Raymundo Riva Palacio: Diplomacy a ronco pecho

The opportunism of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has yielded important fruits. Bueno, when menos on the plaza court, the defender of the three dictatorships and deciding that you are not inviting to participate in the Cumbre of the Americas in Los Angeles through three semanas, no assistance. López Obrador mounts himself in the diplomatic gestures that realize a decade of Latin American goblins that last two decades before convocaran, la hizo suyas. It’s like an ideological mission and publicity. The diplomacy a ronco pecho in your machine your effect. To socialize the resistances in the subcontinent, met the president Joe Biden in one fell swoop.

The resistances of the caribbean countries by Cuba alone, not only traction. The announcement from the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the Casa Blanca and the OEA, Ronald Sanders, on April 29, that no wind invaded Cuba, the 14 parts of Caricom – which are not exactly the same as La Habana – did not participate without major concern as of May 10, López Obrador is advertising. Coinciding with information from Brazil that President Jair Bolsonaro, who had no contact with Biden since the assassination of Casa Blanca had already been leaked to the Kremlin, considered taking a trip to Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. .

López Obrador’s air conditioning can be used in conjunction with Biden’s goblin, which does not seem to have a boycott amenity as it haunts the Palacio Nacional for a week. López Obrador should not be surprised if he establishes the United States, but Marcelo Ebrard, the secretary of the External Relations, thinks that he has established the plantation, that he has established the plant, which is delineated by the secret of the United States. in a discourse on May 3 at the 52nd Annual Conference of the Americas, by the influential Council of America of New York, affirming:

“We must avoid blocs of power or liberals, liberals or conservatives, and infocarres in the name of what we know as one of our democracies. It is important to reconcile our common interests in order to strengthen the pillars of our societies of books and poems, such as respect for the state of Derecho, human rights, an independent and vibrant princess ”.

Blinken aggregates that do not need a compact maneuver away from the autocracies of the region, which includes a number of groups that are based on the essence of nations, fighting for freedom. His post, which is that of Biden, is not more than one of the antipodes of Lopez Obrador, which calmed down against the repression of dissent in Cuba -including those who endure endorsement of authoritarian means-, not knowing the truth opponents in the presidential campaign and their fraudulent choices that trace Daniel Ortega’s reflection in Nicaragua. Tampoco reconnaissance nunca to Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela, and mantuvo or respaldo to Nicolás Maduro.

Lopez Obrador’s front end with Biden is more than just what he is. News of the diplomacy of the grit and the trompe l’oeil running around Biden’s maneuverability spaces, which the Secretariat has found to be inefficient in the course of its relations with Latin America, aggravated by the rise and fall of the United States Gonzalez, Responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Casa Blanca National Security Council. The problems that lie with the Cumberland of the United States are not part of López Obrador’s position, as far as the foreign policy is concerned.

With the embargo, L postpez Obrador’s post galvanized and unbalanced, the news either formulated a route to La Habana, as well as the message of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel. No fue así, pero lo pareció. Cuba’s allies in the region sum up Lopez Obrador, who approves of Biden’s stupidity and political vulnerability, reflected in the approval of 43.4% of the stakeholders, as Donald Trump’s debacle as one of his own. 2024. The Palacio Nacional’s inquiry is of a defining figure in the estadounidense electoral process, but it does not follow the conclusions that may be sharpened in the long run.

Lopez Obrador’s conditioning on his participation in Trump’s political benefit, as well as his resignation. If it’s occupied by Ebrard, it’s still a desire for your social and commercial life and alliance in the context of migration. Finally assisted, please play Biden’s concessions to all three nations, from Cuba’s solo estates to objective assistance conditions. Maduro does not go through because it has an active process on its counter and it does not reach back when it is detected. Ortega is not to be found in this extreme situation, because the gobernest estadounidense has been activated by your family, and which has been accused of other things.

We can not resolve the ambassadors of the United States in Mexico, Ken Salazar, Biden and Blinken leaving for Mexico with the special concierge for Cumber and one of the presidents, Christopher Dodd, a politician with a long experience and great knowledge of Mexico. aunque no de López Obrador, con quien conversará hoy. Visit the green series for Cumbre y nadie can saber as terminá.

On the other hand, in the short run, the opportunism of the Mexican president has resulted in an exit and a change of heart to the convocator, to proclaim for a victory the news that Biden has used his words and arranged his invitations. Pero por lo mismo, es un trago amargo que ne se olvidará. Consequences, probably, we see not much tooth speed. Bringing national interests into three dictatorships is something that can not be overstated.


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