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More than those who are deprived of the pandemicmiles of cases of COVID continental continents registered all over the world all over.

With the emergence of new variants, the symptoms of the virus have evolved. Initially, the NHS considered fiber, tos y curtain or exchange in the sentiment of olfato or of taste as the main symptoms that indicate an infertility by COVID. Now, the NHS guide has recently been updated to suggest symptoms that include gargoyle skin, nausea, or headache and headache.

But what do you do with the most common of these signs and symptoms? From lesiones cutáneas hasta pérdida de audiónthe emerging dates do not show as much as the COVID synonyms can and do all of which can lead to a cold or flu.

Lesions on the skin

The parts of the relation related to COVID are not understood. From here, a United Kingdom study published in 2021 will be published one of five young patients presenting with a cut eruption and other symptoms.

COVID can affect a variety of ways. Some people can experiment with one generalized maculopapular eruption (Plains or elevations of unpainted peaks), places that other places can present urticaria (Elevated pea trees with picazón).

Mientras tanto, “dedos de los pies COVID”, describe lesiones cutáneas rojas, hinchadas o con ampollas in the feet of the feet. This symptom is more common in adolescents or young adults with symptoms that live on or off.

The majority of COVID cut-off lectures tend to break apart from one another or, in some cases, in semenas, without the need for specialized treatment. Without embarrassment, whether it be pizza or much, you can consult a hairdresser or dermatologist, who can recommend a treatment such as a cream.

COVID flights

Durante an infertility, including the del SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), our skin naturally intentionally expressing that it is an inuspicious stage of stress. It can be found in a variety of extravagant and marvelous shapes, including traces of our nails.

  • Beau Lines: horizontal hendiduras that are produced at the base of the manuscripts or feet when having a temporal interpolation in the creation of the arrays due to physical stress in the body.
  • Middle Lines: horizontal white lines appearing in the layers, which are caused by the abnormal production of proteins in the humerus.
  • A pattern of luna day media that desarrolla at the base of the flights (the mechanism is subject to this exchange is not clear).

The data on how many people experimenting with COVID are limited, although it is estimated that it is up to 1-2 per cent of patients with this condition.

Lausing COVID to obtain posterior semen or semen due to virus infection with the media cracking the flights. As a matter of principle, the pain is large, the bulk of which follows the normal in one semantic space.

In particular, if these exchanges could be based on COVID indicators, también pueden ser causados ​​por diferenten cosas. For example, Beau’s lines can be used to treat chemotherapy and other infertility.

Curtain curtain

The hair follicle is a subset of COVID-19 syndrome, which is generally one or more susceptible to severe infertility. In a case study of 6 million people who had the opposite nurse, the wire curtain ignites the pos-COVID syndrome more commonlyinformed by the 48 by the knowledge of the participants. It is especially common among people who have a COVID grave and in white women.

If it’s what it’s’s what it’s the cable “percie” the stress in the body, which is left in an excessive heat. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true magic begins! The good news is that with the timing of the flight the car will return to normal.

Curtain of hearing and tinnitus

Even with other viral infections, such as the flu and the cold, it has been revealed that COVID affects the cells of the internal airwaywith curtain of hearing or tinnitus (a constant sensation of zumbido in the room) only after infertility.

In a review studio that included 560 participants, it produced an audition curtain of 3.1 per cent of COVID patients, with rates of tinnitus producing up to 4.5 per cent.

In a study of 30 people who have been diagnosed with COVID and 30 who have not (with some auditory problems), investigators find out COVID establishes association with daisies in the inner world that provoke audition problems at higher frequencies. If the majority of patients are resuscitated only, they are informed about the cases of the permanent auditory canal in relation to this affect.

¿Why all these signs?

We do not intend exactly what causes these symptoms, but we do the papilla is more important in the process of inflammation. Inflammation is the natural defense mechanism of the skin against the pathogens; SARS-CoV-2 in this case. Involvement in the production of “cytokines”, proteins that are important for controlling the activity of immune cells.

Excessive production of these proteins, as part of desensitizing inflammation due to COVID infertility, can cause sensory deficits, which is evident due to which algae persons present in the auditory canal and tinnitus. También puede alterar las rede capillares, vasos sanguíneos muy pequeños que suministran sangre a los Organos, incluidos los ídos, la peel y las uas.

The symptoms that we have described here are not exclusively infertility by COVID. Dicho esto, si note alguno estos symptomatoma, seria apropiado consider a probe of coronavirus, especially if it is concentrated in a circle around the virus.

You can also get in touch with your cab medicine, especially emperor’s symptoms or cause significant molestias. At the same time, you can be sure that the majority of these symptoms are greater than the time.

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The article was written by Vassilios Vassilou, professor of cardiac medicine; Ranu Baral, Invited Investigator (Fundacón Acaddémica FY2) and Vasiliki Tsampasian, becaria clinical academy of cardiology SpR and NIHR from the University of East Anglia, Reino Unido.

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