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All you need to do is consent, but you should not think that part of your look is very important. Unas. Hermetic designs have a lot to do, but at this point we share the most incremental and vibrating timing: las uóas neón. En Soy Carmín te decimos la nueva tendency of Verano for women divertidas and with free alma.

Definitely, the personality escapes by the poro of the pie, but because it is in action it is best to sample the world by hoc and our image, as it is most possibly sentimental, happy and undeserved, as if in the water! As you consider a married woman with her free alma, these are the diseños en uñas ideal for you: los neon colors.

That’s right, we all like the tones neón se han colado de lleno en la fashionin the clothes we use, as in the body, and then make-up! In the case of los esmaltes is not the exception, as it is the grade of las uóas neón ideal for veranote encantarán.

  • Flight to Verano

Ponle color a tu manicure and exploit new tones and extraordinary designs and visions that light up your sleeve and your outfit. You will find the brilliance that gives you a taste and a taste to see beautiful colors in your shoes.

Follow the title: Adiós Belinda, Christian Nodal tatúa “amor” en la frente, tras besarse con Cazzu

If you have a design that varies widely fashion, is the French, which with it is updated with different shapes, styles and colors for all tastes. At this point, adjust the current to the tempo, trying with the French archerswhich can be combined with all, and people discreet and elegant.

Follow the title: Platform sandals, the star-shaped tendency to enlighten and weigh

It consists of painting the width of the car with different colors, it is chosen, a tone in each car, for combinations with all your ropa. Á Amarás este diseño súper veraniego y divertido!

Now, if you want a super diverter and you can find the risks, you can choose from ne .n in all your ways, and not only a ton, ¡sino los que se te ocurran! The final piece combines a number of colors with the colors you print, to create a contrast and generate a combination.

One of the top colors of summer, is the naranja neón, que con toda su calidez y brillo te hará lucir espectacular y muy fresca. You can follow a design like French, full, diagonal, or with different motifs, or combine them all in the same way as you sample. ¡Te fascinará!

Otro de los more fresh designs y ad hoc con la temporada, es el de flores sencillas sobre base neón. se trata de rellenar la uña de los neon colors (a tone bath), and in each bath one by one and by cost, I draw petals forming a floral mass of the color of the water, but a tone more squared, or falling, a contrasting contrast. ¡Estín increíbles!

Definitely, these flight designs with the latest motives are the most diverse, fresh and green that hay. Be careful to fly your imagination and dedicate yourself to any special design that is close to the invisible happy face, animal print motifs, florals, corals or whatever you like, always trying different shades of neon.

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