Ranking of teams in the market of rumbo sheets at Apertura 2022

We present the ranking of how the Mexican football teams were refreshed, and a semester of the opening of the Apertura 2022

al Aperture 2022 in the Liga MX find a starting point and the 18 clubs competing with your planters for brewing their best version and having the best way to handle the semester title that runs the Mexican balloon.

ESPN present the ranking of the teams of la Liga MX from the south with the ones that are refracted, which change constantly conforming to the time in the actual transfer vents of the final August.

The regressions of Cabecita Rodríguez and Néstor Araujo colocan al America in the best position of the ranking of ESPNIn order to counteract the tigers and Cruz Azul, who’s hopping for a new tour start, the official team has to return to the next tour.

In general, FC Juárez is up-to-date with the incorporations and Pumas are also expected to grow as a competing plant for planting under the title of Aperture 2022.

1. America

Hasta el momento, America has been rejected with the enthusiasts Jonathan Rodríguez, Jürgen Damm and the loser Néstor Araujo, jugadores con previa experiencia en la Liga MX and multi-champions, as well as nationally selected pencils.

Las Águilas ogreron el regreso apenas seis meses después de Cabecita Rodríguez, depriving the Cruz Azul of volver to count with his goalie enduring the ultimate championship; además que pudo convencer a Araujo de dejar España i infilarse a su primer World Cup in Mexico with activity in Liga MX.

Rumores: Eduardo Salvio, a defender and defender.

2. Pumas

The club aurazul hacked the attackers Gustavo Del Petre and César Huerta, as well as the late Adrián Aldrete and the guard Gil Alcalá.

The first-person shooter tends to have the first experience in the Liga MX y se espera sea el socio perfecto para Juan Ignacio Dinneno; as the rest of the numbers are amplified in the Mexican balloon, as the ‘Chino’ Huerta that the bus returns to its best version, the quality of which does not participate in the Chisas.

3. FC Juárez

The front lines registered by Alfredo Talavera, currently second to the Mexican Selection along with Chivas, Tigers, Toluca, and Pumas, as well as center-back Javier Salas and dealer Darwin Machís, from La Liga Granada; sin embargo, aún tienen en la órbita más fichajes.

The team commanded by Hernán Cristante is a search engine with experience users, and this is true of Jesus’s followers, multicampers with the Tigers, Mauro Lainez, passers-by in America and Tijuana, led by Alan Medina, with projection and design.

Rumores: Bruno Valdéz, Federico Viñas.

4. Toluca

The Diablos Rojos decided to plant limpia on your plantain and at the moment it was contracted by the archer Tiago Volpi, as well as the losers Fernando Navarro, Andrés Mosquera, Brayan Angulo, members of the mediocampists Jean Meneses, Sebastián Carlos in order to sign with membership.

Rumores: Orbelín Pineda

5. Tijuana

The cannons of Mictlán sum up the attacker Alexis Canelo as he fires, as the Argentine crowns the goal camp in Clausura 2021. Diaz.

Además, all attached to Franco Di Santo being the refuge of Tijuana, proceeding from Turkey. El ex jugador tuvo a paso por Chelsea y tiene un ámplio recorrido por el futbol europeo.

6. Guadalajara

El Rebaño counts with the incorporations of lateral Alan Mozo, one of the latest ‘joys’ from Puma’s singer, as well as center-back Rubén González, who flies to the club playing his way through Necaxa, America and León.

Mozo era was one of the elements that generates the most attenuation in the context of extinction, including in the outside, but Rebaño goes with the defender and after that he sells the regression of Oso González, which he joins with his participation and Necaxa.

Rumores: Orbelín Pineda

7. Atlas

The most recent bicampeón de la Liga MX Sumek and his friend al zaguero Idekel Domínguez, as well as center-back Edison Flores, selected Peruvian, and the elusive Mauro Manotas find themselves in a coma.

However, in the last few tournaments, the daily routines have not been implemented in many incorporations, keeping the base of the championship.

Rumores: Mauro Manotas

8. Athletic de San Luis

Andre Jardine’s project tenders total apoyo en sugundo torneo en Liga MXknowing that your direct engineering in the choice of refuges for the Aperture 2022.

The club can be counted on by Vitinho, the 21-year-old Brazilian wrestler who is considered to be promoting balloons in his own country, as well as the mediocre Alejandro Organista and Rodrigo Dourado, members of the team Juan Pablo and Juan Pablo.

9. Pachuca

The most recent subcamp of Liga MX has summed up all the centro campers Marino Hinestroza and Paulino de la Fuente.

10. Monterrey

At the moment, Rayados is only present at the Uruguayan wrestler Rodrigo Aguirre as a refuge from the Apertura 2022, due to the Monterrey windshield wipers and the search for elements to open the door.

Rumores: Germán Berterame, Joao Rojas.

11. Querétaro

Los Gallos Blancos enters a stage of reconstruction and has not yet made its official announcement, with the first incarnations being the late Gabriel Rojas and Jordan Silva.

12. Necaxa

The Hydrorayos contarán with the presence of the Spanish attacker gardgar Méndez, who sees a first stage in the Liga MX with Cruz Azul, as well as the ‘local’ southerners José Joaquín Esquivel, Jesís Godínez, Daniel Parra, Brayan Garnica, Juan Cortéz and Juan Pablo Segovia.

Rumores: Juan Otero

13. León

The ‘Fiera’ count with the figures of Byron Castillo, Lucas Di Yorio and Alfonso Alvarado, and the hope of concretizing the league of one more attacker.

Rumores: Lautaro Palacios

14. Santos Laguna

Los ‘Guerreros’ sums up zaguero Rivaldo Lozano, proceeds of Atlas, as well as the Argentine center-forward Juan Brunetta, who’s the ultimate team to Godoy Cruz.

15. Puebla

‘Franja’ imports al zaguero Gastón Silva, which comes from Cartagena de la Segunda Division de España, and incorporates Omár Fernández, Iván Moreno and Luis García, respectively Le den, Mazatlán FC and Necaxa.

16. Mazatlán FC

The leaders of the team from the south of Celaya, Fernando Illescas and Enrique Cedillo, as well as Efraín Orona, proceeded from the Athletic of San Luis.

17. Cruz Azul

The ‘Machine’ has not been officially refunded, except for an incorporation in the adjacent dias. The directive should be compromised as soon as the results are incorporated into three incorporations, but no refunds have been made.

Rumores: Carlos Rotondi, Bruno Méndez.

18. Tigers

The cats did not realize incorporation.

Rumores: Bruno Valdéz.


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