directed by Hugo Sánchez, Pumas was the last Mexican team to reach a Concacaf final in 2005 against Saprissa. From the Mexican teams, he made the title in 16 consecutive maneuvers, as Lillini welded and extended, searching for the title of the ‘Felinos’ title for each of the 1980, 1982 and 1989 champions.

Having no plant at most, Pumas can use caliber jugadas and be subdued by racing in complicated situations such as the final quarters leading the way to the goal game by 3-0, and in the semifinal against Cruz Azul , al cual dejaron en cero en su propio stadio. No obstante, lasions siguen golpeando al equipo.

Pumas sufrirá la baja del delantero argentino Juan Ignacio Dinenno, lesionado; to treat his main goal scorer, as summed up by the defenses of defending Arturo Ortiz, suspended, and flying Leonel López. In front of this panorama, the Brazilians Rogerio and Diego de Oliveira use the weight of the offensive of the Mexican team that trains the defender to be part of the search for goals.

The Seattle Sounders, for their part, did not go unnoticed as a visitor: Octaves conceded goals against Motagua, in quarters, 1-1 with León, and in the semifinals, 1-1 with New York FC, and the quarter ended in the duels of flight in your house. Repeat this tendency is the proportion of the team in the duel of the final ida.

Peruvian Raúl Ruidíaz and estadounidense Jordan Morris buscarán acoplarse with the Uruguayan Nicolás Lodeiro, one of the biggest assistants in the MLS, to block the Sounders offensive that trades through the men empathizing for the 4th victory in the current de mayo en la vuelta. ¿Lo conseguirán?

Qu Qué hora juegan Pumas vs. Seattle Sounders?

  • Peru – 9:30 pm
  • Ecuador – 9:30 pm
  • Colombia – 9:30 pm
  • Mexico – 9:30 pm
  • Chile – 10:30 pm
  • Venezuela – 10:30 pm
  • Bolivia – 10:30 pm
  • Paraguay – 10:30 pm
  • Argentina – 11:30 pm

Pumas vs. Seattle Sounders: ó dónde se jugará el partido?

Pumas vs. Seattle Sounders: probable lineages

  • Pumas UNAM: Alfredo Talavera; Alan Mozo, Efraín Velarde, Nicolás Freire, Ricardo Galindo; Sebastián Saucedo, Higor Meritao, Omar Islas, Marco García; Rogerio, Diogo de Oliveira. Trainer: Andrés Lillini.
  • Seattle Sounders: Stefan Frei; Alexander Roldán, Jackson Ragen, Xavier Arreaga, Nohuhou Tolo; Joao Paulo Mior, Albert Rusnak, Cristian Roldán; Nicolás Lodeiro, Jordan Morris, Raúl Ruidíaz. Trainer: Brian Schmetzer.

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The last Puma train to stay in Seattle Sounders.  (Fuente: Pumas)
The last Puma train to stay in Seattle Sounders. (Fuente: Pumas)


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