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He is one of the most internationally recognized Mexican actors, mainly due to his leading role in television.»: A Telemundo-produced 45-year-old translator gives life to a drug dealerDuring its seven seasons broadcast from 2013 to 2020.

MORE INFORMATION. When Rafael Amaya was playing in the band Ska

When the first episode of the series aired, Amaya was 36 years old and was at the peak of her career. He wore shiny hair and a luxurious anatomy that made millions of people around the world sigh. Thus, he became one of the most famous stars, which contributed to the extension of the show.

Raphael’s performance declined with the seasons, it did not go unnoticed by the audience, as he gave quality work. Eventually, everything made sense when it was published. Next, find out what the hardest years of sonorense were like.

MORE INFORMATION. Rafael Amaya has returned as Aurelio Casillas

The Mexican actor had a stage as a musician in the group Almalafa (Photo by Rafael Amaya / Instagram)
The Mexican actor had a stage as a musician in the group Almalafa (Photo by Rafael Amaya / Instagram)


after the first years of the rage it had caused “The Lord of Heaven”, some rumors have arisen about his main character. change of attitude It was obvious that many came to confirm that his image had exhausted him because of his long working hours for years.

On the other hand, it was said that during the recordings he entered a cave, where he inhaled something, due to which his airways were closed, as a result of which his health deteriorated, consequently, his performance in the novel.

However, these theories were nullified when the actor gave an interview to the program.Where he denied what his character was guilty of.

“It was not the image, it was me. The decision was mine, it was not Aurelio. he trains himself to leave the image in the closet, but I allowed myself to be carried away by many things, such as vanity, materialism, and self. ”

He is known to have had addiction problems

After several years of uncertainty, it turned out that the Mexican was deeply addicted to alcohol and drugs, a hole from which he could only get out. Roberto Tapiawho, along with other friends, persuaded him to enter the former boxer rehabilitation clinic where he stayed for eight months.

«I was lost, cut off from the world, angry with everyone, but it was not me. Before I Forgive Others I Forgive Myself “Amaya confessed.

The dark phase of his life did not allow him to fulfill any obligation, “No partner, no job, nothing” Well, as it was said “Drugs are death.”

«I was blinded by the dark cloak of drug addiction. I am a human, I am not a robot. underlined.


Fortunately, all that remained և today he is out in the ring again. The actor has resumed the projects he had on the doorstep, such as the eighth season of “The Lord of Heaven” and “All the Names of the Aura”, where he shares the screen with Blanca Soto, in addition to being active. social networks, social, an area where he maintains a large number of followers.


During her youth, Amaya was able to fulfill one of the dreams of many young people – to have a music group. Through your account The Mexican shared a shot in which he was shown with the other members of the group dedicated to Sky, with whom he toured in Mexico.

“A skier playing with the Almalafa band, which arrived in the Federal District in 1997. At the beginning of my rock face. Good times! Thank you Almalafa »Raphael wrote:

Group response:

Although he is not a member of another group, the group (which is still active) is close to him, did not hesitate to respond with great love. “Thank you Rafael Amaya for commenting on your social networks, let the dove gather.”


Although he is known for his acting talent, he also stood out for his figure. In 2011, People magazine named her one of the “50 Most Beautiful” in Spanish. և It was the combination of his talents that made him belong to the cast “Naked” erotic film at the age of 27.

The premiere took place in 2004Romantic drama is an adaptation of a novel “Four Xs” by Mauricio Picardo.. The film shows two young couples living in a free union, where lack of commitment, economic interest and misunderstanding are part of their daily lives. He is the director of the film Enrique Gomez Vadillo կան There are actors in the cast Karime Lozano, Juan Vidal, Carmen Rodriguez.

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