Qualifications of the Mexican Selection of Victory over Suriname

ESPN presents the notes that the Mexican Selection obtained in 90 minutes in front of Suriname, in their first duel in the Nations League

Mexico All three of them scored points in the Nations League against Suriname, a 2-0 win over the South American team in Torreón, with a diverse team of players searching for a Qom 2022 World Cup rugby site and one of the ultimate opportunities for convencer a Gerardo Martino.

Carlos Acevedo (8)

The box should be flush with the arc, but it should be attached to the quote when needed. The above-mentioned shot went 45 ‘+ 1, due to a long haul chain costing it to get a Ryan Donk dispatch.

Julian Araujo (7.5)

The lateral flow of free manner due to its cost and being predominantly in the center of the skin to collaborate further, allowing the rivals generation scale, without embargo, centers and boards to be realized without affecting the duel .

Israel Reyes (8)

The zaguero central vivió is the first duel of official character with the selection and lo hizo with goal apenas al 3 ‘, due to a cometre error denture by the Calvin Mac-Intosch defense against a desk, which abducts and allows the Mexican a medium media with inclipar incluido.

Jesus Angulo (6)

The central Sufism in demagoguery against Uruguay, its latest apparatus with the Tri previo is a duel, and against Suriname the level of the deficient manner, the weight of the difference between rivals, with deficient coupons standing in the same position pases.

Erick Aguirre (7.5)

The lattice is made of one part per flange, complicated by the laxa mark of the rival y, in a constant manner, sharpens the flesh with personality before summing it or connecting it to the compartments.

Luis Romo (5)

The mediocre center recaptures the captain’s gaffe before this duel as a vote of confinement, as an embargo, after the mayor has been part of the duo’s duo, with irregular passages and can accompany the game in conjunction.

Luis Chávez (7)

As well as the interior, realize a variety of agitated tracks that are assisted by their compartments and in the same way try out some of the media distances that do not progress.

Sebastián Córdova (5)

As well as interior, the rhythm fold due to the attraction in your team and echoing on board one of the last possible opportunities to assist Qatar 2022, with its actions on the can not weigh against a rival like Suriname. Salió al 63 ‘by Érick Sánchez.

Rodolfo Pizarro (5)

Allow the first 45 minutes to connect to the pass that terminates in the south of the pile, without embargo, uninstalling more in advance advancing the minutes. Resulting abduction lasting at the stage above the can. Salió e cambio al 62 ‘por Orbelín Pineda.

Henry Martín (6)

The center delater permanently detached from the cane has hit the penalty kick that leads to the second goal of the night at 40 ‘. Posterior al dispario, tomó la mala decisón de festejar tapándose los ídos, in reference to las critícas por la folda de contundencia, lo que derivi en abuchos per part de grade, que fueron substantentados por más pifias a lo largo de su stadia. Exchange rates for 63 ‘by Santiago Giménez.

Diego Lainez (7.5)

As far as it goes, the footballer who marks the difference between the cane during the duel, with the board and insistence on the opponent’s mark, is not obstructed, falls one of the opportunities of the median clarity, from the other side of the balance, provocation a penalty in 40 ‘.


Orbelín Pineda (6.5)

The 62-year-old Englishman Rodolfo Pizarro and the slow pace of the rhythm debuted the situation with his team, as an embargo, because of the voluntary violence at that time.

Prueba de lo anterior is what generates the penalty that posteriorly falls Marcelo Flores at 83 ‘.

Erick Sánchez (7.5)

Igresó al 63 ‘by Sebastián Córdova and you have a much greater impact on your computer during the duel, you can collaborate with the third goal as the poster follows the account in the electronic.

Al 90 ‘+ 3, Sánchez remató raso con la derchade dede fuera del área traks a sacina e esquina u koló la pelota al fondo de la red, complicit con un mala atajada de aquero Warner Hahn.

Santiago Giménez (6.5)

The low angle of 63 ‘by Henry Martín and his ingress of a reflex in the offensive center of Tri, intended by all the media reflecting his presence on the green in the marker, due to the situation not being favored.

Marcelo Flores (6.5)

In 81 ‘by Diego Lainez and a penalty kick in 84’, when the box is added to the trajectory of your disparity. From the front, Flores does not wear the braces and intentionally repairs the error at all costs, detracts from the hinges that pass through it and with various incursions through the jaw.

-Con información de Sergio Domínguez


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