Raúl Sandoval y Toñita revelan si Myriam pidió ne no fueran invitados a ‘La Academia 20 años’

The game that takes one of these transitions to one of the conditions that Myriam Montemayor well in Aztec to return to La Academia, now as the motherland of generation, era not inviting to its first real-life generation, Víctor García, Raúl Sandoval y Toñita; These are the ultimate, because you are a little inconsistent with the information you can take into account that the adult singer and the major think that they are lacquered to a ladle, recognizing that the space of the singer and Victor is different.

-Raúl Sandoval, inv te invitaron o no al arranque de ‘La academia 20 años’?
“I do not want to be contacted by my manager, I do not agree with the agreement with the negotiation, it is the reality, as if negotiating with Aída Cuevas does not agree with the agreement and so on.

-Because I accept this invitation to Myriam and I know that one of my petitions to the Aztecs, because the jury that nunca volvería a trabajar, fue that does not hicie the invasion of Toñita, Raúl Sandoval and Víctor García, ¿Respect ?
“I do not think so, because I think Myriam is a mature woman, that she is a gentle, intelligent woman, but on the part of her creation, but at the moment she is in the middle of a petition against Viktor, when the intentions of the Prime Minister Generation, it is said that it has a short distance from the media to it, which does not reach more than 5 meters, an aperture; pero te digo, con esa misma experiencia debió haber aprendido que todo se regresa, por eso me costaría trabajo creer que lo hizo de nuevo ”.

Raúl Sandoval gets invited to 'La Academia 20 years old'

-¿Have you ever heard of it?
“No matter what, no matter how hard you try at it, it’s all there is to it when a time bomb is dropped on you, or the crew is much more intelligent and much better than that.”

-Raúl ahorita que hablas de la reunion de Primera Generation, ¿sí hubo at your moment a friccion or a disgusto with Myriam?
“Si, pero todo eso at the moment lo pare, yo dije que no iba a meter in chismes de falda, no quería estar in medio de esas bronzas, pero cuando vi que ya era demasiado y que estaba affecting all the group, ya the idea of ​​hacer la gira de Primera Generation dond all le teníamos fé y amor, pues esos scandalous provocados por ella nos estaban golpeando, nos estaban affecting much. “It’s clear to me that it’s not importing leftovers between potatoes and berries for a berrinche”.

Raúl Sandoval habla sobre Myriam Montemayor

-Where do you go?
“Mira la verdad yo ne tengo nada contra contra ella ni de nadie, no pjír asa esegurerte que Myriam sí pidó eso por contrarat but ne ni stuve in negotiation ni vi ese contract, pero insist, no creo que haya pedido eso, se que antes hubo broncas between Myriam y Toñita pero ya pasó tiempo, no es intelligent seguir con eso, no creo que lo este haciendo ”.

-Dices that Azteca is looking for and kissing in contact with your manager …
“If you search for me through the media, as you say, do not lie in an acoustics, do not compass me as if I were searching for those who hope to hire Myriam’s provocation. If I have a good hubie that estaría ella y me invitan y se llega a un acuerdo, yo me presento y hago mi trabajo lo mejor posible; I consider myself a professional ombre, or I want to be invisible or I want to work, I do not want to lose my torso, I can work with a lot of people with all the differences, I have discouraged and reconciled the other discourses on human, el rencor no es bueno para nadie, no deja nada bueno ”.

Raúl Sandoval reveals he is looking for La Academia 20 years old

-There is a rumor that Myriam does not want to be invited to Víctor García, by Frank’s petition (Myriam’s story), because we can only say that singers are cultivating a romance in La Academia 20 years ago …
“Yo te hablo de lo que sí sé, lo que sí viví y lo lo sí sí me consta, y la realidad es que Myriam tuvo problemas con varios, no nomás con Víctor. “Do not enter into details, but ask questions of the ego, Frank can be a manager, even if he enters the defense, whether he is involved in certain situations and situations that do not correspond to me”.

– Do you think that the Prime Minister’s generation was not realized in a large part by Myriam?
“It’s one of those things that shakes the situation, it’s clear that it causes incompatibility in a variety of comparatives and is reflected in the scenario, it’s marble the desperation of all, no matter how crazy it is, how much it’s, situations that take a long time “Comodos with what you establish, you sent traits, burlados, abusados, etc, pero sin decir nombres síento that eso tuvo su punta de merma con la situacija”.

Raúl Sandoval habla sobre La Academia y Myriam Montemayor

-Treats of no creer that Myriam haya pedido that no stuvieran ustedes, pero, ¿y si sí lo pidió?
“I do not tend to say more than I do, only the record that Dios exists and is the one who commands the messages, even though it tends to regress, when the screw does not respond to you as you can say that it’s going to happen,” he said. “Everybody cares about the clock, but not seriously about what it’s like, I’m not going to get it edad, it’s trajectory, it ‘s deciphering the energy of others in the car”. Finalize.

For other parts, Toñita nos platicó:

-Toñita si hay alguien que conoce a Myriam eres tú, ¿Crees que sí puso de conditioni quen que ne estuvieras tú, Raúl y Víctor para su regreso a Azteca?
“Because it’s not the creators who are all about accepting it as well as making sure that Victor, like Raúl and Toñita, is an important part of this project, from the Primera Generation de La Academia. Considering that the channels and TV products are very intelligent enough to receive a petition of this magnitude, and dull as long as you do not even cover it, even if it is the shadow of your mom, but your ego does not “I do not know what to do, not to mention that Madonna is more than just Yuridia, people who have sold millions of discs that have a petition of this type.”

To enemita habla de su enemistad con Myriam Montemayor

-¿Y si sí lo hizo?
“I owe a lot to him because he’s very small, and I extraordinarily do not want to be invited to the beginning of La Academia 20 years old, but I do not think that Myriam is like that, I do not know what to do, more I feel that the world is full of algo ahorita estoy en Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy, me dieron esa opportunidad y estoy muy contenta, toda moreteada, con lesiones, dolor de cuerpo pero contenta haciendo algo que no es mi fuerte pero trato de hacer lo mejor because I have a disciplined woman, I create because I have a talent, I do not create what I know, but I do not know what to do ”.

-We asked Raúl and we asked you, do you say that Myriam’s office is the one that catches the singer who does not like Víctor García, ¿Tampoco crees eso?
“I do not know how to say this, but I do not want you to respond very easily, because you are the one who is as big as you are, a series of students who are completely algae with whom you have a romance of 20 years, as because it is not created, that it can be valued because it’s Frank because it’s a man owl, a man’s very cool, and that haga is a type of cosmos, as it’s a hizo, it’s a pile of insecurity and a whole problem terrible, hope of the world that no sea cierto, me daría mucha pena pensar que es cierto, Ojalá que solo sea un chisme y un rumor, yo sigo pensando que la gente es buena ”.

Raúl y Toñita hablan del pleito entre esposo de Myriam y Víctor García

-Pero sabemos that at the moment there are great discussions between Fran, esposo of Myriam and V ,ctor, ¿Who can decide you?
“Yes, I love a lot in particular that you are not fired by Ra Frankl Frank and V lktor lying in the pools, we are interviewing in MVS, Myriam insinuated that V yktor and Raúl established the tyrant carrilla and the verdant that nada que ver, y esposo ya iba a golpear a Víctor se le fue con todo, pero se paró Raúl lo detuvo y le dijo, si te metes con uno te metes con todos, y fue como se para Héctor, Antonio, Miguel Ángel, por que Frank ya iba sobre lolpes, but because I have to comply in a place to avoid a problem the one who does not establish the offense, it is assumed that I am compliant ”.

-Si te invitaran a uno los concerte de La Academia ahora, sí irías?
“No, you do not invite the initiation of a project for which it is advanced. I’m better able to inflate the sky in Las Estrellas with Hoy, this compromising and aggravating, the gent va donde se le abren las puertas “, concluded.

Towels to form part of the algae project of 'La Academia'


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